Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires: Our Top 9 Picks

spare tier

​ In the sport of mountain biking, nothing makes us want to pull out our hair more than having to deal with a punctured tire. The only thing that’s worse is having to deal with tires that cause slippage on muddy terrain or roll clunkily and slowly on loose trails. Thanks to tubeless mountain bike tires, we can avoid these …

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Mountain Bike Tire Pressure: The Most Important Things to Consider

mountain bike tire pressure

Mountain biking is a tremendous activity that allows you to connect with nature and enhance your physical fitness. It is also a social activity as friends can organize weekend trips to exotic trails. One of the most critical elements to ensuring you have a great ride is to make sure you have the correct mountain bike tire pressure for the …

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The Lone Rider: Safety Tips When Cycling Alone

Most people prefer to ride in a group, and we can’t blame them. After all riding in a group is a lot of fun. You get to bond with your friends, meet new people, and challenge your cycling skills. But cycling alone can be just as fun as riding with a bunch of riders. There are some rules and etiquette …

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Top 7 Best Hybrid Bikes under $500

With the price of a new bicycle seemingly going up year after year as manufacturers race to incorporate the latest and greatest new-fangled gizmos into what are essentially old-fashioned mechanical devices, it might feel to many riders like they are being priced out of the market. However, despite the hype surrounding expensive bikes that can cost many thousands of dollars, …

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11 Signs You’re Addicted to Cycling

Science confirms what many of us know – cycling is good for you. It helps you lose weight and makes you fitter. When you ride, you get a spike in neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin that helps you relieve stress and improve your mood. But it turns out, cycling can also be addictive. The line between dedication and addiction can …

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Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing the Right Cycling Glasses

As with any type of activity, safety is of utmost importance for cyclists. As cyclists, we usually wear protective gears like gloves to shield our palms, a helmet to protect our head in case of accidents, and padded shorts to protect our derrieres. However, not everyone would consider buying cycling glasses. Wearing sunglasses is the norm throughout the summer.  But …

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What’s the Best Mongoose Mountain Bike? Top 5 Revealed

For nature-lovers and exercise junkies, biking provides the perfect combination of the outdoors and a cardiovascular workout. Biking is one of America’s most popular sports, as it is accessible to anyone with a bike and can be performed at any level of difficulty: especially with a great bike like the Mongoose mountain bike. Taking a bike ride through the park …

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Fenders

mountain bike fenders

Mountain bike fenders keep the mud off your bike and help you ride faster along wet trails. They make cycling more enjoyable and keep the mud off your back and face. There are rear and front fenders, and they all perform different functions. The rear fender can pivot to adjust coverage while the front fender protects your eyes from mud. …

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Cycling Together: How to Get Your Partner to Love Cycling

couple cycling together through the woods

Studies suggest that couples who participate in a physical activity or challenge feel more in love with their partner and more satisfied with their relationship. Cycling together will not only help you stay fitter and happier, it can also raise the quality of your romantic relationship. Going on a cycling date can be a fun experience and carries a lot …

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Rules of the Trail: Dos and Don’ts of Mountain Bike Trail Riding

For most veteran mountain bikers, maneuvering a couple of knobby tires over gnarly terrain is just a piece of cake. You may be a demon on the trails, but you need to keep in mind that being a good mountain biker involves more than just knowing how to ride. It’s important for you to understand proper trail etiquette before hitting …

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7 Lightweight Cycling Jerseys to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

Summer is arguably the best time of the year to ride a bike. After a brutally harsh weather, cyclists act like caged birds released from the confines of their cold basements. Many of them would enthusiastically begin 20-hour training weeks in the hot, humid weather in the hopes playing catch-up from the work they didn’t do during the winter months. …

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5 Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2022

Mountain biking is a whole lot of fun. It is one of the most exhilarating sports you can take up. However, it is an inherently dangerous sport with a distinct possibility of serious injuries. Whether you’re riding free ride, all-mountain, downhill or cross country, you should never leave the house without safety gears such as mountain bike helmets. In fact, …

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Giant Cypress 2022 Review: # Things to Know

Are you a cyclist who wants a bike for a peaceful Sunday ride, a trip around a local lake on a dirt path, and a commute or shopping trip through the rough local streets?  The Giant Cypress has a long history as one of the best hybrids for anything you want to do on a bicycle. Giant Cypress Bike The …

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Enduro Bikes: The Top 10 Bikes that Offers Optimum Enduro Performance

enduro bikes

If you have been looking for the best enduro bikes, then this list we’ve compiled will make the work easy for you. These bikes sport unique features meant for cyclists who prioritize descending. Enduro bikes are crafted to enable the riders to get to the summit so they can fly back down. The uniqueness and fun in these bikes have …

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Speed and Safety: The 10 Best Mountain Bike Tires of 2022

mountain biker on a trail

So you’re taking your fitness routine outdoors to take a break from the smelly monotony of the gym. Good for you! But before you hit the trail with the bike you’ve unearthed from the depths of the basement, take a minute to consider what you’re riding on and whether you have the best mountain bike tires. Your tires are the …

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