Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS Reivew

Garmin Foretrex? 401 GPS

When you are going on hiking, mountain biking, or fishing make sure that you take a GPS machine with you. A quality GPS tracker will provide you the directions and coordinates to areas you know little or nothing about. Plus, in some cases, these devices monitor your heartbeat to provide you a more advanced set of data. Among the GPS systems, Garmin Foretrex ... Read More »

The 10 Best Women’s Mountain Bike | Review and Guide

Polaris Ladies Mountain Bike

If you look at the biking market today, you will be saddened to see that there is not a great focus on bikes designed specifically for women. However, many bike manufacturers have seen the error in their ways and are now coming up with bikes that support and complement the female form. As a woman you are not only looking ... Read More »

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Under $600 | Review and Guide

Schwinn Firewire 5 Mountain Bike

Making a mountain bike investment is a big thing, so it is good to know that you are getting your money’s worth. If you are spending $600 on a bike you will be presented with a variety of bikes in your price range, each of them promising great and consistent performance. Unfortunately, we live in a time and age where ... Read More »

The 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 | Review and Guide

Diamondback Women’s Lux Mountain Bike

The best mountain bikes combine great craftsmanship and an affordable price tag, ensuring that you can navigate the outdoors without breaking the bank. However, most of you might not know what exactly to look for when you go bike shopping. And I don’t blame you; there are hundreds of options on the market each of them offering something different. That ... Read More »

10 Best Mountain Bike Lights On The Market | Review & Guide

Xtreme Bright Premium LED Bike Light

No one enjoys mountain biking in pitch darkness, unless you have some super eyesight that you have never told anyone about. Riding in the dark dramatically increases your chances of getting into an accident, and the resulting injuries could be serious. That is where the need for bike lights comes in, as it allows you to illuminate your path so ... Read More »

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets| Review & Guide

Mavic-Notch-Best Mountain Bike Helmets

The best part of mountain biking is the challenges you will experience, such as uneven terrain lined with rocks, roots, ruts and tight spaces. As fun as it is to maneuver through this terrain, you cannot discount the accidents that can happen if you lose control of your bike. That is why it is extremely important to wear the correct ... Read More »

10 Best Mountain Bike Racks On The Market | Review and Guide

XTC-Cross-Country-Best Mountain Bike Racks

When you select your mountain bike, you will look at many factors including gearing, brakes, quality of build, quality of components, and size. Size is especially important when it comes to your bike, as you need to find a fit that is big enough to maneuver over uneven terrain and compact enough to fit through tight spaces and store conveniently. ... Read More »

The 9 Best Mountain Bike Shoes| Review & Guide

Five-Ten-Men's-Freerider - best mountain bike shoe

If you enjoy mountain biking, then you need to make sure that you are fully equipped for your journey. While most people believe that a mountain bike and helmet are the only pieces of gear you will need, the truth is that you will also require other gear like GPS computers, water bottles, bags, and most importantly mountain bike shoes. ... Read More »

The 5 Best Mountain Bike Multi Tools on the Market| Review & Guide

Topeak-Alien-II-Best Mountain Bike Multi Tools

When you head out on your mountain biking adventures, you do so with the expectation of encountering and overcoming uneven terrain, rocky paths, and steep inclines and declines. What you do not see coming are the numerous accidents associated with this challenging sport, and it is therefore prudent to prepare for any incidents that may occur. Having a tool set ... Read More »