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10 Stationary Bike Workouts to Improve Strength and Speed

Stationary bike workouts can be difficult but are also a great tool to use.  They can be used in rain or shine because they are inside.  Also, stationary bikes can calculate your heart rate and intensity levels.  When using a stationary bike you have consistency which you will not find if you are riding your bike on the road on a trail.  This allows you to control the speed, resistance, difficulty and many other features.  Stationary bike workouts are a great way to get exercise in and be able to control how things go.

#1 Maximum Heart Rate Stationary Bike Workout

Kick start your heart rate by building your speed and strength.  Start out at a high intensity on your stationary bike for 2 minutes and then rest for 3 minutes. The rest time provided is the proper amount of rest your muscles need to rest and then still be able to repair themselves.  Then repeat 8 times to get the must out of your workout. Your goal is to reach your maximum heart rate which is  220 minus your age.  For example, a 40 year old would have the maximum heart rate of 180.  This workout is meant to increase your speed.


8-10 minutes of stationary biking, about 75% of your MHR


2 minutes @ high intensity

Then rest for 3 minutes and repeat the workout 8 times to build your speed and strength.

#2 The Biking Tabata

To build speed it is best to do short intervals, also this exercise builds your strength.  Tabata’s are designed to have short breaks and move on as quickly as possible.  They are for maximizing strength building.   This helps to build speed too.  This workout is based on short intervals of 10- 20 seconds but is very effective in building speed.  First you do 20 seconds of intense pedaling ( full out).  then you have a 10 second break and then you repeat 10 times.  It gets difficult but you can do it.  This is a great stationary bike workout to increase your speed.


6 minutes of moderate biking


15 seconds of full out pedaling, try to reach 80 % of your maximum heart rate


20 seconds of intense pedaling (Full out)

You have a ten second break in between each set, repeat this 10 times for the most effective workout.  A cool down of 5-6 minutes at a light to moderate pace is highly recommended to prevent you from getting injured.

#3 Stationary Bike Burner

stationary bike burner broke girl fitness

This workout targets your speed, strength and burning fat.  The “Climb” is designed to help increase your strength on the bike.  Each incline and decline in resistance is to help you build strength efficiently.  On the other hand the intervals are working on your speed.  Also, the climb is important to go with the intervals because as you get stronger you also get faster.  Together they help you to burn fat efficiently.  To read more click here.

#4 Strength/Speed Burnout

First you need to do a warm up so you don’t get injured during the workout.  About 12 minutes of moderate cycling will do the job and your heart rate should be around 75% of your maximum heart rate.  Now for the preparation you should do 6×20 sprints that are out of the saddle.  On the stationary bike this is slightly harder but it is still possible.  Also, a stationary bike is a good tool for workouts because they have heart rate monitor and you can see how fast you are going.  Now it is time for the actual workout.  You are going to perform the 10 minute workout 3 times.  The first 3 minutes are at 60 RPM, than 4 minutes at 120 RPM, and finally 3 minutes at 80 RPM.  Between each set take a 3 minutes recovery.  This helps your muscles to recover and is the appropriate recovery time to build recovery.  Every time you switch speeds sprint out of the saddle for 15 seconds.  This helps you to be able to adjust.  If you have extra time you can do a cool down on the stationary bike.


12 minute on stationary bike, 75% of maximum heart rate


6×20 second sprints out of the saddle, hard intensity


3 minutes @ 60 RPM

4 minutes @ 120 RPM

3 minutes @ 80 RPM

Rest for 3 minutes in between each set and then repeat 3 times.  Cool down is optional but is highly recommended.

#5 Interval Stationary Bike Workout

Intervals are a great way to burn fat while increasing your speed and strength.  In this workout you will be using multiple resistances and speeds.  The results come from the hard parts and not the easy.  An easy pace should be a pace that you could do for hours, you should be able to talk.  A moderate pace is still obtainable for a long period of time but there is slight resistance.  A hard pace is where you can say a word or two but probably don’t want to, at this point there should be a high enough resistance that you feel like you are going up a hill.  An all-out pace is everything you have and the hardest resistance you can withstand.  The different intensities help you to build up your speed and is a very effective way to build muscle.

Warm up:

5 minutes at an easy pace


30 seconds hard intensity                                   

30 seconds moderate intensity

Repeat 4 times

1 minute easy

1 minute hard intensity

30 seconds moderate intensity

Repeat 4 times

1 minute easy

45 seconds all out intensity

15 seconds easy intensity

Repeat 3 times

3 minutes easy intensity 

Cool down is optional but it is suggested you do a 5 minute cool down.

#6 35 Minute Bike Interval Workout


The intervals help to increase your speed and the resistance helps you to build strength, according to Chooserly.com fitness experts.  Resistance is key to building strength, the more resistance there is the more your muscles are under tension.  This causes them to rip and then make sure you give your muscles a break after you workout so they can repair and grow.  Not only does this workout improve your strength but it also improves your speed.  As you become stronger and stronger on the bike you will be able to go faster.  If you do not get stronger you will not get faster.  To read more about this all around great workout click here.

#7 Strength Stationary Bike Workout

To build strength when riding a stationary biking you need to increase the resistance significantly.  The more tension you have on your muscles for a long period of time is the best.  For this workout you are gradually going to increase your resistance to burn out your leg muscles.  Burning out your leg muscles is a good way to build strength.   This is the most efficient way to improve your strength while riding a stationary bike.

Warm up:

5-6 minutes of moderate biking


3 minutes moderate intensity (resistance 8)

5 minutes hard intensity (resistance 12)

2 minutes easy intensity (resistance 6)

Repeat this 4 times.  Then have a 5 minute cool down.

#8 HIIT Stationary Bike Workouts

HIIT Stationary bike workout (4)

This intense workout is perfect for anyone who wants to build their speed and strength.  The HIIT workout is one of the most intense stationary bike workout.  The different levels insinuate the resistance of the bike.  I highly suggest you try this stationary bike workout yourself.  To read more and see more biking workouts click here.

#9 Spin Classes (Gym bike workouts)

Spin classes are great to improve your strength and speed.  You almost always have an instructor so he gives you effective workouts each time.  They may differ every time or they may be routine.  The intensity of spin classes is high so it may not be the best for beginners but for people who are serious about getting better and improving their strength and speed it is a great class to look in to.  They offer spin classes at many local gyms.  Also, you can do spin classes with your friends and family.  Spin classes are a great way to do stationary spin bike workouts but also have fun with your peers.

#10 30-20-10 Cardio Workout


These intervals are a very effective way to improve your strength and speed.  Also, this workout is meant for well trained bikers.  It takes a while to get up to this level of intensity but with work and willpower you can do it.  These high intensity reps with short intervals is the best for improving your speed.  The short times periods with bursts is what really helps to increase your speed.  Also, your speed is increased as you gain muscles.  To read more click here to find out other stationary bike workouts.


Stationary bike workouts can be challenging but provide an opportunity to exercise in any kind of weather.  You can exercise at a gym, with your friends, by yourself or at home.  It’s healthy and safer then biking out on the roads or trails.  Try out different workouts to find what fits you best or what doesn’t work for you.

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