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The 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $200 | Review and Guide

Buying an entry-level mountain bike is an exciting time in anyone’s life. You acquire the freedom to hit the trails and commute around the city with ease. One bike to do them all. Sounds too good to be true? Are you afraid one such bike would be out of your budget? If so, are you supposed to settle for any mountain bike on the shelves?

Thankfully, top bike manufacturers have begun designing inexpensive high-quality affordable bikes. Some of those models we will explore below. These bikes offer good performance while having some high-end features –  all for under $200. Let’s help you find the best mountain bikes under $200.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Budget Mountain Bike

To help you find the best mountain bike under $200, there are some important factors you’ll need to consider. These are details that many overlook, but are crucial in finding the perfect fit.

1. Gears

There are many different styles of mountain bikes available right now. What you should pay attention to is the number of gears, which is in accordance with your riding style. For example, take into account your fitness level. If you are riding up hills it means that you will need more gears. But, if you are not riding down steep hills, numerous gears won’t be necessary for you. These are some variables that you should keep in mind.

But rest assured if you are still unsure of what to pick. You’ll find that bikes generally come with two or three chainrings. Something helpful no matters the surface you are riding on.

2. Suspension

Although you’re looking for a budget mountain bike, you should still carefully consider the suspension type. This is important to the durability and experience of riding. To help you understand the basics of a suspension system, we will break it down to you quickly: they typically come in three groups, that is rigid, full, and hardtail. A rear suspension adds additional weight to your bike, which would better ground you and offer better control (but you’ll need a sturdy frame to support this extra eight). As a result, you won’t be able to combine a hardtail bike with a rear suspension.

Rear suspensions are the most common type of suspension out there. They are used even in competitions. If you intend to go on rough rides uphill and on rocky surfaces, you’ll require adequate suspension. They must be able to absorb the impact without causing any damage to your bike or discomfort on you. In this case, a suspension fork can contribute to comfort, control, and safety. Front suspension is also important for rough riding. It is a vital component. It allows you to steer your front tire while traveling at fast speeds and bounce off of obstacles without losing control.

3. Brakes

For a budget of $200, you’ll likely come across rim brakes for your mountain bike. That is not exactly great. There are numerous problems with these types of brakes. For example, if it’s wet or muddy they can greatly impede you from stopping in time. Another dangerous aspect of rim brakes is that you don’t have as much control when traveling downhill at high speeds. Rim brakes don’t have enough power to safely break you to a halt.

Thankfully there’s another option for brakes, known as disc brakes. These work similar to a vehicle’s brakes and are a much better and safer option. For example, the braking power at the center of the wheel is much greater so you can stop quicker, even at high speeds. You can also come to a halt in muddy conditions (even when traveling through water).

4. Tires

The most important part of tires is their width. It greatly affects the performance of your bike. Choosing a wider tire provides incredible stability when you’re traveling around corners or moving at great speeds. A tire with a large width will improve the grip with the surface and the traction movement. However, it won`t help you gain too much speed, for that you would need a tire with a narrow width.

You should also take into consideration the specific tire you are looking for: is it for the front, rear, forward, or backward tire? Of course, your personal preference has the first word, as some riders like to mix up the different types of tires on their mountain bike. For example, you can have a low-rolling-resistance tire on the front combined with a grippy tire on the back to improve climbing up hills while having excellent friction at the top for uneven surfaces. Sometimes, mixing things up results in a more easy-to-use and reliable bike.

5. Weight

When trying to find the best mountain bike under $200, you’ll come across an array of bikes of various weights. There are many factors that can affect the weight of a mountain bike, from the frame to the tires. The standard weight is between 30 and 38 pounds. For our price range, the models usually fall into the heavier category, due to the materials used.

For lighter bikes, the frames will be equipped with alloy and aluminum. In that way, they would be light enough to pick up a high speed when riding. However, being lightweight isn’t always ideal for extremely fast riding. You should also take your fitness into consideration. For example, if you’re in rough terrain, you don’t want to be carrying a heavy bike for miles should you get tired.

Finding The Best Mountain Bike Under $200

The mountain bikes that we will be looking at below are meeting some high standards: they are reliable, carefully crafted, sturdy, durable, fast, and most importantly cheaper than $200. We want to help you find the perfect bike for your needs, that is the best mountain bikes under $200. So if you have a little cash in hand and would like to buy a dependable bike that will accompany you on your riding adventures, check out the following mountain bikes:

10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $200 Comparison Table

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The Huffy Alpine is a women’s mountain bike that comes in either a Gloss Grape or Gloss Process Blue color. This women’s bike is constructed with a 24-inch hard-tail steel frame, which can support the heavyweight without bending and breaking.

