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Mountain Bike Accessories

Top 10 Mountain Bike Accessories

Here are the Top 10 Mountain Bike Accessories! In the list we have provided accessories that will not only improve your riding experience but make it much easier. We also provided a checklist print out for you. So next time you leave to go mountain biking you’ll never forget your accessories again.

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hydration pack

A hydration pack is great when riding, because you have quick access to your water or other liquids, all hands free. It makes for an easier bike ride, since bikers don’t have to stop and reach for their water bottle. The hydration pack may not be an essential; but it is a great accessory to have because, it can help reduce stop time and add more time for you biking.


multi tool

The Multi-tool is a core essential because it is used to help get you out of many emergency. Whatever mechanical issues you may have with your bike, it can be easily fixed when having the multi-tool on you. The small tool can hold the potential to fix 99 problems that can arise from your bike. It’s much like a repair kit and can make for a stress free experience.



A CO2  canister is great when biking because its light and can help you put air back into your tire if you get a puncture. The CO2 canisters come in different sizes such as 12g, 16g and 25g. They are designed to fill different size tires and is ideal when riding. You never want to puncture your tire when riding and if you do, you especially don’t want to be without a CO2 canister. It’s not fun having to carry back your bike on miles of long trails.


Riding Glasses

Riding glasses are great not only when its’ sunny, but in many  different conditions such as, rain or mud. They help to keep stuff out of your eyes and provide bikers with a better visibility. When riding fast glasses are a must to prevent wind from hitting your eyes at high speeds. Riding glasses come in many different styles and prices that can best fit the rider.


Cycling Computer

Cycling computer is a device that is mounted on a bikes handle bars. It helps track and calculate information for bikers when they ride. It’s great for keeping bikers on track especially, when you don’t know where you are. Some cycling computers are equipped with GPS and provides bikers with a map. Many cycling computers can track how many miles a biker has traveled, record time, track heart rate and are now build wireless and can sync with a smartphone. There’s many different cycling computers to choose from to best fit the bikers needs.


Lights are great from when your biking too late and it gets dark. It can help a biker find their way back home. Also, its used for when mountain bikers are out biking in the dark for fun. Which is a great and different experience for all mountain biker to try! Powerful lights can help give bikers great visibility that can last for hours.


Mud Guard

A mud guard is a curved strip that covers the bike wheel. It is designed to protect the bike and rider from water or dirt thrown up from the trail. Mud guards now come in different styles and colors to best fit the riders personality and preference.


Bottle Cage

A bottle cage is an alternative to the hydration pack. Mostly used by bikers going on shorter rides and don’t wan’t to carry the bag on their backs. Great for a less sweaty back and helps bikers move around a little better. But when going on a longer bike ride it’s preferred to carry a hydration pack because, it does provide rider with more hydration and carry supplies on their bag.

Knee Pads

Knee Pads are always a good idea that provides bikers with a lot of protection. Biking injuries to your knees are no fun and it happens very often. Whether its downhill biking or on rough terrain, knee pads are key essentials for protecting riders.

Action Camera

Action cameras like the go pro are great for recording your rides. Strapped to your helmet or chest to watch your self riding. Used for how to videos or even watching yourself ride to help watch if your doing it right or wrong.


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