Giant Cypress 2022 Review: # Things to Know

Are you a cyclist who wants a bike for a peaceful Sunday ride, a trip around a local lake on a dirt path, and a commute or shopping trip through the rough local streets?  The Giant Cypress has a long history as one of the best hybrids for anything you want to do on a bicycle.

Giant Cypress 1
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Giant Cypress Bike

The Giant Cypress is a perfect bicycle for a myriad of functions, such as commuting to work or school, pleasure riding, and even some light off-road ventures. The bike can also be purchased in a DX model with a “comfort” focus and a range of levels in the standard Cypress.  Either option gives you quality components you should know about.

1. Aluminum Frame

The bike’s aluminum frame is lightweight and durable. It is made of ALUXX alumin, a high-end aluminum that is heat treated to create a light and sturdy material.

2. Seat Design

The Cypress DX,1 & 2 models come with a shock-absorbing seat design, which is a simple way to add some shock absorption without the weight and cost of mtb-style rear suspension.  If you feel you need to take in more bumps, we would recommend lowering the tire pressure by 10-20 lbs.

3.  Multi-Surface Tires

Because the Cypress is intended for an array of terrain types, including light off-roading, its wide Multi-Surface up to the task. The tires feature an aggressive tread able to tackle any surface. From gravel to pavement to park trails, the Cypress tires enhance the bike’s versatile nature.

4. Disc Brakes

Disc brakes on the Cypress insure reliable stopping power in any conditions.   Discs have more surface to grip, so they will stop you faster and allow more control over how you slow yourself.

5. 1x Drivetrain

The Cypress 1, 2, and 3 models have followed the path of most new gravel and mountain bikes with a 1x drivetrain.  That simplifies your riding with only one shifter, but still gives you a wide range of gearing.

Product Specs

The Giant Cypress comes in four frame sizes labeled small, medium, large, and extra large. They feature disc brakes, wide tires and, on the higher levels, front suspension forks. A Shimano Revo shifter ensures a smooth ride.


The Giant Cypress retails for $600-$900, which is at the higher end for a hybrid bike.  We feel it is worth the price for anyone who plans to put significant miles on their bike, and wants one of the best designed hybrid bikes with very high quality components

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Giant ROAM
  • Giant Escape
  • Giant Simple Single

Giant CYPRESS Bike

Price [$$$]

Comfort [****]

For riders who enjoy sitting upright while traveling on a bike, the Giant Cypress will be a treat. The posture makes the bike great for long treks. This is due in part to the bike’s braking system. The brakes allow riders to remain upright and relaxed while maintaining easy contact with the breaking system.

The comfort is increased thanks to the shock-absorbing seat design. On pavement, or even off-road, the shock-absorbing design makes for comfortable travel.

Design Quality [****]

The brakes are not only comfortable, but the alloy construction is a quality component of the product. Along with the well designed seat that absorbs light off-road shock, the tires are designed to go hand-in-hand with diverse capabilities on or off-road.

The bike also uses a seven-speed twist-shift drivetrain that offers great longevity and high performance. Those opting for the DX will enjoy a 3×8-speed trigger-shift drivetrain, though neither version is objectively superior to the other. The Cypress’ aluminum rims are designed to add style and strength to the bike.

Warranty [****]

Giant’s warranty on the frame and rigid fork covers defects in craftsmanship and material for as long as the original buyer owns the bike. The warranty cannot be transferred.


  • Variety of functions and purposes for a variety of riders
  • Advanced features for a hybrid, especially on upper models
  • Disc brakes
  • Wide all-surface tires


  • The bike is a little heavier than we would like – due to
  • Confusing variety of models


Another Giant bike, the Simple Single is a bike with a classic design ideal for the beach comber or the joy rider. From the paved road to a sandy beach, the bike is at home on a variety of surfaces. Whether you want a relaxing evening stroll or an exhilarating beach race, the Giant Simple Single offers a smooth ride. Enjoy the bike’s balloon tires, comfy seat, and upright riding position in this classic yet modern ride.

