The Club UTL810 Utility Lock Review

Securing a bike from thieves is a tough job, and you need right security tools. The traditional bike locks from reputed companies utilize the shackles and padlock function. However, The Club UTL810 Utility Lock moved away from such methods and has adapted to ATVs which are more secure.

The innovative features of The Club UTL810 Utility Lock make it one of my favorite brands that I have tried so far.

Winner International The Club UTL810 Utility Lock, Yellow, 8.5"-11.5"
  • Replaces chains and padlocks to safely secure ATVs, patio furniture, tools, motorcycles, and more
  • Length adjusts from 8.5 inches up to 11.5 inches, 6.25 inches inside width
  • Weather resistant and easy to use

It is suitable for a variety of vehicles other than just bikes. You can lock Motorcycles, tools or even patio furniture with it. In this following review, I’ll be taking intricate peek into the features of this Lock.

The Interesting Design

The Club UTL810 Utility Lock Well, like all other locks, it is made of steel. Unlike others, you won’t find chains or padlocks. Instead, it uses ATVs to lock your bike to any still object. I liked the reach it has. You can adjust the range from 13 inches to 20 inches.

Utility Lock has vinyl coated steel. That protects the lock and your bike from getting ugly scratches. The lock uses rubbers at the edge and air pressure inside them to open and close.

Easy To Use

The Club UTL810 Utility Lock The lock is very easy to use. All it takes is to slide the rubber parts of the U-shaped lock into place. The air vacuum created inside the facets will cause it to lock down. You can open it again by turning the rubber knob. However, you should lock and unlock it precisely. Otherwise, it can fall and cause an accident.

Unlike other locks, it needs to be locked and unlocked in a precise manner. The only discomfort people might face is that the lock is pretty heavy and thus, adds to the weight of your bike.

The Security it Provides

It is certainly on-par or even better than most bike locks currently available. The ATV system ensures your bike or motorcycle remains safe from thugs.

The diameter of the cycle allows it to lock down frame and tire of your bike together. You can even lock multiple bikes with a still object.

The construction of The Club ULT810 Utility Lock allows it to withstand 1500psi of pressure. That means no one will be able to break the thing by applying regular or even exaggerated force and/or pressure.

A Tip to Keep the Lock Waterproof for Long Time

This is the most important thing to me. Every bicycle lock should withstand the test of time and my Utility Lock is doing just that. I’ve been using this lock for a long time and it still doesn’t show signs of wearing down. Although, you will do well to keep the short part of the tool facing downward.

This will prevent water from getting into the hollow part of the lock. That way, the rubbers won’t rot and damage the device.


  • Uses ATV instead of Padlocks or chains. So, transportation is a lot easier.
  • It withstands up to 1500psi of pressure thus Cutting through or hacking this tool isn’t so easy.
  • Scratch resistant lock.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • People can use it for vehicles other than bikes or even patio furniture.


  • It is hefty. Carrying it on your back may cause back pain.
  • The rubbers may dampen and rot over time.

Final Verdict

The Club UTL810 Utility Lock is very well made and it comes dirt cheap. This rubber coated lock has been serving me well even after 8 months. Plus, the usage of this is not limited to ‘Bikes Only’.

You can actually lock your favorite vehicle with it. It is immune to rust as the rubber doesn’t let moisture in contact with the steel part. It is an excellent tool considering the price and the perks.

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