7 Lightweight Cycling Jerseys to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

Summer is arguably the best time of the year to ride a bike. After a brutally harsh weather, cyclists act like caged birds released from the confines of their cold basements. Many of them would enthusiastically begin 20-hour training weeks in the hot, humid weather in the hopes playing catch-up from the work they didn’t do during the winter months.

No one is complaining about the rise in temperatures. But let’s face it. A spell of hot weather is not ideal for your cycling life. If you’re going out for a proper long summer day’s bike ride, then you should dress for the weather. Look for lightweight cycling jerseys that are breathable, comfortable, and offer sun protection. It will help you cool off and prevent uncomfortable build-up of sweat.

It’s time to treat yourself to some lightweight cycling jerseys. Whether you’re hitting the trail, on the road or commuting to and from work, these jerseys will help you beat the heat this summer.

Showers Pass Hi-Line Merino

Showers Pass Hi-Line Merino

Image Source: https://www.showerspass.com 

Price: $89

Shower Pass Hi-Line Merino dries incredibly fast, has natural anti-microbial properties, and is soft to the skin. It is made with a super fine 18.5-micron Merino wool that has all the wonderful attributes we’ve come to love from Merino. It allows for maximum ventilation and exceptional level of comfort.

It is an incredibly lightweight jersey that offers just the right amount of style and performance.

The Hi-Line provides reflective accents on the back for greater visibility in low light settings. Polyester blend on the back and sleeves stretches to conform to your body for a tailored fit.

Velocio Radiator Mesh Jersey

Velocio Radiator Mesh Lightweight Cycling Jersey

Image Source: https://velocio.cc

Price: $140

Velocio has an entire line of ultralight clothing designed for summer riding. The Radiator Mesh Jersey will help you get out on the bike, even on those days better suited to soaking in a cool swimming pool.

Lightweight and highly breathable, it is the perfect choice for cyclists who regularly ride through hot, humid summer days. Polartec Delta fabric actively cools as you move through air.

The Radiator Mesh Jersey also comes with a perforated stretch fabric that helps release any moisture while keeping it supportive. It provides support while allowing you to survive those muggiest in comfort.

Lusso Shattered Jersey

Lusso Shattered Lighweight Cycling Jerseys

Image Source: https://www.vanillabikes.com

Price: $83

The Shattered short-sleeve jersey is an aero summer jersey with a skinsuit-like fit. It is made from a lightweight fabric called TX2, which is 90% polyester and 10% Lycra mix.

The TX2 material remains fully breathable, keeping you cool, helping regulate temperature, and reducing your risk of dehydration through perspiration. It also has micro perforations that are claimed to improve airflow over the rider’s shoulders and body.

With its perfect length sleeves, form-fitting cut, and striking design, this British-made jersey is perfect for long, hot summer days in the saddle.

Castelli Entrata 3 FZ Jersey

Castelli Entrata 3 FZ Jersey

Image Source: https://www.cycletribe.ie 

Price: $80

Practicality is a strong point of Entrata 3. It features reflective heat-transfer viz straps for visibility, air mesh panels, and and stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric. The base fabric is a textured 100% polyester that provides excellent wicking to keep you dry and comfortable, even on the scorching conditions.

Fit won’t be an issue with the Entrata 3 either. The jersey is tailored to fit without feeling overly constrictive or compressive. Air mesh fabric gives extra stretch, so the jersey doesn’t constrict. It’s going to suit every rider out there.

If you are looking for a good lightweight cycling jersey for summer, the Castelli Entrata 3 is worth a look.

Rapha Brevet Lightweight Cycling Jerseys

Rapha Brevet Lightweight Cycling Jerseys

Image Source: https://www.wiggle.com

Price: $210

Rapha’s Brevet Jersey was designed with comfort as a top priority. Merino-based fabric was chosen due to antibacterial, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking properties, which is an advantage for extra long days in the saddle.

The jersey’s fit is tailored enough for on-the-bike advantages. You won’t feel like you’re stuffing yourself into a sausage casing. Reflective strips around the chest, arm, and back contribute to visibility when the light begins to fade.

Castelli Free Aero Race 4.1 Jersey

Castelli Free Aero Race 4.1 Jersey

Image Source: https://www.castelli-cycling.com/ 

Price: $150

The original Castelli Free Aero Race 4.0 Jersey was once Castelli’s top-spec racing-fit jersey, until the newer Aero Race 5.1 jersey was introduced. But rather than retiring the its Free Aero Race 4, Castelli re-imagined it for the everyday rider.

The Aero Racer 4.1 has a racing-oriented design and combined it with everyday convenience features that are beneficial for general riders.

This updated jersey gets a zippered rear pocket, a flap behind the zipper to protect your neck, as well as reflective tabs. The fabric is airy enough to provide plenty of air on hotter days without being see-through. The underarm also gets the aero treatment and is very stretchy for close fit.

Sportful BodyFit Pro W Evo Jersey

Image Source: https://www.wiggle.co.uk 

Price: $123

This women-specific jersey is designed for high intensity rides. Sportful Bodyfit Pro is made from multiple lightweight mesh polyester panels that are incredibly quick drying and breathable. This combination of materials will not only keep the overall jersey weight down, it also allows the jersey to fit like a glove.

The Sportful BodyFit Pro is ideal for really hot days in the saddle, even if you’re an intense rider. Soft fabric, breathability, and close fit makes it a good all-around jersey for riding or racing in warm weather.

Tips for buying summer cycling jerseys

A classic short-sleeved cycling jersey is a staple item in any rider’s wardrobe. While you can wear a t-shirt when you go cycling, lightweight cycling jerseys can help improve your comfort and confidence on the bike. They are engineered to keep you dry, cool and comfortable when riding in any weather.

When shopping for cycling jerseys, look for ones that are made with lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics. Fabric that offers a great deal of stretch will be ideal. Also, look for apparel that has built-in sun protection, with a rating of SPF 30 or more. Beat the summer heat with lightweight cycling jerseys.

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