This solid frame is also complemented by a professionally stitched padded seat which is comfortable even during prolonged rides, and knobby tires which make it easier to maneuver over uneven terrain. When it comes to speed, the women’s Alpine has Enzo 18-speed twist shifters and a 6-speed index derailleur, which give you plenty of gearing options that are easy to change.

And don’t worry about your stopping power, with the steel linear pull brakes you will be able to safely and swiftly stop even when you are riding at high speeds.

Some of its features include:

  •       Frame: Steel hardtail
  •       Shifter: Enzo 18-speed twist
  •       Brakes: Steel linear pull
  •       6-speed index derailleur

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The affordable Hyper Havoc mountain bike is a great biking option that is suitable for roads and light trails. This bike has been constructed with quality components that ensure longevity of the bike.

To begin with, the Hyper Havoc has a lightweight aluminum frame that is solidly built, as well as a dual-suspension fork that absorbs shock when the path you are riding over has rocks and other small objects. If you love to travel at high speeds, then you will definitely be delighted by the 21-Speed Shimano gearing, which allows for smooth, quick, and precise hand-grip shifting.

This great gearing is balanced out by the front and rear pull brakes from Shimano, which guarantee that you have maximum control as you ride.

Some of its features include:

  •       Frame and Fork: Dual suspension
  •       Aluminum frame
  •       21 Speeds with Shimano hardware
  •       Shimano pull brakes for solid control

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

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If you were excited about the colors available on the women’s Alpine reviewed above, then you will certainly be happy with the navy blue men’s Alpine we will be looking at below.

This Huffy bike has the same features as its women’s counterpart, including a durable and sturdy 24-inch hardtail steel frame, powerful steel linear-pull brakes, solid alloy rims, good quality knobby tires, and comfortable and well-designed padded seat.

Additionally, the Alpine has an 18-speed twist shifter for easy gear changes, supported by a 6-speed index derailleur.

Some of its features include:

  •       Frame: Steel hardtail
  •       Enzo 18-speed twist shifter
  •       6-speed index derailleur
  •       Brakes: Steel linear pull
  •       Padded seat with stitched sides

Apollo Orchid Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 26 inch Wheels, 17 inch...

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The Mantis Orchid is an entry-level women’s bike that makes riding fun and easy. This bike boasts of a 17-inch dual suspension steel frame that is solid in build, as well as a full-suspension steel fork that ensures that you do not feel all the jolts from off-road terrain.

The durable Orchid is also popular for its lightweight 26 inches by 1.95-inch tires, which make it quite simple to navigate the bike. In addition, the women’s bike is equipped with 21-speed twist shifters and a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur, which ensure that your drivetrain is working flawlessly at all times.

And when you want to decelerate, the front and rear linear-pull V-brakes will stop you immediately in your tracks.

Some of its features include:

  •       Frame: Steel hardtail
  •       Alloy rims and twist shifters
  •       Gearing: 21 speed
  •       Front suspension

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The purple-colored Granite Peak mountain bike for women is an excellent choice for all ladies who love to blaze down neighborhood streets and tackle unpaved paths.

This rugged bike sports an ergonomic steel mountain frame, which is complemented by a suspension fork that makes your riding experience easier, smoother, and more controlled.

The Granite Peak also has 18-speed twist shifters, Shimano rear derailleur, and a 3-piece mountain crank, which all work to ensure that you have a wide gear range that is smooth to operate. The bike also has 26-inch alloy wheels for durability and control.

Some of its features included

  •       Steel mountain frame geometry
  •       Smoothes bumps and increases control
  •       Twist shifters change gears
  •       3-Piece mountain crank
  •       Alloy wheels

Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch,...

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If you are looking for a mountain bike that will allow your son to hit dirt trails and neighborhood streets with ease, then the Northwoods bike is a great choice for you.

As the name suggests, this bike has an aluminum full suspension frame with a 50mm steel crown fork for simple and comfortable riding. Additionally, the bike has a Shimano rear derailleur and 21-speed twist shifters, which allows your son to cruise down trails at amazing speeds.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not the bike is safe, the Northwoods bike has 24-inch alloy rims, a steel triple crank, and an alloy seat clamp, which are all sturdily built.

Some of its features included

  •       Full-suspension aluminum frame
  •       50mm steel crown fork
  •       24″ alloy rims
  •       21 speed twist shifters
  •       Shimano rear derailleur
  •       Crank: Steel triple

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The Murtisol excels in many areas, including but not limited to sturdiness, durability, power, and reliability.

