Diamondback Atroz Review: An Exclusive Mountain Bike

Trail riding or mountain biking is a sport for passionate people. This is one of the popular activities in the US; with nearly 40 million participants annually. Mountain biking activities peaked in 2001 and has remained steady growth so far.

Riding downhill is fun but only if you have the right bike for you. The ideal bike for you has to have quality, price, and reputation in tandem to be considered.

diamondback atroz review

That is where Diamondback bikes come in. The company has a second-to-none warranty policy and service record! There are also many positive online reviews about this particular mountain bike.

Diamondback is one of the top companies in this biking world and they have many different types of bikes to choose from. Diamondback Atroz Comp is one of their best entry-level bike creations, and I cannot wait to share the features and advantages of this bike.

Different Types of Mountain Bikes

Before I share my Diamondback Atroz review, did you know that there are several different types of mountain bikes to choose from? Each one has its own advantages and uniqueness so you should research which one is right for you. Here is a brief insight into the best types.


These are the most common types of mountain bikes and are generally categorized into XC race bikes and XC trail bakes. The former is the most lightweight type of cross-country mountain bikes and accelerate quickly. Most of these types of bikes have weight-forward riding positions and can travel quickly over moderate terrain.

They are built for traveling around tight corners and moving fast. XC trail bikes are heavier and are more capable of traveling through rough terrain, though they do not quite pick up as much speed.


As the name suggests, downhill mountain bikes are designed for those who love traveling downhill quickly, with no fear. With large-set gears that are high, you can pedal fast even over rough terrain. The tires have wider rims than cross-country mountain bikes so that the bike is more durable and can handle any surface pressure.

Downhill mountain bikes come with standard disc brakes and a chain guard that stains in place with traveling downhill. It is worth mentioning that these types of mountain bikes are not designed for climbing, and you will generally walk with your bike uphill.


If you are a fearless biker and love the idea of jumping off of hills and across canyons, freeride mountain bikes are a definite go-to for you. They feature a flexible frame that is easy to maneuver and ideal for jumping and performing technical stunts.

You can usually rotate the frame around 170mm. Similar to downhill mountain bikes, these are not fun to push uphill as their design is robust, thick and fairly heavy.

Diamondback Atroz Review

Although Diamondback Atroz Comp is an entry-level bike, this still promises great comfort and extensive performance.

Let me discuss some added benefits in my review by looking at its top features.

The Design Speaks for Itself

Entry-level mountain bikes do not always have a design that offers stability and reliable service. But, the Diamondback Atroz Comp comes with a great design in terms of the frame, saddle, and even suspension forks.

Diamondback used aluminum to provide sturdiness to this bike. It is one of the cheapest yet rigid materials. Also, it is light in weight to make moving around with the bike easy. This is great for traveling cross country and up steep hills.

The 120mm front travel allows you to have a relaxed posture when you are riding with Atroz. The bike’s frame easily accommodates an array of heights.

The Gear System

diamondback atroz review

One positive side is that you will have to spend less time on maintenance. The bike works with a 10-speed gear system. Unlike others, the crank only has a chain slot in it for easier operation. The front derailleur is absent. That makes Diamondback Atroz Comp a significantly light bike to own.

There is a rear derailleur (SRAM X7) for better control. SRAM X5 gear shifter makes it easy to change gears by allowing you more space.

The maximum gear ratio for this bike is 30/11. It has a direct impact on the top speed of this bike. With the 650B tires combined, you will have a maximum of 75 inches of space to maneuver the gears for this cycle.

It is considered in the medium range and would make downhill riding somewhat troublesome. On the other hand, the minimum gear ratio is 30/36 or 23 inches. So, climbing up the hill can be very tiring for some people.

Wheels of Diamondback Atroz Nashbar Exclusive

diamondback atroz review

This Nashbar Exclusive bike comes with 27-inch wheels for better gripping on the road. The aluminum rims take out the weight issue. As a result, your bike rolls smoothly on the road. Also, the 650B tires do not slip up.

The Kendra Nevegal wheelset is laced with 14g spokes and protected by Aluminum Doublewall so that they do not malfunction. Thanks to the 3X pattern of the spokes, no dirt will get into the spokes to make the squeaky sound.

The Suspension Mechanism

The bike is based on ‘Single Pivot Design’. So, the suspension is pretty basic, yet effective. The 120mm front travel is a good addition, but it is not the only attraction here.

I noticed the 15mm thru-axle to encase safely the nuts that are there. The rear portion is protected by RockSox along with a sealed cartridge inside.

The suspension helps you control the speed and the turning when you are on your bike. The suspension type makes this bike good for longer rides. There is a rear shock absorber in place to ensure you do not feel a thing when riding up or downhill. Also, the bike will not tip over when picking up speed.

The Braking System

The Diamondback Atroz has efficient mechanical disk brakes. These disk brakes have replaced rim brakes to add a smoother ride and make the bike look more attractive too. The braking system is applied to both wheels. This makes it one of the safest bikes you can buy right now.


