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Best Cycling Shorts for Women to Keep You Comfortable on the Bike

Cycling shorts are a vital piece of equipment that provides several benefits. While wearing the best cycling shorts make you look devoted to the sport, it’s not just about the looks. These shorts are padded, and are designed to protect your bum from chafing and irritation. Plus, they can greatly improve your cycling comfort.

Men and women have obvious anatomical differences. To ensure that you’re getting the full benefit of chamois it is best to wear gender-specific cycling shorts. Women-specific bike shorts fit correctly and provide protection where it is needed.

The quality of your cycling shorts can make or break your ride. Investing on good pair of cycling shorts will make a significant difference to your rides. Here are some of the best cycling shorts for women that will work well for every type of rider.

Pearl Izumi Women’s Pursuit Attack Bib Shorts

Pearl Izumi Womens Pursuit Attack Bib Shorts

Image Source: https://www.amazon.com

Fit, comfort, and quality are the main selling points of the Women’s Pursuit Attack Bib Shorts. These cycling bib shorts features a soft, stretchy 3D race chamois with Pressure Relief Technology to ensure that you receive cushioning and support you need throughout the ride.

The Women’s Pursuit Attack Bib Shorts took inspiration from the Elite Attack Bib Shorts in that they offer superior comfort, moisture transfer, and effective compression. These women’s cycling shorts is made from Select Transfer Dry fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable even on a hot summer day. They are optimized for breathability and reliably pulls moisture away from your skin.  In addition, the shorts also feature silicone leg grippers, center bib strap, a wide waistband, and an 8-panel anatomic design.

Overall, the Pearl Izumi Women’s Pursuit Attack Bib Shorts are an everyday workhorse that delivers performance and comfort at an affordable price.

Morvelo Women’s Unity Evo Bib Shorts

Morvelo Women’s Unity Evo Bib Shorts

Image Source: https://www.morvelo.com

The best cycling shorts are the ones that feel super comfortable and fit perfectly. The good news is that, the Morvel Unity Bib Shorts fit meets those criteria.

Marvelo’s award-winning bib shorts are made from soft, durable Lycra that feel good on your skin. The shorts also offers a compression fit to ease muscle fatigue. Aside from being stretchable, the fabric is also quick drying and fast wicking, so you stay dry and cool throughout the ride. Plus, they features an Italian, dual layer chamois to ensure comfort while riding. With this bib shorts, you’ll stay comfortable, awesome, and seen the entire ride.

Garneau Course Race 2 Cycling Bib Shorts

Garneau Course Race 2 Cycling Bib Shorts

Image Source: https://garneau.com

The Garneau Course Race 2 Cycling Bib Shorts are a pro-level pair of bib shorts that features perforated memory foam, antimicrobial topsheet, and ergonomic 3D shaping. The perforated foam provides plenty of padding to keep you comfortable on the saddle. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, you no longer have to worry about sweat and odor.

These cycling bib shorts are made from a fabric called Lazer Rev, which contains more Lycra than normal. Because of the higher Lycra content, it stretches to move with you instead of against it. The Race 2 Bib Shorts offer good compressive effect and offer better shape retention. Garneau also removed as many seams as possible in order to keep the profile smoother. They come with a detachable bib made of four-way stretch mesh that keeps this women’s cycling bib shorts in place.

Overall, these cycling shorts is designed for long days when you need to perform your best. They deliver comfort and aerodynamics in one seamless package.

Ale Women’s PRR Thermal Bib Shorts

Ale Women’s PRR Thermal Bib Shorts

Image Source: http://www.wiggle.co.uk

The designers at Ale paid attention to the fit and fabric to ensure that they come up with a women-specific shorts that will allow athletes to push their performance to the limit. They studied the typical bike positions of female athletes to create pure-performance bib shorts.

The Women’s PRR Thermal Bib Shorts are made from innovative materials to offer the finest comfort, feel, fit, and warmth. They are so comfortable, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing cycling shorts. The pad, which is constructed from elastic microfibre, is strategically positioned in the contact points. It offers the very best balance of comfort and support.

If you’re looking for the best cycling shorts that you can use in winter, spring, and fall, you may want to consider the Ale Women’s PRR Thermal Bib Shorts. As compared to normal cycling shorts, these bib shorts are made from thermal fleece fabric that provides exceptional warmth and protection to your core and legs. Combine them with knee warmers in spring and autumn. You may also add leg warmers to keep you warm throughout the cold winter months.

Castelli Women’s Mondiale Bib Shorts

Castelli Women’s Mondiale Bib Shorts

Image Source: https://www.sigmasports.com

The Mondiale women’s cycling shorts may look like a regular pair of shorts, but don’t be fooled. These shorts are packed with amazing features for maximum comfort.

The cycling shorts are made from Cinquanta fabric that features 50% pure Lycra. The stretch of the fabric offers an exceptional fit while still providing unprecedented muscle support. They also feature perforated viscous padding to provide comfort where it is needed. Another great feature of these bib shorts is the snaplock fastener, which allows you to easily open and close the straps during comfort breaks.

Comfort is one of the major selling points of the Mondiale Women’s bib shorts. The shorts are so comfortable, it is unlike anything you have ever worn. In fact, you’d hardly notice that you’re wearing one. Being dubbed as one of the best cycling shorts for women, they are designed to keep you comfortable and your riding experience enjoyable hour after hours. With these shorts, you no longer have to worry about pain and discomforts associated with hours of cycling. As such, you can focus purely on the ride.

Sugoi Women’s Evolution Shorts

Sugoi Women’s Evolution Shorts

Image Source: https://www.amazon.com

The Sugoi Women’s Evolution shorts are made from Evo Plus fabric that supports key muscle groups while keeping your comfortable as you rack up the miles. Its moisture-wicking and breathable fabric provides maximum comfort and high output performance. Aside from being flexible, they can keep you utterly cool and comfortable even during the hottest days of summer.

The Sugoi Evolution Shorts are a simple pair of shorts that give a supportive feel and provide swift-wicking properties. They are highly refined women’s cycling shorts that feature performance-oriented fabric and fit. With the Sugoi Women’s Evolution Shorts, you can ride briskly without restriction.

Invest on the best cycling shorts for maximum comfort

Women’s cycling shorts play an important role in your cycling experience. The shorts may seem like a basic item, but will significantly improve your comfort and enjoyment during your ride. Poorly constructed shorts will make you feel uncomfortable. The waist band may twist, the hems may fold or may ride up the thighs. Some shorts are made from low quality materials that doesn’t stretch as much; thus, making you sweat a lot or feel too stuffy. You wouldn’t want that to happen while riding a bike. For maximum comfort and support, we highly recommend that you invest on the best cycling shorts.

Cycling shorts are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Some can even be mistaken as regular shorts. Aside from the style and design, there are a number of factors you need to consider when shopping for bike shorts – fit, padding, and fabric, inseam length, and price are just some of them.

The best cycling shorts are made from flexible fabrics and has extra padding to reduce chafing and discomfort on the bike. They are designed to fit and support your body while in a cycling position. Never settle for low quality bike shorts.

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