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6 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under $2,000

Most beginner bikes are faced with limited options. This is especially true since most of them aren’t willing to spend a huge sum of money on their first bike. There is nothing wrong with choosing the cheapest bike on the lot. The problem is that most cyclists choose to stick with the same bike for years on end. It never ... Read More »

Best Budget Hardtail Mountain Bikes of 2018

If you’re planning on buying a new, it is important to consider the type of riding you do. Whether you’re an experienced trail shredder or just getting started in the world of mountain biking, a hardtail mountain bike would be a great option for you. Budget hardtail mountain bikes have the efficiency and stability of a rigid bike. They are ... Read More »

5 of the Best Fat Tire Bikes That Cost Less Than $1,500

Not too long ago, fat tire bikes were considered as niche products that are specially designed for cyclists who are looking for a way to exercise in the winter. After all, these monstrous bikes will allow you to to keep on riding all winter long. Over the past few years, however, fat bikes have slowly crept into the product lines ... Read More »

Building Your Own Bike Storage Rack

Image Source:www.bobvila.com Whether you live in a multi-story apartment with limited storage space or are simply looking to maximize garage space, there are a variety of easy-to-build DIY bike rack designs. A well-built bike storage rack will last for years and can help make storing and organizing something as cumbersome as a bicycle much easier. The best bike racks are ... Read More »

MTB Holiday Gift Guide For Women

Image Source: www.s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com It can be difficult to buy gifts for some women. If a woman on your list is into mountain biking though, shopping for the perfect gift is easy when you use our holiday gift guide. Here are 12 great gift ideas from mountain bike accessories to mountain bike clothing and more that will make the lady mountain ... Read More »

Fast Five: 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Mountain Bike

  image source: http://enduro-mtb.com/en/riding-with-the-don/ I would consider this article a beginners guide to mountain biking. These are the top 5 question people have when getting into the hobby or sport of mountain biking. 1.Whats your budget? First things first, establish your budget! How much are you willing to spend on your new hobby? Mountain biking can be expensive and it adds ... Read More »

The 10 Best Women’s Mountain Bike | Review and Guide

Polaris Ladies Mountain Bike

If you look at the biking market today, you will be saddened to see that there is not a great focus on bikes designed specifically for women. However, many bike manufacturers have seen the error in their ways and are now coming up with bikes that support and complement the female form. As a woman you are not only looking ... Read More »

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Under $600 | Review and Guide

Schwinn Firewire 5 Mountain Bike

Making a mountain bike investment is a big thing, so it is good to know that you are getting your money’s worth. If you are spending $600 on a bike you will be presented with a variety of bikes in your price range, each of them promising great and consistent performance. Unfortunately, we live in a time and age where ... Read More »

The 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 | Review and Guide

Diamondback Women’s Lux Mountain Bike

The best mountain bikes combine great craftsmanship and an affordable price tag, ensuring that you can navigate the outdoors without breaking the bank. However, most of you might not know what exactly to look for when you go bike shopping. And I don’t blame you; there are hundreds of options on the market each of them offering something different. That ... Read More »

The 9 Best Mountain Bike Under 300 | Review and Guide

Diamondback Overdrive 2014 Mountain Bike

In a time and age where even the most basic of items has become expensive, owning a mountain bike might seem like a luxury. But what if I told you that you could buy a mountain bike for under $300? This might seem improbable but the truth is that many bike brands are designing affordable biking options that everyone can ... Read More »