Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle Lock Review

Getting yourselves the ideal mountain bike is tough. But believe me, ensuring the safety of your precious bike is even tougher.

You might buy the best bike for yourselves and feel relaxed. But there is always a thief lurking in the shadows to take away your most precious property. That is why you will need a safety equipment to lock it away from the bad guys.

There are two types of mountain bike safety locks that are designed for mountain bikes. One is ‘Cable System Lock’ and the other is the ‘Shackles’. Both are designed to keep the thieves at bay. But the latter adds extra weight to your bike that you will feel uneasy to carry.

When it comes to the cable system locks like the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock-170, they are flexible; you can extend them and also keep multiple bikes locked in using one lock.

In this review, let me discuss a little bit more about the lock to help you judge its quality.

Minimalistic Design Attracts the Most

There isn’t much fuss about the lock as it is very simple from the outset. It is a robust U-Shape lock. The steel is hardened and resistant to any shock or pull. 13mm steel provides perfect security to your bike. You can only open it with a pair of keys that are supplied.

Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock with...
  • Replaced with new and improved design in 2017 - check out our New U lock, it will send any bike...
  • 13mm hardened MAX-PERFORMANCE STEEL SHACKLE resists cutting and leverage attacks
  • Includes 4’ KRYPTOFLEX DOUBLE LOOP CABLE for securing front wheel or accessories

The cable is 4 feet in length. So, you can easily maneuver the bike before you lock it. It offers you the flexibility of locking the bike from a distance.

The “U-Lock” is hardened and cutter resistant to provide you ultimate security with your bike.

How Secure Is Your Bike?

To answer this question, I’d say very much.

This lock comes with a cylinder which resists drill attacks of thieves and the cable doesn’t snap. So, I can now relax after I have parked my bike for a quick snack on the road.

Easy To Use

 Indeed, it is, the last lock I bought had too many parts that needed to be taken care off. Having two or three parts means that you’ll have to get everything in place to make sure the lock works.

But in case of Kryptolok series 2 standard U-lock, the cable can be oval, rectangle or in a triangle shape. It gives the lock perfect chance to align with any bike under any circumstances.

You can even lock two bikes with one. Also, two keys are supplied with it which are “I” shaped and real easy to operate with.

The Lock is Weatherproof

240167_12294_XLThis little security equipment works well in any weather condition. The problem with contemporary locks is that the exposed iron or steel part gets rather rusty pretty quickly or certain areas of the lock don’t seal well when exposed to water.

But Kryptonite Kryptolok, it is perfectly sealed around the locking mechanism to make sure the water doesn’t get inside when it’s raining or the lock is not implied.


  • Well Constructed, the U-Pattern Lock opens and closes with a single click.
  • The cable is reasonably long and flexible to work with.
  • Thanks to the size and pattern of the Lock, it attaches very well to any type of frame you apply them on.
  • It’s possible to secure two cycles at once.
  • Opens up well with “I” shaped keys supplied with it.
  • Keys and the lock are freely replaceable under certain conditions.
  • Available in Multiple shapes.


  • There are reports of it failing to the bolt cutters.
  • The lock is heavier than its contemporaries.
  • If you are planning to use it on a single Mountain Bike, it will seem larger than most locks.

Final Verdict

What attracted me to this lock was the simplistic design it has. It is a two-in-one lock too.

I mean, you can use the cable and the U-Bar with each other or separately to lock two bikes. Also, it didn’t jam since I have been using it. Not to mention it is weatherproof. All these facilities you’ll be getting within a reasonable budget. It is definitely a deal breaker.

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