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5 Best Mountain Bike Computers | Reviews

Technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives, making it easier and more convenient to carry out day to day actions. This can clearly be seen in the area of sports, where activities like mountain biking are now supported by hi-tech computers with numerous features and functions.

A common misconception is that these bike computers are large and intrusive; however the truth is that they are compact, versatile and convenient. That is why I have gone through the bike computers currently being sold on the market, in search of the most innovative and high-performing options for you.

So read on for a well thought out and informative bike computer reviews.

The 5 Best Mountain Bike Computers

As I’ve mentioned above, the mountain bike computers we are looking at below have the most comprehensive features that will make your time outdoors much easier. You can use these bicycle computer reviews to make your final bike computer selection.

5 Best Mountain Bike Computers Comparison Table

Picture Name Type Price Rating
CatEye-Velo-7-Best Mountain Bike Computers CatEye Velo 7 Bicycle Computer CatEye Velo $$ 4.8
cateye-strada-Best Mountain Bike Computers CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer CatEye Strada $$ 4.4
Planet-Bike computer-Best Mountain Bike Computers Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Planet Bike $$ 4.4
Garmin Edge 810 - Best Mountain Bike Computers Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer Garmin Edge $$$ 4.2
garmin-edge-200 - Best Mountain Bike Computers Garmin Edge 200 GPS Enabled Bike Computer Garmin Edge $$$ 4.8

CatEye Velo 7 Bicycle Computer

Price:$$CatEye-Velo-7-Best Mountain Bike Computers

If you struggle with technology and would like a simple device that can help you as you cycle, then the CatEye Velo 7 is the bike computer for you. So what exactly has made this function computer so popular among mountain bikers?

Why does the Velo 7 have an incredible 4.6 rating on Amazon from a staggering 539 reviews?The answer is simple. The CatEye Velo 7 is an innovation that makes mountain biking more enjoyable for the cyclist by removing all the hassle associated with the activity.

This user friendly device is praised for its easy installation properties, with clear instructions that will have you ready to go in a few minutes. The computer can also be mounted onto your handlebar or stem via the universal bracket.

Additionally, the bicycle computer has a large screen, which makes it easy to view the readings generated by the computer in all lighting conditions. When you factor in the one-button operation, you will have no trouble using the computer.

There are varied functions and features on this computer, including but not limited to an auto start and stop, a pace arrow, a clock, an odometer, elapsed time, trip distance, average speed, current speed, and maximum speed. You can therefore use this computer to measure your performance as you ride.

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CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer

Price:$$cateye-strada-Best Mountain Bike Computers

Leading Japanese manufacturer CatEye has delivered yet another amazing and innovative bicycle wireless bike computer, this time in the form of the elegant Strada Wireless.

The Strada is a sleek and lightweight computer, with wireless functions that provide precise information on an array of topics. Simply put, this computer lets you know what to expect on the ride ahead by displaying relevant data on your previous rides.

Some of the data you can expect to measure and collect include current speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, total distance, second trip distance, elapsed time, and 12 hour/24 hour time.

Other beneficial features of the computer include a programmable odometer, auto start/stop function, integrated clock, pace arrow, power-saving mode, and programmable speed unit.

Furthermore, you can compare different data such as current speed and average speed, and analyze the information collected at a later date so that you can prepare for future rides.

This 8-function bicycle computer is incredibly easy to use, and all operation can be done through the ClickTec touch screen interface. This program allows you to easily view data readings on the large screen, and gives you the chance to toggle different modes when you are on rough terrain.

When it comes to setting up the bicycle computer, the Strada has a tool-free universal bracket which securely mounts to your handlebar and stem.

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Planet Bike Protégé 9.0

Price:$$Planet-Bike computer-Best Mountain Bike Computers

The Protégé 9.0 from Planet Bike is a 9-function mountain bike computer that provides functions such as current speed, ride time, trip distance, speed comparator, average speed, maximum speed, clock, temperature, and dual odometer.

This weatherproof bike computer boasts of a clear four-line LCD display that allows you to view five separate pieces of information at once. Additionally, this simple to read data is excellent for multiple activities, such as bike race training, daily fitness, commuting, and weekend rides.

The easy to operate device therefore establishes itself as a must have for every mountain bike enthusiasts who wants to know their mileage, calculate their speeds and track their progress.

The design of the Protégé 9.0 is buttonless, and switching the display screens only requires a simple tap on the bike computer. This allows for easy operation as you ride, even when you are wearing gloves. If you would like to reset your data all you need to do is tap your screen for a longer time.

The compact bike computer comes with a wire mounting kit which measures only 82 centimeters, and can be mounted to your handlebars with supreme ease. This heavy-duty mounting kit will stand up to rough trails, making it the perfect outdoor companion for you.

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Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer

Price:$$$Garmin Edge 810 - Best Mountain Bike Computers

The Garmin Edge 810 stands out from the 3 previous bike computers by offering GPS capabilities in addition to the standard features and functions you would expect. This GPS enabled computer can perform functions such as live-tracking, ride sharing, instant data uploads, weather updates, and social network sharing.

These amazing features complement the standard monitoring features you have seen in the other bike computers, such as speed, time, and distance. Additionally, you can benefit from other riding data such as heart rate, cadence, elevation, location, and power measurements.

The Edge 810 also seeks to improve your navigation by working with BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, TOPO maps, and Garmin Custom Maps, to give you routing options which are bike friendly. You can then choose to upload your ride data using the Garmin Connect mobile app, and share it with your friends and family.

Last but not least we have the rugged 2.6 inches color touch screen, which is composed of an easy to use interface that clearly displays all of the relevant information.

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Garmin Edge 200 GPS Enabled Bike Computer

Price:$$$garmin-edge-200 - Best Mountain Bike Computers

The Edge 200 is a fantastic GPS bike computer from Garmin, with multiple features and an easy to use interface which makes it a great accessory when you go out on your mountain bike.

This bike computer is ideal for training, daily touring rides, and weekend adventures, as it can accurately monitor speed, distance, time, location and calories burned.

The sleek and lightweight computer requires no setup, meaning that you can quickly mount it and begin using it immediately. When you do use it you will be glad to find several trouble-free features such as auto time zone, which allow you to focus on your ride and enjoy your time outdoors.

The GPS function works through a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and a HotFlix satellite, which can calculate your position at a swift pace. This data is then presented on a clear display, and you can choose to analyze it, map it, or share it with friends.

So whether you are taking on a fitness challenge or preparing for a competitive race, this versatile GPS-enabled bike computer will be with you each step of the way. Your rides will no longer be the same with this computer, as it will take you to another level.

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Final Verdict

As you can gather from these five cycling computer reviews, CatEye, Garmin and Planet strongly lead the pack when it comes to bicycle computers. So if you are looking to track your performance as you ride your mountain bike, these well-built, reliable, affordable and best mountain bike computers should be on your shopping list today.

So buy them right now, you won’t regret it!


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