Bike Maintenance

Throw away those new MTB pedals

Buying a new mountain bike? The odds are, it will come with a set of basic plastic pedals, that are basically junk. They are heavy, and don’t have quality internal bearings (possibly just bushings). Why is this; the bicycle companies know that serious riders will upgrade, even if they put something usable on, and casual riders won’t know the difference, …

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Mountain Bike Maintenance: 5 Tips to Make Your Bike Last Longer

Let’s face it. Nothing lasts forever. While some bike manufacturing companies offer lifetime guarantees on their products, we all know that they’ll break down and will need to be replaced eventually. But with proper care and mountain bike maintenance, you can make your ride last past its expiration date. For many, cycling isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. Their …

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Best Bike Chain Cleaner: Top Chain Cleaning and Degreasing Products

bike chain cleaner

The chain is one of the most important components of every bicycle. It transfers the energy of your pedaling to the wheels of your bike. It is also the part that is most exposed to dirt, dust, grit, and moisture. If left dirty, it can negatively affect the performance and longevity of your bike. It can also make your bike …

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Fenders

mountain bike fenders

Mountain bike fenders keep the mud off your bike and help you ride faster along wet trails. They make cycling more enjoyable and keep the mud off your back and face. There are rear and front fenders, and they all perform different functions. The rear fender can pivot to adjust coverage while the front fender protects your eyes from mud. …

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Enduro Bikes: The Top 10 Bikes that Offers Optimum Enduro Performance

enduro bikes

If you have been looking for the best enduro bikes, then this list we’ve compiled will make the work easy for you. These bikes sport unique features meant for cyclists who prioritize descending. Enduro bikes are crafted to enable the riders to get to the summit so they can fly back down. The uniqueness and fun in these bikes have …

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Mountain Bike Maintenance: Tips to Extend the Life of Your Mountain Bike

To the surprise of many novice riders, mountain bikes aren’t cheap. In fact, most models cost a few thousand dollars. Given the amount of money you have spent on your bike, you want to make sure that your investment doesn’t go to waste. You may be tempted to tuck it into your bedroom at night, but that won’t make your …

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Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips Every Cyclist Should Know

Bikes aren’t cheap. In fact, high end mountain bikes are consistently topping the $10,000 range. What’s interesting is that recent survey revealed that keen cyclists are spending more on their two wheels as compared to their cars. Given that you’ve already spent thousands and thousands of dollars on your bike, it is imperative that you think about mountain bike maintenance. …

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Bicycle Maintenance: Tips to Make Your Mountain Bike Last Longer

So you’ve recently bought a mountain bike. That’s great! You’re done shopping for your gears, and you can’t wait to hit the trails. Not so fast. Since a bike is an investment, you want to make sure that it lasts for a long time. Proper bicycle maintenance will help keep your bike in top shape and make it last longer. …

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Mountain Bike Pedals: The Top 10 Bike Pedals Now Available Today

mountain bike pedals

As a mountain biker, you must have come across a wide array of mountain bike pedals. Determining the best one for your bike can sometimes be a challenge. Knowing what to look for and how each type of pedal benefits you is a good starting point in choosing the best model. Pedals fall into three categories: clipless, combo, and platform. …

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