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Mountain Bikes for Kids: Top 6 Bikes for Junior MTB Riders

As a mountain biking parent, you’re probably thinking of introducing the sport to your kids. If you want them to become dirt-hopping downhiller, the key is to make sure that they’re at least mildly successful when they first try it. To do that, you need to equip them with the best mountain bikes for kids that can handle whatever bumps they tackle. Also, pick a trail with a low level of difficulty.

It’s time to introduce your little ones to the world of cycling. With our selection of mountain bikes for kids, you should be able to narrow down your choices and find a bike that is suitable for your little ones.

Here are the top 6 mountain bikes for kids.

Diamondback Cobra 20 Kid’s Mountain Bike

Diamondback Cobra 20 Mountain Bikes for Kids

Image Source: https://www.amazon.com 

Price: $135

If you’re looking for a decent kid’s mountain bike that would allow them to explore beyond the confines of the neighborhood, then the Cobra 20 should be on top of your list. This bike is equipped with cool features such as a 6-speed drivetrain, powerful brakes, and suspension fork. It also comes with a durable steel frame that can handle the abuse that comes with inexperienced riders and more adventurous rides.

Overall, the Cobra 20 is a reliable adventure partner. It is a kid’s mountain bike with big bike features. With bigger wheels, more gears, and more capabilities, your little riders will be able to embark on new adventures.

HASA 18 Speed Kid’s Mountain Bike

HASA 18 Speed Kid’s Mountain Bike

Image Source: https://www.cyclingdeal.com.au 

Price: $300

The HASA 18 Speed Kid’s Mountain Bike offers high-quality parts at an affordable price. The parts and components are of higher grade as compared to other bikes of a similar price.

The tires are standard with an all-terrain profile. The rim brakes allow your child to stop quickly. With a suspension fork, your little mountain bikers can take it on rocky terrain and bumpy trails. The bike also features a slanted aluminum frame, which is optimized for children aged 6 to 9.

Schwinn High Timber Kid’s Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes for Kids

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com

Price: $228

The Schwinn High Timber seems like an adult bike, but smaller. The feature of the bike tells you it’s ready for mountain biking. It has a full compliment of 21 different speeds, so it is best for older kids or those who have already mastered the ins and outs of basic trail riding. It also comes with a front suspension fork, which will smooth out rough trails. Other features include Shimano cassette, steel frame, and high-end SRAM grip shifters.

Overall, this 21-speed mountain machine is ideal for young trail enthusiasts. With this bike, they can go on casual rides around town or more intense rides on the trail.

Diamondback Sync’r 24 Kid’s Mountain Bike

Diamondback Sync’r 24 Kid’s Mountain Bike

Image Source: https://www.performancebike.com 

Price: $750

Consider getting this bike if your little ripper is an aspiring racer. The Diamondback Sync’r 24 is a 24-inch cross country bike that is spec’d to put junior riders on the podium.

The bike was built using the same materials used to make full size mountain bikes. The 24-inch wheels and low slung geometry provide just the right fit and handling for your little riders. Wide handlebars, short stem, and aggressive Kenda Kinetics tires put an emphasis on handling. SR Suntour XCR suspension fork enhances control over rough trails. Overall, it’s a completely capable kid’s mountain bike ready for action.

Guardian Lightweight Kid’s Bike

Guardian Lightweight Kid’s Bike

Image Source: https://www.twowheelingtots.com 

Price: $360

As parent’s, your kid’s safety is always a priority. Built for safety, Guardian Lightweight Bike was created with one mission: accident-free biking. In fact, the bike is loaded with features designed to keep kids safe no matter what kind of trail they are on.

Guardian Bikes have been specifically designed for kid’s proportions rather than adapting adult sized components onto a smaller frame. Weighing 21.5 lbs, the bike is lightweight, which translates to more comfortable handling as well as better control and safety. Also, it is engineered to have a lower center of gravity to help kids balance and make tip-over accidents less likely. The award-winning Surestop Brake System distributes braking power to both wheels, allow kids to stop faster.

With all these safety features, it is billed as one of the safest mountain bikes for kids on the market.

Trailcraft Blue Sky 20 Mountain Bike

Trailcraft Blue Sky 20 Mountain Bike

Image Source: https://www.trailcraftcycles.com 

Price: $1,499

This bike is pretty steep. A lot of parents will probably scoff at the price tag, but the price reflects the quality of the bike build and the ride. That’s what makes it a worthwhile purchase.

This kid-specific mountain bike company produces exceptional bikes for young riders. Trailcraft Blue Sky is one of the best mountain bikes for kids. The 20-inch bike weighs a mere 19 lbs. while offering all the goodies – Shimano Deore drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, Stans tubeless wheelset, 80mmof air sprung travel and beefy Vee Crown Gem tires. It also comes in two different component builds, two different chainring size options, and three different frame colors.

Tips for buying mountain bikes for kids

With the mass of mountain bikes for kids available, choosing the ride one for your child can be a daunting task. Fit and size are the most important factors to consider when buying a mountain bike for your child. It can be tempting to get a bigger bicycle, thinking that your child would easily outgrow the bike. We understand that you want to get the most out of the bike, but getting the wrong size would compromise the child’s performance and enjoyment during the bike. Worse, the child will feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the massive bike and would never ride it. As such, it is vital to get the size right bike size for your kid.

You know the bike is a good fit when the child can comfortably grab the handlebar without having to overreach, reach the pedals from the saddle or stand across the frame. Get the right mountain bikes for kids, and you’ll have no trouble keeping them riding.

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