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10 Stationary Bike Workouts to Improve Strength and Speed

Stationary bike workouts can be difficult but are also a great tool to use.  They can be used in rain or shine because they are inside.  Also, stationary bikes can calculate your heart rate and intensity levels.  When using a stationary bike you have consistency which you will not find if you are riding your bike on the road on ... Read More »

10 Tips for Becoming a Better Mountain Biker

You’re lucky to have discovered a sport that does everything but cook your burgers! Mountain biking helps you stay fit, have fun, learn a lot about yourself in challenging situations, and each time you put your feet on the peddles, you get and excitement fix in a green environment that’s restorative to the soul. But to become a better mountain biker, ... Read More »

The Best Mountain Bikes of 2018

This is the perfect guide to rating the best mountain bikes of 2018.  It goes through the best of almost every style.  Full-suspension, plus-size, men’s and women’s mountain bikes. 16 for 2018: The Best New Mountain Bikes of 2018 Click Here for Image “Over the past six months, we evaluated(and drooled over) dozens of the most promising mountain bikes of 2018. From ... Read More »

All You Need to Know about Mountain Bike Parts

The mountain bike initially looks like an intimidating piece of mechanical engineering, but once you get familiar with it you’ll find it’s not so hard to maintain and even repair on your own. There will always be certain advanced aspects that are better left to the professionals, but most of the bike’s parts are things that you can work on ... Read More »

MTB Animal Encounters and What To Do

As much as we all love biking outdoors, there is always a chance we may encounter wild animal. We are in fact biking in their environment. As much as we hope this never happens unless, it a harmless animal like a rabbit or a deer. There’s always a great chance we may find ourselves in the territory of a moose ... Read More »

Types of Mountain Bikes

mountain bike buying guide

image source: http://mountainbikeguides.net/ It can seem a little overwhelming to know what to look for in your bike. But once you figure out what terrain or style you are going to be riding, then you can start to decide what bike suites your need the best.  Click Here to check out more MTB reviews! XC Cross Country Cross country is ... Read More »