This men’s mountain bike has a solid and lightweight full-suspension aluminum frame, a precise 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, powerful front Promax brakes, and dependable rear linear pull brakes.

Other great features of the V2100 include its steel riser handlebars which allow for maximum control, its Velo padded saddle that guarantees comfort, and it’s easy to maneuver 26-inch tires.

Some of its features include:

  •       Strong full-suspension aluminum frame
  •       Promax disk brakes
  •       Pull brake in the back

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mens and Womens Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels,...

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The Status 2.2 is a top mountain bike choice for men who are looking at taking their trail riding to a whole new level. This bike has an aluminum full-suspension frame that is lightweight, stable, comfortable, and controlled to ride.

In addition, the mountain bike has a suspension fork that levels out bumps so that the handling of the bike is much easier, and a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur that allows you to shift gears as you ride accurately.

The Status 2.2 is also known for its versatile 3-piece crank, its lightweight alloy rims, and its durable steel handlebars.

Some of its features include:

  •       Linear pull brakes provide
  •       26″ wheel rims
  •       Padded seat pedals

Titan Wildcat 12-Speed Women's Mountain Bike Blue/White

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The Titan Wildcat is a great biking choice for teen girls and ladies, giving every woman the chance to exercise, commute, and have fun riding light trails.

This bike has a solid 15-inch steel frame, which can support weight up to 250 lbs. Additionally, the bike has 12-speed gearing, an easy to use thumb shifter, durable 26-inch alloy wheels, an adjustable saddle height, and reliable front and rear side pull brakes. All of these features ensure that you have the most comfortable riding experience in all conditions.

Some of its features include:

  •       26-inch alloy wheels
  •       12-speed gearing
  •       Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  •       15″ frame height
  •       Adjustable saddle
  •       Steel side pull brakes

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The Piranha Speed Rigid MTB is a women’s bike that has been built to last. This mountain bike has a sturdy 24-inch steel frame that can support weights up to 200 lbs, and a smooth front suspension fork that ensures that you cannot feel the uneven road beneath you.

Additionally, the Speed Rigid MTB has lightweight 24-inch alloy rims, tires with great traction, 21-speeds for cruising, incredible 18-speed micro shift twist shifters, reliable linear-pull brakes, and efficient Shimano rear derailleur.

All of these components ensure that you can undertake fun adventures on all turf, without fear that your bike can’t handle it.

Some of its features include:

  •       Frame: Steel
  •       Fork: Front suspension
  •       26″ alloy rims
  •       Microshift twist shifters
  •       Shimano rear derailleur
  •       Linear pull brake

The Winning Mountain Bike

As you can see, the 10 aforementioned bikes offer the features found in high-end mountain bikes without the accompanying price tags. No more worrying about money. Instead, make your final mountain bike selection and grab your wallet, your affordable bike eagerly awaits you. Don`t make it wait any longer. 

The Best out of the Great

All our options are bulletproof in terms of quality and affordability. But, if we had to narrow the list down to one winning mountain bike, we’d choose Mantis Women’s Orchid Bike. There are many reasons that stand beside our choice. For such an incredible price, this mountain bike comes with suspension forks on the front and rear wheel.  As a result, you can enjoy a comfortable ride no matter the terrain you experience. In particular, the front suspension forks absorb any shocks from rocky roads and uneven surfaces.

This bike is also installed with high-quality V-brakes to give you a great amount of control. It also improves your safety when riding. This means you can travel at high speeds without fear of losing control and improve your stopping power.

Another reason this is the best mountain bike under $200 is that the frame is easy and convenient to operate. With no hard plastics, this frame won’t irritate your hands during long bike rides. It’s also easy to steer with it, in such a way as to provide a stable feel while you are on the bike. This bike is designed to provide a smooth ride with a steel handlebar to grip onto.

One Final Question

Which is better? A mountain bike or road bike?

While it is true that the road bike fairs better on pavement, let`s not forget that even when you are riding through town, there are big portions that may not be made out of concrete (granite, sand, or even dirt and grass if you cut through parks on your way to work/school/friends). A mountain bike is more sturdy. It is ready to meet the challenge of an asphalt pit, a slightly deeper puddle, or an unexpected step. Not to say that you would have a bike able to serve you both in the “civilized” world and the rough terrain of the woods and hills. It would be your greatest and most loyal companion in your adventures.

What are your thoughts on our list of the best mountain bikes under $200? Leave a comment below. Your feedback is valuable!

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