Mountain Bike Gift Guide: Accessories and Gadgets

If you have a loved one or friend who is into mountain biking, there should be something here that will make the perfect gift (maybe a few things). We’ve focused on items that a cyclist might not splurge on for themselves, but would love once they are received. There are a few sections, then a range of individual must-have picks below:

Bicycle Multi-tool

When you ride hard, stuff gets out of whack, and multi-tools are key to having what you need, when you need it, to make those adjustments or repairs. Mountain bikers can always use more of them, since stashing them in lots of places means you are more likely to have one when needed.

Crank Brothers make a range of clever, light and and well built products. Their multi tools are no exception, packing in a huge amount of capability for the weight and price.

Weight: 175 grams
The Lezyne tools are the the some of the original cycling tools. They have a reputation for durability and innovation. To us, the 19 CO2 is the sweet spot in their line-up with almost every tool you could need for bike fixes, and including a chain tool and CO2 cartridge inflator let you cut down on the number of tools (and weight) on your ride.

The really cool and unique feature its the magnetic storage spot for a quick link.

Weight: 158 grams
OneUp’s EDC system is one of the coolest gadgets in the mountain biking world. Using an empty spaces to store tools securely is a brilliant idea, and adding a pump finally allows you to carry all the tools without a bag.

With everything being separate components that you purchase separately, this can add up, but that is part of what makes it a pretty cool gift.

If all this sounds like too much, check out the next item below…
If you are still going to bring a bag, or you ride close enough to walk out flat tires, the OneUp EDC lite is a great solution. You get the tool and mount in one affordable and simple-to-install package.

It also comes in cool colors: green, blue, red, purple, orange, and teal

Incompatible forks: Giant Overdrive 2 Forks. Rock Shock 35 Gold Forks, Cannondale Lefty Forks. Carbon Steerers.

Weight: 89 grams

MTB Gloves

Most mountain bikers already have gloves, but they get really dirty and worn out. Even if they don’t need another pair yet, in winter, it is good to have another pair to wear while the first pair dries out. The big gift advantage is that even really nice ones are quite affordable.

Dakine Covert

Dakine’s classic mountain bike gloves look good and ride well. That and look pretty cool, which is key when giving them as a gift.

Giro Xen Mountain Bike Gloves

With extra padding and protection all around, the Giro Xen are ready good for those who think the occasional (or frequent) crash is an integral part of mountain biking (or those who just want to be protected in case.)

Troy Lee Designs Solid SE Pro Glove

Mountain bikes have taken a lot of technology and terms from motorcycling, so why not take some of their gloves. These come from a dirt bike focused line, that is popular among Enduro and Downhill mountain bikers. They have everything you need to hold on while bombing downhill on any set of wheels.

Giro Xnetic H2O Adult Unisex Winter Mountain Cycling Gloves

If the person you are buying for is still out riding in December despite the rain and mud, these might be the gloves for them. Most waterproof gloves suffer due to the seams needed to make gloves fit well. These do away with those, and while they look a bit industrial, they will keep hands dry and warm.

Photochromatic glasses

It is great to be able to grab your gear and be ready to ride, no matter the weather or conditions. Glasses that lighten and darken based on conditions are a great because they will always be right. Performance is better with the more expensive ones, but I’ve been using cheap ones for the last few years and love them.

ROCKBROS Photochromic Sunglasses

These feel fairly cheap, but they work really, really well. They don’t get overly dark, which helps if your trails move in-and-out of sun. I have cycling sunglasses and clear glasses, but these are what I always end up grabbing; it means I’m prepared for any conditions.
They can fog up when you stop while riding hard, which is annoying, but not unusual.

Julbo Fury Performance Sunglasses w/REACTIV

Jublo has long provided eyewear for some of cycling’s top competitors. With the REACTIV lenses, these adapt quickly to light changes, and Jublo’s anti-fog coatings are second to none.

