Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump Review

A classy mountain bike is a dream for a biker. However, only buying a high-end bike isn’t enough. It has to have top of the shelf maintenance gear to keep it up and to run.

When we speak of maintenance gears, bike pump is the first thing comes to mind which you should buy with caution.

I personally suggest a durable machine which is easy to operate like Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump.

LEZYNE Steel Floor Drive Pump (Black)
  • Type: floor pump
  • Head: Flip-Thread Chuck
  • Pump-Compatible Valves: Car Valve

A high percentage of Lezyne products are made with steel to ensure durability. Also, the entry level bicycle pumps often end up in the “Mid-Range” category for the overall market.

But tools like Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump are more than handy in day-to-day biker’s routine.This review will discuss some of the perks that the pump has to offer.

Design is meant to Survive Test of Time

When I bought this pump from Lezyne, I knew this will last the haul. Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump has a cast iron base. The tube is made of steel.

I liked the polished wooden handlebars. For such a low price, the pumping machine undoubtedly looked sleek.

There is an ABS chuck which connects to the hose to make your pumping easier. The latter is 43” long. So, you can reach tires from a distance and enjoy flexibility while pumping them with air. There is an overhead gauge to monitor the air pressure.

The Wooden Handle Fits Nicely

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump It is needless to say that the wooden handle fits nicely into the design of things. Your hands won’t feel stiff when you try it. It is intended to make the pumping motion easier for people.

But one thing to consider is the handle is light and you will need to pump more to achieve the desired pressure. I had to do 17 pumps to reach to 30psi.

Fits into Diverse Tires

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump fits nicely into presta or Schrader tires. Thanks to the ABS thread chuck which goes nicely into the valves, you can fit it inside tight or even awkward valves.

The Air Bleed System can be flipped in two ways to meet the variety of valves that will come your way. It sneaks into the little “Holder” at the bottom when not in use.

The hose is kept well managed with this small clamp-like feature. You can also go for the “Dual Valve” feature for the same price without the ABS thread.

The Gauge is Readable

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump comes with a customizable gauge. The gauge you get with the pump is just fine and provides you an accurate reading of pressure. However, you can spend additional $10 and get a bigger gauge for yourselves.

I purchased the larger gauge with the package and found that it is pleasant to read even while standing upright.


  • The steel pump will withstand shocks and falls.
  • The Wooden handle will cause less stress on your hands.
  • ABS thread makes pumping different tires easier.
  • A manageable hose reaches tightest of tires.
  • Large Gauge gives you precise reading about the air pressure.


  • For presta tires, the tire must have threads so that the pump can screw on that. With smooth tires, the pump won’t work.

Final Verdict

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump is an impressive one in terms of packaging and performance. The simplistic design draws the best output from the machine.

With a sturdy body, it should withstand the shocks you through at it. The tiny details in design increase the performance of the pump.

I found no issues with it after using it for 50 times on my bike. I’d say “Get yourselves a good deal, buy it.”

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