Schwinn S29 Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike: An Honest Review

Mountain Biking has always been about strong bikes and going on high trails. Talking about strong-built bikes, many of them are available on a modest budget of under $300.


Schwinn’s S29 Full Suspension mountain bike is the one you can choose over the rest. Apart from the solidly built frame, it also has wide wheels and tires that offer you better traction when you move out for trailing.

Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike Review

This bike is made heavy. At 47 pounds, Schwinn S29 Men’s bike carries the reputation of staying on the road and keeping the rider safe. This is the review article for Schwinn S29 Men’s Mountain Bike where I’ll be discussing other features as well.

The Durable Steel Frame

S29 Men’s Bike comes with impressive frame design. The dark and polished frame is sure to remain an eye candy for bike lovers. It doesn’t stop there. The frame is actually very hard and suitable for riding on stone roads of the mountains.

In a time of unexpected accidents, you can expect the MTB to hold its own. Thanks to the Suntour Suspension, this mountain bike can handle steep downhill riding very well.

Dual Suspension Protects from Bumpy Roads

S29 Men’s bike from Schwinn comes with dual suspension fork which protects the frame and the rider from unkind roads. Thanks to the suspension system, riders will have better control over their bikes.

The bike perfectly balanced my weight during test, the weight of the frame and the comparatively light wheels with the suspension springs. Even if you are over 6 feet, the pair of suspension forks helps you adjust accordingly.

29-Inch Alloy Wheels Provide Better Grip on Roads

Schwinn S29 Men's 29" Wheel Full Suspension Mountain BikeTo be frank, 29er MTBs is the trend these days. These wheels help you to cover greater distance when coming down from a hill. Also, the alloy makes them lightweight balancing the height and weight of the user.

I didn’t fall over the bike even though I am taller than average guys. That tells you, it is okay to ride even if you are over 6 feet tall. The tires of rubber are thick. So, punctures and leaks will be less in number.

Superior Gear System

With a great Speed Trigger Shifter, the gear set provides a stellar performance. The frequent disturbance a mountain bike has to deal with is the chain dropping. Thanks to SRAM 3.0 derailleur, chain stays firm on its position.

Speed Trigger Shifter is like the auto gear of a car. You can navigate through 21 gears based on what speed you are running your bike on.

Disc System Brakes Offer Added Layer of Control

Brakes are the crucial part of the setup for this bike.

Being a 29er, Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike relies heavily on wheels and gear mechanism. With the pair of disc brakes in place, you can manage near precise speed control when you need to slow your bike down.

Disc Brakes make it hard to change them but don’t cause the tires to slip up when applied.


  • Sturdy Bike
  • Dual suspension system for front and back
  • Three parts crank system works well with the suspension
  • Disc Brake system ensures better speed control
  • 21 Speeds offer better riding experience on all terrains
  • Shifting gears is easy with zero chain dropping
  • 29-inch alloy wheels suit tall guys and offer greater assistance when trail riding


  • The bike is on the heavier side with 47 lbs. of weight
  • Applying and changing brakes can be tough occasionally.
  • Putting the bike together needs time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why there is a squeaking sound once I am riding the bike?

A: The sound is caused by the brakes or the wheel. Disc brakes interact with the bearings. Apply lubricant or just ride a few miles and it will fade away eventually.

Q: Which one is better, Mongoose Impasse or this one?

A: Schwinn wins the race by the whiskers. Mongoose has a limited warranty opposing this model’s lifetime warranty. Also, the S29 features “Quick Release” facility for the rear wheel which Mongoose doesn’t.

Final Verdict

Schwinn features at the top when it comes to entry level bikes with intriguing features.

S29 Mountain Bike for Men solves the problem of traction and provides a smooth riding experience for the taller guys.

The bike receives all green flags from me.

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