Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump Review

A frequent Mountain-Bike rider would know that feeding bike tires with air is the most crucial task. Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump ReviewWith sufficient air, your bike tires can run for miles. Otherwise, they can slow you down or even get punctured. But over pumping might lead them to explode.

Thankfully, with Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump, you will be able to monitor how much air is going into the tire. This is one of the best bike pump I have seen on the market.

As an avid biker, I have been using this pump for over 6 months now and various features of this tool have impressed me.

In this review, I am going to share my experience and benefits of Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump.

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump
  • Used by both professional and amateur riders alike
  • Made using high quality materials and components
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability

The Design of the Pump

It has the look and functions of a modern bike pump. The design makes the tire inflation easier for the users. This pump has twin head.

The handlebars were rubberized and gave me better gripping options than most of the pumps. Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump has the 360-degree pivot which makes my job of pumping easier.

The makers also included a gauge for bikers to see how much air is going in. The capacity for this pump is 160psi.

The Pressure Gauge Works Great

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump Review

This is one of the highlights of this product. I found this to be different from other pumps as I could  measure how much air I am pumping in the tire and at which pressure.

This gauge tells me the accurate reading so that I can keep myself from over pumping and exploding the tire.

The chronograph of the gauge is really easy to read. It also has a Bar indicator that indicates up to 11 Bar. The psi indicator indicates up to 160psi that is more than enough for any bike.

The TwinHead Function Adapts to Multiple Tires

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump Review Twin HeadWe are often busy choosing our bikes; we hardly care about our tires. However, if you see closely, bikers use different types of tires for performance.

Some use Dunlop, Schrader or Presta.

Fortunately, this pump works with all three types of tires. The TwinHead is double sided. Presta and Dunlop tire internals are on one side and Schrader tire internals are on the other.

All you have to do is to put in the internals through the pumping valve of the tire and begin to pump. The pumping needle and the ball fit into the tire perfectly to make sure the air is going in correctly.

This Pump is Comfortable to Use

I enjoy using Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump because of the comfortable handlebar. The handlebar is easy to use. My hands don’t feel stressed even after pumping air for a while continuously.

The connectors on both sides of TwinHead can be rotated 360 degrees to keep the hose from tangling. I also like the hose dock they provide that keeps the hose, and the head free from harm when I’m not using the pump.


  • The steel pump’s uncomplicated design makes it easier to use.
  • The handlebar is easy to grip and puts a lot less stress on hands.
  • You can easily monitor the pressure level of the pump and the tire.
  • It fits into multiple brands of tires.
  • The hose dock holds the hose well and docks the pump when not in use.


  • The Pump is heavy as the body is made of steel.
  • If you use smaller tires, the large dual head will pose problems when fitting into them.
  • I didn’t like the material with which the hose is made with. It is plastic and will start to crack within few months.
  • The pressure gauge can be inaccurate at times.

Final Verdict

This is the pump for anyone who’s on a budget. The sleek look and compatibility with multiple brands of tires won my heart over.

Furthermore, the price seems perfectly in line with the diverse compatibility of the Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump. With some minor glitches taken care off through few crack fixes, this is totally worth the money you put in.

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