Cycling Together: How to Get Your Partner to Love Cycling

couple cycling together through the woods

Studies suggest that couples who participate in a physical activity or challenge feel more in love with their partner and more satisfied with their relationship. Cycling together will not only help you stay fitter and happier, it can also raise the quality of your romantic relationship.

Going on a cycling date can be a fun experience and carries a lot of benefits too. First, it increases your emotional bond. When you ride side by side and share the ups and downs of a weekend trail, you feel more emotionally connected with one another. Also, bringing along your significant other with you helps improve your cycling efficiency. Even if you already feel confident cycling, the presence of your loved one affects your ability to perform better on your bike. Ultimately, cycling together helps you achieve your fitness goal.

If you’re crazy about cycling, it’s natural to want to share it with your loved one. Use these tips to get your partner to ride with you. Hopefully your significant other will end up as hooked as you are.

Why do you love cycling?

If cycling together is your goal, then you’ll need to give your spouse some reasons why you love the sport so much.  

Is it the freedom of exploring new places? Is it because it helps you lose weight? Is it the challenge of a big climb or the thrill of a descent? Or maybe you want to spend more time with your loved one? Share your excitement with your partner. It could be contagious.

Get them a good bike

Your partner may insist that they don’t need a fancy bike to get out there with you. But if you want them to enjoy the sport, then you need to get them the good stuff. A good quality bike can mean the difference between enjoying this new activity and dreading it.

a local bike shop

Come to think of it. You are already an experienced cyclist. How can you expect your partner to keep up with you if you let them use an old bike you pulled out in the garage? As a beginner, the last thing you want is for them to struggle on a heavy bike while you sprint off ahead on something lightweight and shiny.

To get new cyclists off to a good start, they’ll need to start with a good set of wheels. Start off at your local bike shop. Giving them the chance to pick their own bike can help them get even more excited about cycling. Plus, the staff can help you find a good quality bike that fits properly.

Where will you ride?

We understand that you’re eager to take your loved one to your favorite climb or trail, but now isn’t the right time for that. What you consider fun may be too much for a beginner.

Plan your route and pick one that isn’t too long and doesn’t have many climbs. For your first few rides, you may want to stay on pavement and ride primarily for exercise. It is also a good idea to take your spouse to a nice place and include a stop at a cafe, coffee shop or farmer’s market.

Once they become more comfortable on the bike, you can allow them to explore other riding style and find one that they can enjoy.

Dress the part

Introducing your partner to cycling fashion may get them excited to hop on the bike.

Cycling gears will make them look like a pro. Plus, it will help them stay comfortable an aerodynamic on the bike. There are plenty of brands that make cool cycling apparel for recreational riders.

Be patient

As an experienced cyclist, you’re fitter, stronger, and faster than your partner. Be respectful when your partner says they can’t or don’t want to do something. Also, do not expect them to keep up with your pace. Rather, you should let them set the pace at the front.

man leaned over bicycle, holding back

Cycling may seem easy and straightforward, but it can be difficult and intimidating for beginners. It has a steep learning curve, especially if the rider doesn’t have a lot of fitness coming from another activity.

You partner may have shown interest with the sport, but don’t expect them to ride 100 miles too soon. Start with easy teaching scenarios so they can succeed. Listen and give them time to learn. Be supportive instead of getting frustrated.

Don’t forget to teach them the basics such as safe braking, using the gears, and scanning for road hazards.

Don’t try to impress them

They probably already know that you’re a beast on the bike, so please resist the urge to smash the pedals and show off. While we understand that you’re eager to to give them more reasons to love you, this isn’t the time or place for that. Don’t worry, you’ll have lots of chance to show them what you can do once they become more comfortable on the bike.

No one wants to feel pressured, especially when they’re doing it the first time. At this point, your goal is to make sure that your partner’s introduction to cycling is as comfortable as possible. Just focus on helping them feel at ease and watch out for potential hazards.

Having fun is the main priority

You go out on your bike for fun, and so should your spouse. If you want your partner to love cycling, then you need to make sure that their experience is a positive one.

At this point, having fun is the main priority. Always start with easy rides. Keep each session short, fun, and positive. 30-minute rides, twice a week will do for now. Your goal is to encourage them to ride, not to intimidate or burn them out.

Final thoughts

Sharing your love of cycling with your loved one can be an amazing experience. It allows you to spend more time together and stay in shape together. However, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Whether cycling ends up being something you share or not, do not fret. You at least tried your best. It’s okay to be excited about different things. Maybe they’ll come around in the future or try it again on their own.

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