These come in non-light sensitive lens versions as well; make sure you select a “color” with “REACTIV”.

Smith Optics Attack MTB Glasses

Smith are legendary in sporting sunglasses and goggles, and the Attack with photochromatic lenses are the ultimate in protection, comfort and vision.

These come in non-light sensitive lens versions as well; make sure you select a “color” with “photochromatic”.

Floor Pump

If the mountain biker in your life has a basic cheap floor pump, they will truly appreciate one that is a step up. If they already have a fancy one, then a cheap backup is a great thing to throw in the car, or keep in another spot around the house (e.g. one for the garage, one for the workshop).

Topeak Joeblow Mountain Pump

Topeak Joeblow pumps have become the standard against which all other floor pumps are measured, and you can’t go wrong with a classic. This mountain version features a larger air chamber for the higher volume of mtb tires as well as a big dial that doesn’t waste space with roadie pressures.
Because it is a high-volume, low pressure pump, it won’t work for road bikes, but should is fine for kids bikes, beach cruisers, fat bikes and sports balls (it even comes with a pin holder for those).

LEZYNE Pressure Over Drive Bicycle Floor Pump

This is a top-end do everything pump, capable of handling high volume mtb tires as well as high pressure road ones. It’s superpower is the additional chamber that can be pre-pressurized, then released quickly with a foot pedal to fill and seat tubeless tires. If a tire compressor isn’t an option, then this dramatically expands what can be done with tires at home.

LEZYNE Micro Floor Drive XL

This one is ultra specialized; it is just mountain bikes (high volume, low pressure) and sized for taking along to the trailhead. With great build quality, cool looks and Lezyne quality, it’s a great option for someone who has almost everything mountain bike related.

Cleaning Kit

Most people just make do with dish soap and some kind of cheap brush. That is why a cleaning kit is the kind of luxury that makes a great present.

Muc Off Pressure Washer Bundle

Excessive? Yes, but so cool…
Washing bikes off after a ride is a bit of a chore and using a regular hose and nozzle uses a lot of extra water. This low-powered pressure washer won’t damage bearings and other parts, but will get a muddy/dusty mountain bike clean. With the included soaps and lubricants, your bike will be protected and ready to ride again.

Finish Line Pro Care Bucket

Finish Line is the most trusted name in bike lubrication, so we’d trust the solutions in this kit to be effective and safe for their bike.

More Cool MTB Gift Ideas

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – Topeak Smartgauge D2

This makes a great gift for a few reasons:
  • If they are muddling through with the just the gauge on their pump, this is better and easier to have with you when you need it.
  • If they happen to already have a gauge, no problem; you can always use another to take with you to the trailhead (or leave at home in the workshop/garage).
  • If they have an older/non-digitial gauge, this one is full of useful features, such as the rotating head and adjustment calibration.
  • MTB Hoodie

    Hoodies always make great gifts; they should be a bit oversized, so just order up a size if you aren’t sure what they wear.

    Crankbrothers CO2 Cartidges – 30 pack

    Having lots of CO2 cartridges gives you enough to not waste time trying to avoid using them. Having this many means you could give a couple to everyone you ride with as a little holiday gift.

    Park Tools Bike Repair Stand

    Even a non-mechanic will find themselves using a bike repair stand all the time once they get one. They make all kinds of bike maintenance, upgrades and tinkering so much easier.
    This stand from the Park Tools is the ultimate in compact stands. Park Tools are the standard for professional quality bicycle tools and their tools for home users are built equally well. Any cyclist will see the blue color and know that you’re giving them something special.

    For a bit smaller budget, we also really like the BTWIN 500 from Decathlon. It is well made, holds very securely, and has recently added a nice storage tray for small parts that makes it even better.
    It is available for $109 from Walmart.

    Hanging Digital Scale

    Many mountain bikers are pretty focused on the weight of their bike and gear. Make it easy to check those weights with a handing scale like this one.

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