Best YouTube MTB Channels

Whether you are looking to learn new skills, live vicariously through mountain bikers more skilled (or nuts), or figure out which MTB products are best, it is hard to beat YouTube for the variety and depth of content. We’ve put together our favorite channels in a variety of areas.


Joy of Bike with Alex Bogusky

We like Alex and Lee’s take on the basic skills of positioning, turning, jumping and hopping. They really break things down to the complete basics, but also dig into why it works. Their pocket guides are also great for taking the lessons with you to your bike.

Bike Reviews

Pinkbike Field Tests

As part of a big media company, Pinkbike gets access to test a lot of mountain bikes. Like other corporate publishers, they are rarely all that negative, but then, most new bikes are pretty good and are right for someone. The key is to match your style and preferences to their comments.

Their main reviewers are also fun, so we find ourselves watching even when we have no interest in (well, budget for) the bikes they are looking at.

Product Reviews

Berm Peak Express

Seth’s energy and doggedness (pun intended) come across in all of his videos and his product reviews are quite good. The downside is that he mostly tests unusual things that are cool, but peripheral to your MTB experience. Still, they are too fun not to miss, and are occasionally useful.

Crazy rides and riders

Danny MacAskill

This is a category full of talent and amazing videos. Danny’s mix of street, trials and BMX skills into incredible mountain bike rides is amazing, but his sense of whimsy and humor pushes him over the top for us (just watch Danny Daycare).

Mountain Bike Repair

Park Tool

There are many, many good videos on every maintenance and repair task related to a mountain bike. However, nobody covers as many, or provides such consistent video quality as Park Tool’s YouTube channel. If you have a bike (MTB, road, or otherwise), you should try doing some work on your own, and this is the place to start.

Epic Trails


Selling up and traveling from trail to trail sounds pretty good, until you think about all the creature comforts (e.g. indoor plumbing) that you would miss. So, do let Brian from BKXC do it for you and then figure out where you want to ride. We picked him because of his series riding in every US state, plus international rides in many countries, means there are rides he’s done something near most of us.

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