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If your bicycle is your main mode of transportation or if you ride one for fitness, the chances are it will need to be frequently repaired. While it can be taken to a bicycle shop and fixed, sometimes it can be an inconvenience if the shop is busy and your bike needs to be left overnight, or longer. However, by learning to repair it yourself, you can order parts, as well as accessories, from companies like Nashbar.

Who is Bike Nashbar?

Nashbar website

Although a local bicycle shop can be a great place to go if you want a new bike jersey or a spoke tool, their supplies are limited by the space of the building. Ordering online is a good option because a website will have a better selection of bike parts and accessories. However, you may not get the proper item if you’re unsure about what you need.

Fortunately, there are bicycle websites, like, with experts that can help you find exactly what you need for your bike. Along with bike parts and accessories, you will also find many well-known brands of bicycles, along with some lesser-known brands, for sale like:

  • Fuji
  • Diamondback
  • Cavalo
  • Breezer
  • Americano

They also carry their line bikes for mountain biking, commuting, or fitness biking.

Get Help with Purchases

If you need advice while looking for parts or other products, this website offers several ways to get it. You can either engage with experts by using their chat program to contact customer or product support.

Their product support department provides expert help regarding the bicycles, parts, and accessories that they sell. By choosing product support on the website, buyers will find instruction or product manuals for:

  • Bicycles
  • Bicycle parts
  • Helmets
  • Electronics made for bikes
  • Lights
  • Shoes

They also include answers to frequently asked questions, sizes for cycling shoes and clothing, and information about tires and wheels. The company was bought out by Performance Bicycle in 2000, but Performance has since been acquired by ASI, Advanced Sports International, who also own many of the models sold on the site.

Customer Service Information

Since this company conducts all its business online, they started as a mail-order business; their customer support department answers questions about purchases from their site and Amazon’s website. Information is also supplied about online accounts, purchases, returns and exchanges, and shipping.

How to Buy Bicycles Online

Ordering bike parts or accessories online is simple and may allow you to save money on the items you need. However, buying a bicycle is more difficult because a bike needs to be fit to the rider for them to be comfortable and get the best performance from it. These tips can help you buy a bicycle online from Nashbar.

Type of Use

The first consideration for purchasing a bicycle is how it will be used. If you want to take your bike on off-road trails, then you’ll probably want a mountain bike because they are made to handle rough terrain and abuse that other bikes can’t. However, if you’re commuting to work on a bicycle, then a road or hybrid bike would be a better choice.

Should You Buy a New or Used Bike?

Some bicycle websites sell both new and used bicycles, so you should decide which to buy. Depending on how you intend to use it, a new one may be expensive. 

A used bike can help you save hundreds of dollars and last for years if it is in good shape. However, you should be aware of what you’re buying. Carefully read the information on websites that sell used bikes to find out what type of warranty is offered, if the bike has been refurbished, and look for bikes that fit your body.

Make sure you’re not overpaying for a used bicycle by check its value. As with cars, there is an online Bluebook for bicycles that provides the value of used bikes. If you cannot find sufficient information about used bikes sold on a site, then you should try another website or buy a new one.

Consider Your Budget

With any purchase you make, from a house to a car to a bicycle, you will need to consider how much you can spend on a Nashbar bike before you start shopping. When buying a bicycle, don’t spend your entire bike budget on it. You should also take into account the costs for:

  • Pedals
  • Lights
  • Tire pump
  • Repair kit
  • Tools
  • Helmet

Many cycling enthusiasts will buy a bike frame and then construct their dream bike by buying the parts they need and assembling it themselves.

Get Measured

Bicycles are not one size fits all or most. The height of the rider is the main consideration for determining the size you should buy. While there are not any industry standards for bike measurements, most companies use sizes S, M, L, XL, and some also include XXL.

These measurements refer to the height of the rider. For instance, a bike that is size XXL is usually for riders 6’3” and taller. However, height isn’t the only consideration when sizing a bicycle as some models may also need the size of your torso and arm span to determine the proper size for you.

While you could visit a local bike shop to get measured, you can also do it at home.

Height Measurements

If you don’t know your height, you can find out by standing on a flat surface with your back flush to a wall. With your feet spread about shoulder width apart, make a light mark by placing a pencil lightly on your head and marking the wall. Then, you can measure from the mark to the floor to get your height.

Inseam Measurements

Inseams are difficult to do by yourself, so you should have a friend or family member help you. The size of your inseam is the most important information to know when sizing a bike properly. This measurement needs to be as exact as possible, so don’t just measure the inseam of a pair of pants.

To measure your inseam, stand against a wall with your feet 6” to 8” apart. While against the wall, place a book, spine up, between your legs, snuggly against your crotch like a bicycle seat. Then, have someone measure from the spine of the book to the floor to find out your inseam length.

Torso Measurements

If you’re going to buy a road bike, you will need to get your torso measurements as well. The easiest way to get this measurement it is to use a cloth measuring tape and measure from your groin to the notch below your neck. While measuring your torso, measure your chest as well because you can use the measurement to buy a bike jersey.

Arm Measurements

Measuring your arm is also difficult to do on your own, so have someone do it for you. Hold an arm out perpendicular to your body and have someone measure from where the shoulder meets your arm to where the thumb meets the inside of your hand.

If you need riding gloves, also measure the width of your hand at its widest point. Pull the measuring tape snugly, but not too tight, to get an accurate measurement. The result should be in inches, which will be the size of a pair of riding gloves.

When you have all the measurements you need, know what your budget is and what type of bike you want, then you can go to the website by entering bikenashbar in a web browser to find the site and start shopping.

Bike Adjustments

Once the bike is delivered, you will need to make four adjustments to it, so it fits your body correctly. These adjustments will be to the:

  • Saddle height
  • Saddle tilt
  • Handlebar height
  • Handlebar size

Saddle Height

When pedaling a bike, your leg should almost be fully extended, but there should still be some bend in your knee when you’ve reached the bottom of a stroke. Ride the bike once you’ve adjusted the saddle height and then readjust it as necessary. Having the saddle at the correct height will protect your knees from strain and provide for more powerful downstrokes.

Saddle Tilt

Tilt the saddle up or down as your preference so that you are comfortable when riding the bike and not sliding off the saddle.

Handlebar Height

To get the correct height, straddle the bike and adjust the handlebars, so your back is slightly bent when riding. Tighten them before going for a test drive. If your back feels sore or the muscles start cramping, then raise the handlebars again.

Handlebar Size

Customizing the handlebars can help with how the ride feels when cycling. To get an aerodynamic ride, choose handlebars that are narrower than the width of your shoulders. However, if you want more leverage and to breathe easier when riding, choose wider handlebars.

By using these tips, you can buy the right bike, parts or accessories on the Nashbar website.

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