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How to Choose a Water Bottle for Hydration

water bottle

Do you know whether you’re drinking enough water each day? You’ve probably heard that the rule of thumb for water consumption is to drink eight to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water per day. However, your water needs may be different due to: Your age Weight Health Climate Activity level Gender While up to 20% of the daily water requirements can ... Read More »

Is The Que Water Bottle Right For You?

Que water bottle

Whether you’re heading to the gym, hiking, or doing pretty much any form of exercise, a water bottle is one of your best friends. However, finding a bottle that you will actually use and not mind carrying around is somewhat of a hassle for most of us. No one likes to enlarge their carbon footprint by using a dozen plastic ... Read More »

How to Stay Warm for Cold Weather Riding

Cycling through winter may seem like a daunting idea. But a lot of cyclists, especially those who are training to race, are still eager to go out on their bikes on a cold winter day. After all, biking through a clear blue sky above your head and cycling through frosty lanes can be fun and exciting. Just because the temperature ... Read More »