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Bike Across America: Top 6 Places To Stop

One of the greatest things you can do as an athlete and bicyclist is biking across America and see all the great wonders and views that this country has to offer. Nothing is more entertaining than nature in itself when you don’t have to look through an air conditioned window in your brand new cadillac. There is something extremely special about seeing things through your own two eyes instead of through pictures and it is breathtaking to see for yourself. It will be an absolutely amazing feeling to accomplish this one day at a time. There are many different ways you should go about this, with certainty that you will make it. You need a routine which will be explained in later text. America by bicycle is something you’ll never regret doing.

You will need a list of places to stop along the way. Biking across America does not necessarily mean that you need to go in a straight line. If you start at North Carolina, you are going to have to bike up to New York to see some cool things along the way as you pass through the mountains of West Virginia. From there you can go wherever your heart desires, even if it takes months upon months. If you have a job where you can take off to do this, we strongly suggest that you begin training for this. It is something you will never forget and have engraved in the back of your head forever.

To bike ride across america is a great and powerful accomplishment that only the strong and brave can do. We strongly suggest that you not do this alone. To do this alone you must be a very strong bike rider and have a mentally tough mind to get through each day. Traveling alone can often times be dangerous and makes you very much more vulnerable for theft and other types of outrageous crime, whether it be in the city or in the mountain valleys.

How to Bike Ride Across America


Having a routine is almost the key ingredient in biking all the way across america. Learn how to bike ride across the country with using a routine everyday. Routines are meant to become very regular to preform an irregular activity. Everyday you should plan to do the same amount of miles or go the same distance or you will get too tired to carry on the next day, and vise versa. Twenty miles a day is much more effective than 60 miles one day and three days rest. The consistency is absolutely key and will become your best friend. Have a routine for drinking water as well. If you do not remember how much you drank you need to keep track to make sure you are drinking enough everyday. Being dehydrated and getting on a bike near cliffs, sharp turns, and other cars is very dangerous. Maybe you can set yourself to stop every two hours to get water, or pack eight waters a day and make sure you drink them.


Doing the same thing everyday will further prepare you for when you get to the hard, cold, and hot areas to bike through, whether it be a desert or in the rain. Repeating what you did and learned yesterday will prepare you for the hard and endeavored tomorrow. Having the same amount of miles everyday gives you stability and taking all the things your learning and using it the next day repeating the obstacle will make you a better all around biker. It’s a much different story when you are bike racing instead of bike riding. When you are bike racing, you want to be the first one and push through the pain a litter more each day rather than having that steady routine. If you are competitive and smart you will know when you need to stop in order to push through the next couple days until you get a steady break again.


Being prepared for something this drastic and big is one of the things that will make you or break you. The one thing you absolutely need to have done before bike riding across america is training for it. If you are not biking twenty or more miles a day at home, you will struggle through each day biking across america, especially when it gets to the rough roads and crazy weird areas.

Having everything you need is essential as well. You will need to carry a lot of money so you can stop for food and water because you will not be able to keep a ton on you due to the lack of space. A backpack is about the most you will be able to take on a bike, but you need to keep it light so it does not mess with your back while going on this crazy adventure. Tour America as you live the life of the brave and bike alongside wild animals as well as giant trucks. You are the real MVP.

Top Places To Stop (Top 10)

Here’s the fun part, where to stop along the way! As you are biking too, you will find places that are no where near being on the map and you will see things that no one has ever seen before. On your way to these amazing locations to stop and embrace nature, nature itself will amaze you even more.

  1. South Dakota- George S. Mickelson Trail

As you can tell, this trail is already beautiful. It is not on roads, although you need to take roads to get there (obviously). It is a trail made for hiking, biking, and adventuring that is 109 miles long. The trails nickname is “the heart of everything that is” because of all the creeks that are clean to swim in, the amazing camp grounds, the beautiful scenery, and the cherished land of South Dakoda.

2. Vermont- Island Line Rail Trail

Image Source: www.pbase.com

As you can see in the photo above, this trail is almost like biking right on top of the water. The crazy thing about this one is the danger, because there is no guard rails or anything stopping you from falling in if you crash unexpectedly. Thats the fun part…live life with a little sizzle and try out this trail because we are telling you, that you certainly do not want to miss out on it. You will regret if you are too scared to do this because it is a trail of a lifetime and belongs in the top five trails in the USA for bike riding.

3. Pitt→→→DC – Great Allegheny Passage Trail and Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath

Image Source:www.cdn.gogetfunding.com

Going from Pitt to DC, you will find some of the most beautiful views in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Those two states are two of the most beautiful states that display all  four seasons perfectly and wonderfully. Along the way, this trail shows you the highlights of the wilderness and some of the best stops in the USA. It is absolutely safe as can be as long as you stick to the trail and not get lost (duh).

4.  Utah – Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Image Source:www.en.wikipedia.org

This one will be a challenge so you need to stick to the routine you have created for yourself. A great idea for this trail is to attach a go pro to your helmet to capture the amazing scenery. On this great trail you will see wildlife, amazing plants, wetlands and creeks, and even a volcanic canyon.


5. New York – “Tour of Battenkill”

Image Source:www.tourofthebattenkill.com

This bike trial is approximately 68-69 miles long and is one of the most beautiful bike trails around. Nothing can top living in the moment like a nice long bike ride. You can’t have your phone out or have any type of distraction on a bike because of the danger, so it forces you to enjoy the scenery before you. It’s just you and the road! Take advantage of having a body that is able to let you ride a bike everyday while you can, before it’s too late, because soon your body will take a toll on you. Bike riding will keep you young and healthy in order to be able to ride your bike even longer than the average fellow. There is an annual race here every year that is definitely worth the training.  Fifteen miles of the sixty eight miles are rugged dirt roads. Most people prefer to ride this trail in the fall to look at the beautiful scenery.


6. North Carolina- Blue Ridge Parkway

Image Source:www.traillink.com

North Carolina is easily one of the most beautiful places to be in the United States. Everyone wants to go to North Carolina at some point in their life. North and South Carolina are famous for their culture and perfect weather, not too hot and never too cold. Blue Ridge Parkway rides from Shenandoah National Park all the way to Great Smokey Mountains National Park. If you have ever been to the Shenandoah mountains, you will surely know that this bike route is one of the best things you can do in your whole life. The views are amazing and truly astounding to be a part of. There are 469 miles of almost uninterrupted trails to relax and bike on. These offer amazing scenes like waterfalls and vast valleys. On your America Tour, this is certainly a place you should make a task to stop.










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