Bike Storage Solutions: 11 Clever Ways to Store Your Bike in a Small Apartment

Storing your bike can be a problem, especially if you live in a tiny apartment. Since you’re reading this blog post, we’re assuming that you live in a space with no garage or basement. Considering how expensive mountain bikes are, you wouldn’t want to store your bike outside. If you do, you’d run the risk of getting your precious bike stolen. You have no choice but to bring your ride inside, but how? Luckily, there are some bike storage solutions that you can employ, so you and your friends won’t trip over your bike in the hallway.

Here are 11 clever ways to store your bike in a small apartment. With these bike storage solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your bike is safe and will remain where you left it.

Treat your bike as a work of art

There are lots of bike storage solutions out there, but bike racks are, by far, the most popular. It allows you to hang your bike freely on the wall. It keeps your bike off the ground when not in use. Plus, it provides a safe, stable, and scratch-free storage for just about any bike.

Bike racks are not only space-saving, they also looks stylish as heck to boot. Since you have spent most of your savings on your bike, feel free to show it off. With the bike rack, you can hang your bike and display it proudly like a piece of art. It will be the perfect conversation starter. You can even find a laminated wood bike rack, which is perfect if your home is stocked with wood furniture. It will perfectly blend into your home and should feel like it belongs there. Don’t worry, your walls will be left unmarked.

If you need a bike rack, you may want to check out the CB2 Wood Bike Storage, Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack, and The Bike Valet.

CB2 Wood Bike Storage – $50

CB2 Wood Bike Storage Solutions

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Elk Bike Hanger – $294

Elk Bike Hanger

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Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack – $80

Bike Storage Solutions: Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack

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The Bike Valet – $158

Bike Storage Solutions: The Bike Valet

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Get a bike stand

If you are a renter, your landlord probably prohibits you from putting holes on the wall. That means, hanging your mountain bike on the wall is not an option. Don’t fret, you can still store your bike inside your apartment. You just have to invest in a bike stand.

Unlike the bike rack, a bike stand will always be on the floor level. It won’t help you save as much space, but you don’t have to fix it on the wall or to any particular space. It gives you the freedom to move your bike around. Since it’s on the floor, you won’t have to reach for your bike every time.

Bike stands are also ideal for avid cyclists who own more than one bike. There are some bike stands that can hold one to two bikes. These stands will not only help solve your bike storage problem, they also have a classy look that is a suitable decoration.

If you think bike stand is the best bike storage solution for you, the Feedback Sports Rakk Bike Stand, Delta Cycle Michelangelo Gravity Storage Rack, the Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand or the Branchline are worth investing in.

Feedback Sports Rakk Bike Stand – $43

Feedback Sports Rakk Bike Stand

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Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand – $80

Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

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Branchline – $1,250

Branchline Bike Storage Solutions

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Bike storage solutions under the staircase

If you have a staircase, you can use the space underneath to store your bike. Depending on the size of your bike and the space you have under the stairs, you may be able to store more than one bicycle.

For easy, clever storage, simply rig up some bike hooks or any bike storage devices and attach them to the underside of the stairs. Make sure that they are spaced far enough to fit the front and rear tire perfectly.

Bike storage solutions under the staircase

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Hoist bike storage solutions

Not enough floor space in your home? No problem. Maximize the vertical space and hang your bike from the ceiling.

Bikes are bulky. Lifting the bike up can be a pain, especially if you have a high ceiling. The good news is that the hoist bike storage involves efficient pulley systems that are designed to get the bike up and out of the way. It can also be used to assist you in lowering your bike. Hoist bike storage solutions can easily hoist bikes up to 50 pounds. They also feature a safe lock mechanism to prevent accidental release. Most hoists can only accommodate heights up to 12 feet, so make sure that you measure your ceiling height before buying.

The Floaterhoist BA1 Horizontal Bike Hoist, Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift, and the RAD Cycle Products RAD Rail Hoist are our top picks for the best hoist bike storage solutions.

Floaterhoist BA1 Horizontal Bike Hoist – $120

Floaterhoist BA1 Horizontal Bike Hoist

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Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift – $23

Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

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RAD Cycle Products RAD Rail Hoist – $30

RAD Cycle Products RAD Rail Hoist

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