Price [$$$$]

For a single speed beach cruiser, the Giant SIMPLE is quite expensive at $600-$700.  For that, you get better materials and components that should hold up to seaside conditions much better than cheaper beach cruisers.

Comfort [****]

The cushioned saddle-style seat is easy on the posterior as it absorbs bumps and resists vibrations. The bike allows riders to travel in an upright position that is stable and comfortable thanks in part to the high-volume tires.

Design Quality [***]

The Simple Single is designed with an ALUXX aluminum frame. The light design allows riders to climb hills and tackle grades more easily than some competitors.

A rust-proof chain adds to the bike’s longevity, and balloon tires with a large volume offer a smooth ride. A kickstand makes it easy to get on and off the bike without having to set it on the ground. It also adds to your storage options.

Warranty [****]

Giant’s warranty on the frame and rigid fork remains the same for the Simple Single. It covers defects in craftsmanship and material for as long as the original buyer owns the bike. The warranty is non-transferrable.


  • Cushioned saddle-style seat
  • Comfortable, upright travel position
  • ALUXX aluminum frame
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Basic drivetrains


Giant’s next offering, the Roam, is an all-terrain bike that gives you limitless choices for your next venture. Using Giant’s lightweight aluminum frame, the bike features flat handlebars for mountain bike qualities on a road bike offering.

Giant classifies the ROAM as an “adventure” bike.  Whereas the Giant Cypress is only intended for light off-road terrains, the Roam 3 Disc can tackle rough roads, dirt paths, and most trails.

Price [$$$]

The ROAM has a similar price range to the Cypress and Escape models, with a range from $650 to $950.

Comfort [****]

The flat handlebars allow the rider to balance comfort and efficiency. It does not allow for a ride as vertical as the Cypress, but it is still reasonably comfortable while adding stability for the increased off-road options.

Design Quality [****]

Like many other Giant bikes, the Roam is constructed of ALUXX aluminum. ALUXX is a high-performing aluminum material with a high content of 6011 alloy that provides a great ratio of durability and weight. The result is a lightweight bike that is very strong.

The design includes rack mounts that allow for cargo storage and open the door to longer trips.

Warranty [****]

A lifetime warranty covers the frame and rigid fork against defects in craftsmanship and material for as long as the original buyer owns the bike. The warranty cannot be transferred.


  • More off-road options
  • Flat handle bars for added stability
  • ALUXX aluminum frame


  • Less comfortable posture than other Giant hybrid

Giant Escape

The Giant Escape is a hybrid bicycle that leans a bit more towards paved paths and urban riding.  With rigid forks and more narrow tires than the Cypress, the Escape isn’t meant to soak up off-road bumps.  On the other hand, it is lighter and quicker on smooth pavement.

Price [$$$]

Different levels of the Escape range between $560 and $970.

Comfort [***]

Large tires add to the comfort of the Sedona DX, alongside a smooth suspension fork and a design that allows for upright posture while riding. The suspension seat post makes difficult sections of road manageable and turns a potential frustrating stretch into a comfortable detour.

Design Quality [****]

The lightweight and durable frame uses Giant’s familiar ALUXX aluminum. The aluminum’s high 6011 alloy content is the same E6011 used in many auto body shops and on steel farm equipment. It is also found in railroad cars, barges, and storage tanks.

The light aluminum frame makes grades easier and portability and storage more manageable. The special seat post is a final design element that makes the bike a high-end ride.

Warranty [****]

Giant’s familiar lifetime warranty on the frame and rigid fork covers defects in craftsmanship and material for as long as the original buyer owns the bike. The warranty cannot be transferred.


  • Durable frame that can handle curbs, potholes and stairs.
  • Fast and light overall bike
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • Hydraulic brakes on top level models


  • Expensive


At the conclusion of our Giant Cypress review, we gave the Cypress four stars. The bike offers a truly stable ride with its all-surface tires and relaxed, upright positioning.

I have a 20 year old Cypress DX that is still a great bike.  It is light, quick and fun to ride as a city commuter and a weekend tourer.  If you are riding enough to want something really good, the Giant Cypress is a great choice for a wide range of riding

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