Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B Mountain Bike Review

To a bike enthusiast, Nashbar is a company of dreams. It offers you a multitude of bike accessories within the price suitable for most people.

Nashbar balances the comfort and plethora of benefits seamlessly well within the budget. Such a bike is Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B, which offers simplicity and performance at the same time.

The sturdy mountain bike provides top of the line facilities to any bike rider whether novice or professional.

In this quick Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B Mountain Bike Review, let me discuss the perks this bike offers to us.

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The Sturdy Design Works Best

Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B is an entry level mountain bike. This comes with light rims by Alex-XD and KendaNevegal 27.5 Inch tires. You’ll also get FSA Headset. This ensures better protection for your head and prevents sweat buildups.

The bike is set to take on the hardest of roads and still be in its place to absorb some more impacts. On the negative side, the parts make the bike heavy.

The BB5 brakes of the bike prevent the sliding of the tires in sticky roads. Although Avid BB7 brakes prove to be a tough competition when you are considering a decent performance, Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B bike provides that.

Single-Speed 650B is a mountain bike that features 620mm handlebars which give you padding while climbing up the hills and coming down.

The grip worked great for me when descending down a steep path. While saying that, it falls short when you compare it to its expensive counterparts for obvious reasons.

The Much Talked About Gear System

Nashbar formerly used 38/16 gears for the bike.

This system contributed to commute biking rather than mountain biking. Then came 32/18 gear system after many of the customers faced some discomfort. The latter made it easy to ascend from steep heights.

The 17-inch chain makes it easy for the wheels to roll over. Forget about frequent chain drops as the length is just about right for the cycle. I didn’t see any difference when riding the bike over rocky roads and the standard ones.

The suspension is one side the bike can improve on. Even then, riding downhill is not a problem if you constantly pedal your way through.

The angle of the head of the rider generally stays at 70.8 degrees. For mountain biking, this angle prevents the rider from leaning too far forward.

The Tire Diameters Make it Nimble

Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B Mountain Bike Review27.5-inch wheels are perfect considering bumpy roads. The wheels keep the body of the bike stable despite the lack of suspension. Plus, for taller guys (and for girls), 27.5-inch might just be the right diameter. It will not overwhelm them.

For those who fall short than 5.5”, it is an excellent alternative to 29er wheels. Nevegal tires provide excellent traction.

This bike uses 650B tires which provide the exact momentum of the 29er wheels. The bike has a lower center of gravity. I am of average height and it didn’t feel “Too High” for me while riding.


  • The Chromoly frame makes the bike sturdy.
  • Avid BB5 brakes come with strengthened brake pads that work instantly when applied.
  • Comes with 32/18 gear system that makes downhill riding easier.
  • 17-inch chain length prevents frequent chain drops.
  • Broad 27.5-Inch wheels provide greater balance and roll over easily.
  • 650B tires contribute to traction and work on all types of roads.


  • It is a heavy bike.
  • There is no suspension fork in the bike.
  • I’d swap the 620mm handlebars with a bit larger ones for better gripping.

Final Verdict

Bee’s Knees Single-Speed 650B from Nashbar is not a racing bike by any means. But this bike is customizable. Plus, the single-speed bikes do great when you are looking to build on your stamina.

Riding this MTB is a pleasure for me. It is a great exercise for you if you are having fitness problems. It comes at a great price and with parts that will last a lifetime.

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