Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike 26″ Wheel Men’s Bicycle

If you’re on the lookout for an entry-level mountain bike, the Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike 26″ Wheel Men’s bicycle is something to consider. Most bikers are looking for an affordable, reliable, and versatile option. This might be a bit difficult to locate, but the perfect model is definitely out there. This particular Mongoose variety could be one of them.

This is a comfortable ride, equipped with several useful features, and is generally smooth and stable enough for everyday use. You might be looking to ride on flat surfaces, hilly terrains, or even steep slopes, so a mountain bike will pretty much cover all the basics. The following features of Mongoose Status 2.2 will help you decide whether this is the bike for you or not.

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike for Men and Women, 26-Inch Wheels,...

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Sturdy Construction

This bike’s construction is especially for those who don’t want anything to hold them back. On a financial level, it’s accessible to most bikers. Plus, it’s suitable for both mountain use and more common tasks such as a daily commute.

The construction of this Mongoose bike is not just geared towards a smooth ride but also makes for sturdiness and durability. First off, it features an aluminum frame, which is a great aspect. Aluminum is among the best choices for constructing a mountain bike since this lessens the final weight. The aluminum also means that the bike will function well in all sorts of terrain without sacrificing any features. While this material is usually found in only high-end mountain bikes, it’s a fortunate fact that Mongoose 2.2 is an affordable option.

The framed measurement of this bike is 18 inches in the men’s version. The women’s design measures about 16 inches. With these measurements, we can rest assured that the bike will fit both males and females of average height and weight. With the height adjustment, you can also get the setting that’s most comfortable for you.

The bike itself needs some assembly in order to function properly. You’ll have to put it together, which might take some time and effort. Luckily, the assembly is quite easy and doesn’t take away from the bike’s sturdy performance. Each piece is wrapped in plastic for safety before delivery, so they shouldn’t get all tangled up in transit. The assembly is also a great feature in itself, as it means you disassemble it for easy portability if necessary.

Suspension System

The suspension system on the Mongoose Status 2.2 is an amazing one. Users of this bike have said that they could actually feel the suspension working its magic. The system is also able to tow a decent weight around it and still ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

From such feedback, we may also gauge that this bike will perform equally well on trails, road paths, and sloping areas as well. However, you’ll need to adjust the chain a bit to get just the right tension. If you don’t accomplish this task properly, the chain might slip and cause an accident or injury.


  • A lightweight aluminum body that won’t weigh you down more than necessary
  • Height adjustment for different body sizes of the rider
  • Full suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Stable tires that are knobby for a better grip on several kinds of terrain
  • The wheel rim is of alloy metal that’s durable and sturdy
  • Precise shifting
  • Wide gear range with the twist shifters and derailleur
  • Linear pull brakes in the front and back, enabling you to stop quickly on any trail


  • Quite heavy, with a weight of almost 40 pounds. This makes it difficult to use for competitive tricks
  • Some reviews state that the seat is hard, reducing the comfort level
  • The rider should take care that the chain is adjusted in just the right manner, or some slipping might occur
  • There’s no holder for a water bottle and no pre-drilled holes for installing one of your own.


  • Twenty-one-speed levels
  • SRAM twist shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleurs
  • Full suspension aluminum frame with suspension fork
  • 3-piece alloy crank
  • Style: Status 2
  • 26×2. 125 tires (diameter by width)
  • Riser handlebar with colored plugs

The Final Word on the Mongoose Status 2.2

While there might be certain issues with the Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike, it’s mostly an affordable, durable option for entry-level mountain bikers. You don’t necessarily have to take this out on the mountain trails, though. It will provide a decent ride on terrains as well. This bike is more than enough for your commuting needs, running errands, or just biking for fun!

However, we don’t recommend trying any advanced-level tricks on this model. The pricing should be enough to tell you that it’s not cut out for extreme uses. You should also keep in mind that the bike needs assembly after delivery; it doesn’t come ready to use. After the easy assembly, though, this sturdy bike is sure to give you an enjoyable and safe experience.


Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike for Men and Women, 26-Inch Wheels,...
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  • Seamless gear changes on every ride with the 21-speed shifters, ensuring a smooth and effortless...
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