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Don’t Have A Helmet Camera Yet? Now Is The Time To Get One

helmet camera

If you’ve ever tried to record your parts of trail ride with your smartphone, you can attest to how difficult it can be; poor video quality, jumpy footage that can make any viewer a little queasy, and the constant threat of destroying your phone in the process. A helmet camera is a much better option for bicyclists. We will discuss ... Read More »

Want A GoPro HD Camera? Check Out What’s Available For 2018

GoPro HD Camera

GoPro is one of those brands that seemed to appear out of nowhere and explode in popularity overnight. While it’s a favorite “must have” accessory for many mountain biking enthusiasts and other extreme sports fanatics, nearly everyone has heard of GoPro cameras. Whether you’re interested in buying your first action camera for an upcoming mountain biking trip or you’ve been ... Read More »

Buyer’s Guide: Tips for Buying Mountain Bike Lights

Whether you’re commuting or riding for fitness, there will come a time when you’ll get caught riding in the dark. For some, the decision to hit the trails after dark stems from having a busy schedule. Avid cyclists who are trying to squeeze in a bit more ride time end up hitting the trails at night. Cyclists who intend to ... Read More »

5 of the Best Cycling Glasses for Every Type of Rider

Most people think of sunglasses as a piece of accessory. A fashion accessory that makes you look cool in the summer and completes your outfit. But if you’re a cyclist, wearing sunglasses is a must, even if the sun is not shining brightly. The best cycling glasses will not only make you look cool, they are also designed to protect ... Read More »

Buyer’s Guide: 7 Hottest and Most Comfortable Cycling Shoes

After a buying a mountain bike, most cyclist would invest in cycling apparel and helmet. However, only a small percentage of riders would consider getting cycling shoes. Many of them, beginners most especially, would wear a pair of running shoes when they go out on their bike. Given the countless hours you spend pedaling on your bike, it is important ... Read More »

6 Best Mountain Bike Computers 2018 | Reviews

CatEye-Velo-7-Best Mountain Bike Computers

A common misconception is that mountain bike computers are large and intrusive. However, the truth is that they are compact, versatile, and convenient. That is why I have gone through the bike computers currently being sold on the market, in search of the most innovative and high-performing options for you. The Best Mountain Bike Computers Technology is now part of ... Read More »

7 Best Mini Bike Pump for Mountain Bikers

Have you been bitten by the mountain bike bug? If so, chances are you’ve been spending countless hours online doing research about what upgrades you can make to your bike. You want it to be faster and more comfortable. It’s amazing how most cyclists are willing to spend thousands of dollars on fancy new parts. But then, they tend to ... Read More »

5 Best Cycling Base Layers for Winter

Rapha Winter Base Layer

Cycling base layer forms the foundation of your cycling outfit. It is the first layer of clothing you wear. A base layer acts as an extra layer of protection that helps keep you warm in cold weather conditions. It can be a short-sleeved or a long-sleeved top worn under your cycling jersey. It should fit snugly on your body in ... Read More »