The 4 Best Mountain Bike Wheels on the Market | Review

I remember the day I bought my first mountain bike; it was one of the most exciting and rewarding days of my young life. Unfortunately, the trails outside of my town quickly got the upper hand when it came to my wheels, and soon enough I was left with a mountain bike that had broken wheels. I am sure that most of you have experienced this, and I understand the amount of pain that accompanies the destruction of your wheels.

You now have the chance to purchase an assortment of wheels and wheelsets for your mountain bike, ensuring that you can get back on the trails as soon as possible. These mountain-bike wheels can also be purchased if you do not like the original quality on your mountain bike, guaranteeing that you will be at your best when you are outdoors.

So come with me as I try to determine which the best wheels and wheelsets are on the market.

The 4 Best Mountain Bike Wheels

The 4 mountain-bike wheels and wheelsets that we will be looking at below are sturdy in build, guaranteeing their ability to take on massive amounts of abuse on the trail without faltering, and failing. This selection of Retrospec, Mavic, Vuelta and Fulcrum are definitely the most rugged and valuable wheel choices out there.

4 Best Mountain Bike Wheels Comparison Table

The 2014 CrossRide wheelset is composed of the advanced Mavic technology that is present in every top-notchMavic component. These technologies are wide and varied in nature, but we will attempt to look at all of them below.

Force Transfer System X

To begin with, it has the Force Transfer System X (FTS-X), which amplifies the capabilities of the free wheel system in order to allow you to experience an intense, and authentic mountain biking experience every time you go out on your bike. This new and improved freewheels mechanism is even tougher than you expect.

QRM Technology

It has the QRM technology (the full form for this word is in French), which makes use of top grade sealed cartridge bearings for a smoother and more controlled ride.

Self-Locking Spoke

It also has a self locking spoke that ensures that your spoke remains tight at all times, as well as a strengthened rim area that does not buckle under the pressure of the spokes on the wheelset.

CNC Machined Braking Surfaces

Because you would like to know that you can stop immediately when you are barreling down a hill, the 2014 CrossRide has included CNC machined braking surfaces for optimum power.


But let us move away from the technology of these wheels. The pair of wheels on the 2014 CrossRide weigh only 1700 grams, with the front wheel coming in at a mere 780 grams. This lightweight construction means that you will not over exert yourself as you ride, and ensures that your dexterity will be unmatched.

Size Options [29, 26, & 27.5 inch]

Though the CrossRide is a 29er, you have the option of 26-inchwheels and 27.5-inch wheels for improved maneuverability. The wheels are compatible with through axles, and the entire design ensures that you will be experiencing amazing efficiency, reliability and quality as you ride.

Some of its features included

  • Material: S6000 Aluminum
  • Internal width: 19 mm
  • ETRTO size 26″: 559x19C
  • ETRTO size 650b/27.5″: 584x19C
  • ETRTO size 29″: 622x19C

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The VueltaZerolite is a mountain-bike wheelset that is affordable, lightweight, sturdy, smooth and stylish. These rim-brake wheels are the perfect upgrade for every mountain-bikeenthusiast, as they offer top notch features that will amplify your riding tenfold.

26-Inch Carbon Clincher Double-Walled Rims

To begin with, this hand built wheelset has 26-inch carbon clincher double-walled rims that have nylon rim strips coated with urethane.

Front & Rear 24h Black Bladed Spokes

In addition, the wheelset has front and rear 24h black bladed spokes, which are exceptional in build for a completely sturdy ride.

8, 9 and 10-Speed Shimano Compatibility

When it comes to the cassette body of the wheels, the VueltaZerolite is compatible with 8-speed, 9-speed, and 10-speed Shimano, giving you a wide range of biking options on which you can use these amazing wheels.

Sealed Cartridge Bearing Hubs

I don’t know about you, but the roll of my mountain-bike wheels are their most important feature, and that is why I am glad to tell you that the VueltaZerolite is composed of sealed cartridge bearing hubs, which are great for disc or rim brakes. These cartridge bearings are super smooth, and ensure that you will have no problem steering your bike on all kinds of terrain.

What more can you ask for?

Some of its features included

  • 26in Double Walled Clinher Rim
  • Spoke:24h Stainless Black Bladed
  • 8,9,10 Speed Shimano style Cassette compatible
  • Bearing: Super Smooth Sealed Cartridge
  • Included Skewers

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Retrospec Bicycles Super Deep-V Wheels with CST Tires (Aqua, 700C x...
  • 41mm Double-wall Retrospec super deep-v wheels
  • Includes CST High Performance tubes and tires
  • Presta air valves

For the last six years, Retrospec has been designing and manufacturing urban mountain bikes that are as functional on the city streets as they are on the rough mountain roads.

It is therefore no surprise that their Deep-V wheels are of high quality, performance, and style, as this is the goal of the biking company.

Superior Components

The Super Deep-V wheels are custom-designed, making use of superior components to achieve maximum speed, maneuverability, and control on the road.


This durable and reliable alloy double-wall wheels are 41mm in size, with tubes that are 700 by 23c. These aforementioned dimensions aim to ensure dexterity and traction on the road.


The wheels also come with Presta air valves; 16T freewheel and fixed-gear cogs, KT Quando hubs (front 100mm, rear 110mm), and black spokes. The overall result is a lightweight wheelset that is extremely responsive to your speed and braking commands as you ride over roads, ruts, bumps, and roots.

10 Color Options Available

For the more style inclined individuals, you will be happy to know that the Super Deep-V wheels come in ten amazing colors, which are more aesthetically appealing than other traditional wheels.These Retrospec wheels are compatible with Retrospec bikes, as well as other mountain and road bikes.

Some of its features included

  • 41mm Double-wall Retrospec
  • super deep-v wheels
  • CST High Performance tubes and tires
  • Presta air valves
  • Availible in ten colors
  • KT hubs and black spokes

If you are looking for unrivaled performance in your mountain-bike wheels, then look no further than the Fulcrum Power 29 XL. It’s one of the best mountain bike wheels in our and list.

These wheels are composed of high-performing features, and components that are a staple of all Fulcrum products, including a new milled rim which puts the standard rim to shame.

Exceptionally Lightweight

This 1735g rim is exceptionally lightweight, and includes amazing lateral rigidity, which improves the reactivity of the wheel.


This Power 29 XL wheel also boasts of straight-head spokes that amplify the tension, reactivity and stiffness of the wheel. These steel spokes work seamlessly with a large hub to guarantee dependability, high-torque transference, and reactivity on a range of terrain.

Self-Locking System

In addition, the wheels have nipples that make use of a self-locking system that is dedicated to maintaining the tension of the spokes by ensuring that they do not loosen with time.

Sealed Industrial Bearings

When it comes to the maneuverability of the wheels, we have both sealed industrial bearings and a 20mm axle. The high-qualitybearings work to provide maximum smoothness and efficiency, while the stiff axle aims to enhance your steering precision. This means that you can now have optimum control in all situations.


Last but not least the Power 29 XL has a quick-releasesystem, which is made up of a steel spine and an aluminum lever. This easy to use system can withstand wear, tear, pressure, and rust.

Some of its features included

  • 1900 g pair
  • 6 bolt disc
  • 15 or 9mm qr

Final Verdict

As I promised, the aforementioned best mountain bike wheels and wheelsets are definitely your top choices when hitting the mountain trails.

Stop suffering with the cheap and flimsy wheels you currently have, and invest in these rugged, durable and affordable wheels and wheelsets made by some of the top bike manufacturers.

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