Top 5 Best GT Mountain Bikes

gt mountain bikes

Since their founding by Gary Turner in Southern California in 1972, GT Bikes have remained true to their BMX and mountain bike heritage. GT mixes performance with durability and is still considered one of the best brands in the woods. There are GT mountain bikes for the newest rider and the most seasoned professional. There are many bikes referred to …

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Best Beginner Mountain Bike: Top 5 Revealed

outdoor enthusiasts on one of the best beginner mountain bike models

Getting your first mountain bike is an exciting moment, you’ll want to get something that will serve your needs but not be too costly. Getting out on the trails is exhilarating and you need to have a bike that makes you feel comfortable so that you can enjoy every moment. Before you go into a store to find the best …

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Don’t Have A Helmet Camera Yet? Now Is The Time To Get One

helmet camera

If you’ve ever tried to record your parts of trail ride with your smartphone, you can attest to how difficult it can be; poor video quality, jumpy footage that can make any viewer a little queasy, and the constant threat of destroying your phone in the process. A helmet camera is a much better option for bicyclists. We will discuss …

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Top 5 Best Specialized Mountain Bikes

specialized mountain bikes

If you’re a lover of mountain riding, you know a specialized mountain bike is a game-changer for your sport. A specialized mountain bike will let you navigate steep upward or downward terrain with ease. Specialized mountain bikes are designed to be the best performing machines to enhance your riding activities.  We have taken a look at the top bikes on …

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Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

Man riding a mountain bike wearing mountain bike knee pads

Modern mountain bikes are more powerful and faster compared to older bikes. The increased speed and efficiency are mainly due to enhanced features in the bikes. These enhanced features, and therefore increased speed, increase the likelihood of the rider crashing. When you do not keep the rubber side down, there is a high probability that when you fall you will …

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Shoes

In this article, we will explore an integral part of any mountain biker’s equipment and gear—mountain bike shoes. Due to the rough terrain being ridden over, mountain bikers often use specially designed mountain bikes, gear, and equipment and specifically, special shoes which are made to enhance performance and durability. As part of the special accessories needed to comfortably and safely …

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7 Best Mountain Bike Shoes

You can ride a bike with just about any shoes. But if you’re an avid cyclist, you know that you can benefit from mountain bike shoes. They have a fairly stiff sole and rigid uppers to provide more efficient energy transfer as you pedal. Usually, mountain bike shoes are fitted with clips that you snap right into a compatible pedal. …

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5 Women’s Cycling Jerseys to Keep You Cool This Summer

women's cycling jerseys

Summer is one of the best times of the year for cycling. But during the dog days of summer, staying cool on the bike can be rather difficult. You will need women’s cycling jerseys that are built for summer in order to enjoy a hot weather ride. Women’s sleeveless cycling jerseys are a staple for women riders. Some of them …

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Hardtail vs Full Suspension Mountain Bike: Which is Right for You?

Buying a mountain bike isn’t something you should rush into. There are lots of things to consider to help you find that perfect trail companion. If you’re considering investing on a mountain bike, you’ll inevitably be facing a big choice: hardtail vs full suspension mountain bike. Whether you’re a road rider looking for the thrills of hitting the dirt and …

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Top 10 Best Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

santa cruz mountain bikes

Bike riding is one of the most interesting activities that one can engage in, and mountain bikes of many styles have become common. However, there is a real need to have the best bike to get the best experience while riding on rough terrain or under other challenging conditions. We have compiled the list of the best Santa Cruz mountain …

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Want A GoPro HD Camera? Check Out What’s Available For 2018

GoPro HD Camera

GoPro is one of those brands that seemed to appear out of nowhere and explode in popularity overnight. While it’s a favorite “must have” accessory for many mountain biking enthusiasts and other extreme sports fanatics, nearly everyone has heard of GoPro cameras. Whether you’re interested in buying your first action camera for an upcoming mountain biking trip or you’ve been …

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7 Ways to Prevent Mountain Bike Injuries

While mountain biking is both fun and exhilarating, it can also be quite dangerous. It’s easy to think that you’ll never get into an accident, but bike accident statistics suggest that it’s far more likely than you think. Although the number of bike accidents seem to be declining over the years, a larger number of these accidents tend to be …

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Bike Theft Prevention: How to Prevent Your Bike from Being Stolen

Over the years, the number of people who owns a bike has significantly increased. In fact, statistics showed that over 67 million Americans rode a bike in the past 12 months. What’s sad is that bike theft has become so widespread, not just in the US, but in different parts of the world. It turns out, about 400,000 bikes are …

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5 Things to Do Before You Go on Long Distance Bike Rides

Plan your route

Long distance bike rides are a lot of fun. It gives you an opportunity to explore your local surroundings and appreciate your local community. You get to go to places you want to go and lose weight while doing so. Plus, riding a bike offers many health benefits. To ensure that you stay as safe as possible when you’re out …

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