Best Budget Hardtail Mountain Bikes of 2022

budget hardtail mountain bikes

If you’re planning on buying a new, it is important to consider the type of riding you do. Whether you’re an experienced trail shredder or just getting started in the world of mountain biking, a hardtail mountain bike would be a great option for you. Budget hardtail mountain bikes have the efficiency and stability of a rigid bike. They are …

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Buy Bikes, Parts, and Accessories on the Nashbar Website

If your bicycle is your main mode of transportation or if you ride one for fitness, the chances are it will need to be frequently repaired. While it can be taken to a bicycle shop and fixed, sometimes it can be an inconvenience if the shop is busy and your bike needs to be left overnight, or longer. However, by …

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The Genesis V2100 Dual-Suspension Bicycle: In-depth Review of Key Features


If you love to ride down steep hills, climb up even steeper hills, or rough it on off-road terrain, then you know that need a good mountain bike. That is where [easyazon_link asin=”B0086WKFTA” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”mountainbikereviewed03-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]the Genesis 26″ Men’s V2100 Dual-Suspension Bicycle 92688[/easyazon_link] comes into play. With its dual-suspension frame, suspension fork, Shimano gears, sudden …

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Tired Of Blurry Action Shots? Check Out The Sony FDR Action Camera

sony fdr

How many times have you had the best ride of your life and wish that you had video footage to show off to your friends? Have you ever recorded a two-hour trek only to find that the angle was off or the shots were too blurry? Mountain biking and video recording don’t always mix well, but thanks to action cameras …

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Hardtail vs. Full Suspension Mountain Bikes: What’s the Difference?

For folks interested in taking their cycling into the woods, they have to decide if they want to ride a hardtail vs full suspension. Not a problem back in the day when Gary Fisher and his wild pals literally invented mountain biking in Marin, California. They took old fat tire cruisers, reinforced the frames with motorcycle parts and headed for …

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10 Must-Have Mountain Bike Accessories You Need to Get Started

For many of us, mountain biking isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. The feeling you get as you speed along the forest trails is like no other. But sometimes, your trip can can take an unexpected turn. Your bike can break, the weather can turn or you or even your own body can rebel if you’re exhausted. …

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What You Need to Know About the Hydro Flask Bottle

Hydro Flask bottle

You’ve probably seen these colorful bottles at the gym, at the park, or even just sitting around the office. They’re stylish looking, simple in design, and offer an insulates stainless steel container to keep your water cold as ice. The problem is, there are hundreds of water bottles on the market offering a more refreshing drink when you need it …

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Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike: What Are The Key Differences?

The debate between road bike vs mountain bike will never get resolved because the answer is: it depends. Are you a serious rider? If so, you may own both, and the question of road bike vs mountain bike isn’t important. But most riders are forced to choose due to space considerations, funds, or lacking the time to use both bikes. …

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Top 10 Best Mountain Trails in the World

The mountain biking hobby took off a few decades ago, and new specialized bicycles ridden by passionate athletes have propelled it into a sport. As newly converted mountain bikers discover pristine and challenging trails, the sport has opened up new territory. Today, there are professional mountain bikers who blaze mountain bike trails all over the world. While you may be just …

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Top 10 Best Canondale Mountain Bikes

gt mountain bikes

You might be struggling with a particular bike while there is a specific mountain bike that will perfectly fit your terrain, weather condition, and speed. We are here to inform you of the availability of these top performers on the road and off the road. After an extensive research, we have come up with the 10 best Cannondale mountain bikes …

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Top 5 Budget Flat Pedals for Mountain Bike

Pedals are a crucial part of any bike. They are one of the three contact points where your body and your bike meet. Flat pedals for mountain bike are also the means by which you transmit the power in your legs into the bike’s drivetrain to propel you along the trail. For the vast majority of cyclists, clips rule the …

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The 5 Best Mountain Bike Gloves| Review & Guide

Giro-Bravo-mountain biking gloves

If you ride mountain bikes for long enough, you will witness your hands take a beating. The outdoor conditions of mountain biking coupled with the high-friction grip you need to control your bike will result in calloused and rough hands which are both painful and unpleasant to look at. So how can you protect your hands when you are mountain …

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Choosing a Hydration Pack for Your Favorite Activity

hydration pack

Staying hydrated when you’re working outside, exercising in- or outdoors, or enjoying a sunny day is vital to your health. Dehydration can cause a host of medical problems that are easily avoided by drinking plenty of water when your active or it’s hot. While a bottle of water may be sufficient for most people, if you sweat a lot or …

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What’s the Best Hardtail Mountain Bike? Top 10 Revealed

Hardtail mountain bikes are an innovative new breed of mountain bikes designed to give you wider freedom of control on tough terrain. They offer great versatility and an overall easier handling capability, especially on single track trails. In the following guide, we reviewed 10 bikes to find the best hardtail mountain bike on the market today. Read on to find …

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Bike Clothing: Are Bike Shorts Really Necessary?

Certain activities like biking and swimming requires special pieces of clothing. Cyclists, for instance, wear spandex shorts and tight-fitting tops. But bike riders in the UK have proven that you can ride a bike without tight-fitting jerseys, bike shorts, gloves, special shoes or any piece of clothing. In fact, they organize the World Naked Bike Rides, which are held in …

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