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6 Reasons Why You Should Own a Folding Bike

Each type of bike offers great benefits to cyclist. But in order to make your riding experience more enjoyable, it is important to choose a bike that matches your riding style. If you’re planning to buy a bike that you can use for weekend rides as well as for commuting, a folding bike may be a great option for you. ... Read More »

Best Women’s Mountain Bike for 2018

Comfort and fit are crucial when buying a mountain bike. In order to make your biking experience more enjoyable, you need a bike that feels comfortable to use, fits your body properly, and matches your riding style. Women tend to weigh less and are shorter than men. There are also some obvious anatomical differences in the seating department. That said, men ... Read More »

Best Mountain Bike Towns in the USA

When it comes to riding in the United States, you are spoilt for choices. There are a lot of amazing bike destinations in the country, and you might want to visit some of the best mountain bike towns this summer. Whether you choose a steep climb that finishes with a flying descent or opt for a buttery-smooth track void of ... Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Enduro Mountain Biking

Those who are new to the sport often have a one-track mind about what mountain biking entails. But the truth is, there is more to mountain biking than just riding up and down off road trails. In fact, this sport offers loads of choices. Mountain biking can be broken down into different categories – trail, cross country, all-mountain or enduro ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your First Mountain Bike

Buying your first mountain bike can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are so many different types, styles and brands to choose from. There are also so many things to consider. Standing amidst hundreds of mountain bikes, choosing the right bike may seem like a complicated process. This is especially if you’re not a bike enthusiast. ... Read More »

Scott Mountain Bikes: An In-depth Buying Guide

  Image Source:www.mountain-bikes.gearsuite.com Scott Mountain Bikes offer a wide selection of styles from trail to downhill for the dirt bike enthusiast. They also have a powerful dirt jump bike that will get you in the air. One of the most interesting aspects that Scott Bikes offers is that riders can choose from several types of frame styles to suit their riding style. The ... Read More »

15 Reasons Why a Single Speed Mountain Bike Is the Best Choice

Image Source:www.bicycling.com With all the subtypes of mountain bikes around, the best solution is to grab one of each. But since money doesn’t grow on trees, you’re limited in your choices. Under these circumstances, the single best selection for mountain biking is actually the single speed bike. If you’re skeptical, consider this list of 15 good reasons. Low Cost We’d ... Read More »

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Pedals

  Image Source:www.singletracks.com You’ve got a sturdy bike and you’re anxious to hit the trails. You’ve oiled your chain, aired your tires…but have you given any thought to your mountain bike pedals? Product Description There is abundant variety among available mountain bike pedals. Determining the best mountain bike pedals for you involves a combination of your experience level and what ... Read More »

People Who Love Mountain Biking – In Photos

Learning to ride a bike is an important milestone for children (and some adults). Being able to hop on a person powered means of transportation and pedal your way to your destination in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the effort, and at a pace that let’s you enjoy your surroundings is a feeling of freedom that ... Read More »

Choosing The Best Bike Saddle For Your Tush

   Buy Now ! Whether you are pedaling on-road or off-road, the most comfortable bike seat will make your ride a more pleasant experience. You want a seat that will properly support your rear, conform to your body shape, and allow for airflow. It’s a bonus if the best bike seat comes with a reasonable price tag. The OUTERDO Bike Saddle does ... Read More »