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Best Mountain Bike Helmets To Buy

  If you’re a mountain biker, you know how important safety is, especially for your head. Suffering a concussion after doing an endo is no laughing matter. So a good bike helmet is essential equipment, but which one is the best? What should you look for to make sure it’s the right one? Here are three of the best mountain ... Read More »

10 Extreme Mountain Biking Videos of All Time

Mountain biking is designed to offer excitement, but if things become routine, it can get to be bland. We’ve all had moments when we’ve thought about taking on a major downhill challenge that defies death. Here are some examples of folks who’ve done more than think about it. After watching these mountain bike videos, you might feel inspired. Then again, ... Read More »

Editor’s Choice Winner For 2017: Giant Mountain Bike

Image Source:www.dmc.hpsdev.com Giant mountain bikes are popular with mountain bikers , both men and women. Each bike has its own personality, which makes a generic description of all of Giant’s bikes impossible. But there are similarities. Consider the Anthem 27.5 and the Anthem 27.5 SX. The Anthem 27.5 has a light, full suspension ALUXX SL frame, in addition to Maestro Suspension ... Read More »

Cycling Tips to Help You Up Those Steep Hills

  Image Source:thecyclingbug.co.uk When learning how to mountain bike, you are bound to encounter some steep hills. While biking uphill can be a serious challenge, your cycling technique can make a huge difference in the difficulty you endure. These cycling tips should help when you’re biking uphill. Stay Seated It might seem as if you’re making a smart decision to ... Read More »

10 Essentials You Should Bring on Your Next Bike Ride

 Image Source:www.backcountry.com Biking is a great sport for getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. The activity is also a great way to get fit or stay in shape. As long as you have the bike along with the essentials, biking can cost nothing and leave no carbon footprint on the planet. Whether going on a short ride or a ... Read More »

Everything You Should Know About the Mongoose Mountain Bike

Image Source:www.keywordsuggest.org Mongoose has built a strong reputation as being a leader in the world of reliable and budget-friendly mountain bikes. While Mongoose offers a rich history of cycling that dates back to the 1970s, the first Mongoose mountain bike wasn’t designed and engineered until the late 1980’s. In 1987, the Mongoose mountain bike made its grand entrance on the ... Read More »

20 Of The Most Scenic Bike Trails In The US

Have you ever wondered, “What are the most scenic mountain bike trails near me?” We have picked 20 of the best mountain bike trails in US and arranged them by region. Northeastern United States 1. Carriage Trails, Acadia National Park, Maine The 98-mile, car-free, 16′ wide hard-packed gravel Carriage Trails starts at Bar Harbor and loops through the 47,000-acre Acadia ... Read More »

Giant Glory Advanced 2017 Mountain Bike: Is This an Elite Bike?

The Giant Glory Advanced 2017 Mountain Bike is crafted from exceptionally strong, lightweight materials for optimum performance no matter where it’s ridden. From the moment it’s taken out of the box, it is a bike that’s meant to be raced at a first-class level. This pure-bred, elite racing bike has brought bikers to World Cup podiums for over a decade. ... Read More »

Building Your Own Bike Storage Rack

Image Source:www.bobvila.com Whether you live in a multi-story apartment with limited storage space or are simply looking to maximize garage space, there are a variety of easy-to-build DIY bike rack designs. A well-built bike storage rack will last for years and can help make storing and organizing something as cumbersome as a bicycle much easier. The best bike racks are ... Read More »

Top Rocky Mountain Bikes of 2017

  Image Source:www.bcbikerace.com Since 1981, the Rocky Mountain brand has been delivering high-performance mountain bikes from its innovative Rocky Mountain Development Center at the base of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains. With some of the world’s most rugged and diverse terrain, the North Shore mountains make for an ideal location to design and test some of the most advanced mountain bikes ... Read More »