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MTB Holiday Gift Guide For Women

Image Source: www.s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com It can be difficult to buy gifts for some women. If a woman on your list is into mountain biking though, shopping for the perfect gift is easy when you use our holiday gift guide. Here are 12 great gift ideas from mountain bike accessories to mountain bike clothing and more that will make the lady mountain ... Read More »

Why You Should Buy A Specialized Mountain Bike

 Image Source: www.vitalmtb.com Specialized Mountain Bikes – Perfect Fit Like A Glove When it comes to purchasing a specialized mountain bike, this is most certainly a decision that you should take very seriously; otherwise, you will end up buying a bike that does not fit all of your mountain-climbing requirements and as such, you will have wasted your money. There are ... Read More »

The Very Best Mountain Biking Magazines

It’s sad but true… we can’t all ride our mountain bikes every day, though we’d love to! Times like this call for solid publications that can inspire and inform us about a sport we are so passionate about. The following mountain bike magazines are old school enough to be in print, (yes, you can hold them in your hands), but ... Read More »

2018’s Top 3 Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

There comes a time when every seasoned mountain biker will lust after a full suspension mountain bike. It’s nothing personal, hardtail enthusiasts! It’s just time to try something a little different. What’s the difference between hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes? The hardtail has a solid frame and usually carries a suspension fork on the front of the bike. A ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Electric Mountain Bikes

Image Source: www.dirtmountainbike.com Electric bikes have been in use in urban areas for years. They’ve been growing in popularity across the globe. So it was only a matter of time before they became available for mountain biking too. As batteries and motors have become more efficient, smaller and lighter, electric mountain bikes have become more usable for riders. Riders can ... Read More »

MTB Animal Encounters and What To Do

As much as we all love biking outdoors, there is always a chance we may encounter wild animal. We are in fact biking in their environment. As much as we hope this never happens unless, it a harmless animal like a rabbit or a deer. There’s always a great chance we may find ourselves in the territory of a moose ... Read More »

GMC Yukon Fat Bike Mountain Bike Review

A fat bike has over-sized tires that allows mountain biker to ride in any kind of condition. Which includes snow, mud and even sand. Unlike, other mountain bikes that may get stuck in different terrain, the fat boy have wide tires to easily go through any terrain. If you love mountain biking and wish it would last much longer, start ... Read More »

Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Reviews

Merax Finiss

There are many mountain bikes on the market with their own advantages. And of course choosing the right mountain bike can be very challenging. Theres a lot to consider such as, the brakes, suspension, gears and even style. The Merax Finiss 26″ is a popular mountain bike on the market. Due to the affordable price. The bike contain an aluminum frame, ... Read More »

Top Bike Tech

Cycling is becoming very popular whether it’s from commuting or for a sport. It seems practically everyone is riding some sort of bicycle nowadays. In this day and age, there’s so much technology that can add some fun and safety to your riding experience. This article is not about the boring basket and bell found on kid bikes. We’re talking ... Read More »