  • The strong construction of the MTB makes it safer to ride
  • The suspension system is very advanced despite this being an entry model
  • The single cartridge pivot system makes turning the bike easy
  • Tektro Hydraulic brakes are designed to halt the bike’s speed under any weather condition
  • The gear system is impressive


  • For some people climbing up the hill and coming down can be difficult thanks to the gear space measurements of the bike

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the bike ideal for rough bikers?

A: Yes, you can ride this bike and pedal it for as long as you want. The only thing to weary about is the gear system. Other than that, it suits all terrains and provides you the perfect head-start in mountain biking.

Q: Does the rear shock lock out?

A: The rear shock does not lock out but you can adjust the stiffness of the travel.

Alternatives to the Diamondback Atroz Bike

Although this Diamondback Atroz review is designed to highlight all the key features and advantages of owning this bike, there are several other alternatives I would love to share with you.

Diamond Overdrive Com 29er

This mountain bike is ideal if you want to travel across trails in the woods, mountains or other areas of your town. Built with large tires, this bike can easily travel over rocks, roots and other objects to offer a smooth and stable ride. However, I do not recommend you purchase the Diamond Overdrive Com 29er if you are afraid of a challenge and not yet an experienced rider. This is because you will not get to feel the true advantages of this bike for traveling downhill, dirt jumping or even freeriding.

Gears and Breaks

The Diamond Overdrive Com 29er helps you smoothly shift through different terrain and surfaces, thanks to the gears and breaks. For example, the hydraulic disc brakes have 180 mm front and 160 mm rear rotors, which basically means that you could use the brakes while sliding through a thick patch of mud. Also, as the brakes do not require much pressure to work, they give you excellent control and sensitivity so you can quickly slow down even if you are traveling at a high speed. You might also find that the hydraulic brakes have a more luxurious feel and are high-quality to last.

Impressive Design and Finish

When you are buying the best mountain bike, you want it to look impressive to yourself and others. As a result, the Diamond Overdrive Com 29er is built with this in mind and provides an attractive outer look with excellent color finish. I particularly like that you can customize areas of the bike and redesign parts that you have not yet got your heart set on, or you can change further down the line to personalize the overall look. Finally, this bike comes in an array of sizes so you can purchase the best one for your frame.

Sturdy Frame

This bike has a lightweight frame made from aluminum, but yet it still carries a robust and sturdy feel. It is clear that this frame has been built with excellent care and attention as it accommodates the large wheels on the bike. This frame is a hardtail, which means that it does not have any rear shock so that you can feel comfortable going over large bumps and terrain.

Diamondback Apex Elite

Another great alternative for this Diamondback Atroz review is the Diamondback Apex Elite bike. It is well-suited for an array of riding styles and conditions. For example, you can bike fast through your local park area, or take on a hardtail with its excellent components and brakes to support your journey. This mountain bike is notorious for powering through any weather and type of terrain.


The Diamondback Apex Elite bike has a larger emphasis on comfort and safer than experience and the fun factor. You can dial down the fork travel from 130mm to 100mm to add a bit more life to the steering. This is especially useful for twisty trails or short travels with standing climbs. The long-forked hardtails allow you to relax when riding and let the form put in most of the work for taming bumps. As you are well-centered on the bike, you will not feel the stiff back end and the big tires and comfortable seat help to enhance your ride even further.


Another reason this mountain bike makes a great alternative to the Diamondback Atroz is down to its frame. The frame is strong and well-crafted to help you feel safe during your ride. The frame is neutral to offer a predictable and secure handling every time you get on the bike. The forks are adjustable from 100mm to 130mm and have a lockout to suit your needs. I love that you can purchase the Diamondback Atroz in a total of seven frame sizes so that you purchase the right bike for your size with no problems.

Quality Tires and Rims

Two other great qualities of the Diamondback Atroz are the tires and rims. With 14-gauge steel rims, these help you to ride straight and at a steady speed for many miles at one time. Also, the tires are designed to offer excellent traction when you are experiencing low rolling-resistance so that pedaling does not become any more difficult than it needs to be. The tires on this bike have an even distribution of overall weight so that you can accelerate quickly – even when you are on an intense incline. However, the tires do not perform at their best on rough descents, so bear this in mind when traveling downhill.

What Are Your Thoughts on This Diamondback Atroz Review?

I rode the Diamondback Atroz Comp Nashbar Exclusive bike for a year. It is the perfect entry-level mountain bike you need with additional backups.

The bike takes care of your body posture and does not wear you out. The price justifies the features and brand of body parts you will get with it.

If you intend on purchasing a mountain bike that is secure and long-lasting, it needs to have excellent durability. More often than not, you can purchase this mountain bike 95-percent assembled. You will be riding the bike around an hour after beginning assembling it.

What are your thoughts on my Diamondback Atroz review? I would love to hear if you are a fan of this mountain bike too, or perhaps have another go-to brand you would like to mention. Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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