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Best Mountain Bike Tires On The Market | Review and Guideline

Kenda Nevegal - Best Mountain Bike Tires

Love gettin` dirty? Are you a mountain bike lover? Sure you are. You like discovering the toughest dirt tracks. You go for the roughest paths in the woods and grooves. You are maneuvering over roots, rocks, and ruts with ease. If all the above check out, we know that you know that you need the best bike tires on the …

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6 Best Mountain Bike Computers 2022 | Reviews

CatEye-Velo-7-Best Mountain Bike Computers

A common misconception is that mountain bike computers are large and intrusive. However, the truth is that they are compact, versatile, and convenient. After all, they have been designed for bikes to fit on them like gloves. That is why I have gone through the bike computers currently being sold on the market, in search of the most innovative and …

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Budget Fork: Top 6 Mountain Bike Suspension Forks Under $500

  There are lots of mountain bike suspension forks out there. Many of them are made up of the same elemental components and have great reviews as well. Because of this, most cyclists find choosing a fork an intimidating task. They fall under the impression that they should be some experts in other to make a quality choice. Fear not! …

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Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires: Our Top 9 Picks

spare tier

​ In the sport of mountain biking, nothing makes us want to pull out our hair more than having to deal with a punctured tire. The only thing that’s worse is having to deal with tires that cause slippage on muddy terrain or roll clunkily and slowly on loose trails. Thanks to tubeless mountain bike tires, we can avoid these …

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Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing the Right Cycling Glasses

As with any type of activity, safety is of utmost importance for cyclists. As cyclists, we usually wear protective gears like gloves to shield our palms, a helmet to protect our head in case of accidents, and padded shorts to protect our derrieres. However, not everyone would consider buying cycling glasses. Wearing sunglasses is the norm throughout the summer.  But …

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Fenders

mountain bike fenders

Mountain bike fenders keep the mud off your bike and help you ride faster along wet trails. They make cycling more enjoyable and keep the mud off your back and face. There are rear and front fenders, and they all perform different functions. The rear fender can pivot to adjust coverage while the front fender protects your eyes from mud. …

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5 Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2022

Mountain biking is a whole lot of fun. It is one of the most exhilarating sports you can take up. However, it is an inherently dangerous sport with a distinct possibility of serious injuries. Whether you’re riding free ride, all-mountain, downhill or cross country, you should never leave the house without safety gears such as mountain bike helmets. In fact, …

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Need To Transport Your Mountain Bike? Check Out Saris Bike Racks

Saris bike racks

Ideally, you might prefer to ride your bike wherever you need or want to go, but if you’ve got an epic mountain biking trek planned or you need to haul your bike to get fixed, a car bike rack is a must. If you don’t own one, you’ll probably need one eventually, or if you already have a rack, you …

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Top 7 Mountain Bike Gloves of 2022

Mountain bike gloves are an important inclusion to your riding kit. They protect your hands and improve your grip on the handlebars without compromising your comfort. They also keep your fingers warm during the winter and prevent your palms from getting grazed in a crash. Without them, your grip will be diminished by rain or sweaty palms. Every mountain biker …

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