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Buyer’s Guide: 7 Hottest and Most Comfortable Cycling Shoes

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After a buying a mountain bike, most cyclist would invest in cycling apparel and helmet. However, only a small percentage of riders would consider getting cycling shoes. Many of them, beginners most especially, would wear a pair of running shoes when they go out on their bike.

Given the countless hours you spend pedaling on your bike, it is important to find footwear that will keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the ride. This is where cycling shoes come in handy. These shoes are designed to create better cycling experiences for cyclists. Not only will they make you look cool, they’ll also prevent injury. Whether you’re cruising over the trails or zipping down the road, bike shoes will enable you to pedal more efficiently and with less fatigue.

If you are in the market for a good pair of mountain bike shoes, then we urge you to keep reading. Here are 7 of the hottest and most comfortable cycling shoes.

Pearl Izumi Pro Leader V4 Cycling Shoes

Pearl Izumi Pro Leader V4 Cycling Shoes

Image Source: www.bikerumor.com

Price: $350

Pearl Izumi is known for producing fantastic cycling products, and the PRO Leader V4 is a great example of cycling products that show the company’s devotion to the sport.

The PRO Leader V4 is a step up from the lacklustre PRO Leader V3. It features ground-breaking technology from top to bottom. New features include an all-new upper, a revamped shape, and some rather blingy outsoles. It received such a major overhaul that the PRO Leader V4 is almost at par with other high-end competitors. These cycling shoes shine in terms of stiffness, comfort, and overall fit. With these features, it’s not surprising that it has been a big hit among cyclists and has garnered a lot of attention.

Sidi Genius 7 Carbon

Sidi Genius 7 Carbon

Image Source:www.cambriabike.com

Price: $249.99

The Sidi Genius 7 Carbon is specifically designed for women. It is ideal for competitive racers and experienced cyclists looking for a lightweight, foot-conforming shoe with powerful energy transmission. It is a good mid-range shoe that incorporates features of lightness, stability, resistance, and water-repellency.

The Genius 7 Carbon is a winner when it comes to comfort. The soft arch compression strap, along with the comforting texture of the upper is what makes this bike shoe stand out.

Shimano XM9 Cycling Shoes

Image Source: www.rei.com

Price: $250

The XM9 may resemble a standard hiking boot, but they are designed with adventurous cyclists in mind.

The high sides provide support, coverage, and protection from deep puddles, trail debris, and rocks.  The uppers are made from nubuck leather, which is resistant to wear. What’s more, these cycling shoes feature a waterproof Gore Tex liners inside, an impregnable toe bux upfront, and a reflective loop at the back. They also come with a Vibram outsole that provides great walking traction, as well as superior grip and control in all conditions.

Specialized Comp Mountain Bike Shoes

Specialized Comp Mountain Bike Shoes

Image Source:www.mtbr.com

Price: $150

Specialized Comp MTB shoes are traditional-looking shoes with modern technology. The body geometry is ergonomically designed and tested to boost efficiency, increase power, and reduce chances of injury optimizing knee, hip, and foot alignment. The result is a reliable and feature-packed all mountain bike shoe that delivers the right mix of durability and performance for a variety of trails.

Overall, the Specialized Comp MTB shoes offer excellent durability, top-notch pedal power, and a fantastic fit. It is the perfect choice for cyclists who prefer

Giro Empire E70 Knit

Giro Empire E70 Knit

Image Source: www.velonews.com

Price: $200

Five years ago, Giro re-introduced lace-up shoes to the cycling world with the Empire, and a lot of brands followed suit. In 2017, they recreated the Empire lace-up shoes using knit fabric. The end result is a new pair of shoes that promises a comfier fit and more breathability.

Although the Empire E70 Knit looks similar to that of running shoes, they are designed for the specific needs of performance cycling. They deliver sock-like comfort and breathability without sacrificing performance and support.

Sidi Shot

Sidi Shot

Image Source: www.bike24.com

Price: $550

Sidi Shot looks great. It is possibly one of the best looking cycling shoes on the market. Plus, it is comfortable and is stiff enough to cope with the demands of racing. The shoes also come with unique technical bits like comfortable upper, adjustable heel with sculpted padding, vent carbone sole, and a huge amount of tradition and experience from the Italian shoemaker.

The Sidi Shot is a top-of-the-range shoe, making it one of the most expensive cycling shoes on the market. It is always a favorite with cycling’s biggest stars. In fact, they were already spotted on the feet of Chris Froome. The shoes are super comfortable to wear right from the get-go and provide superb performance for everyone; thus, making it a worthwhile investment.

Northwave Extreme RR

Northwave Extreme RR

Image Source: www.chainreactioncycles.com

Price: $220

The Extreme RR is a top Northwave’s road shoe collection. It features a Speed Lace Winch 2 closure system to ensure sole stiffness and low weight. The X-frame structure of the upper is designed to eliminate pressure points. The carbon sole is stiff and supportive, with a stiffness index of 15. It is hailed as the best-performing Northwave sole ever. The shoes are packed with tech aimed at making it one of the most comfortable cycling shoes on the market.

The Northwave Extreme RR has everything you want from cycling shoes. They are supremely comfortable, stiff, and really light.

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