Top 10 Best Walmart Mountain Bikes

If you are on a budget, Walmart mountain bikes are one of the affordable options to consider. Contrary to popular belief, not all Walmart products are of low quality just because they are cheap.  They have features and components that are more than enough to get you out on the trail. The key is to know what to look for. ... Read More »

Top Mountain Bikes Under $650

Six hundred dollars is an important step in the world of mountain bikes; this is where you can buy a bike that is ready to take out on real mountain bike trails. At this price point, bikes start to be available from some of the big name brands, and the value brands start to offer some of the features that ... Read More »

Our Favorite Mountain Bikes under $1000

Photo – Pixabay/Pexels In the world of mountain biking, one thousand dollars is where you start to see bikes that aren’t full of compromise. Cross country (XC) bikes get lighter and trail bikes become capable of handling rougher trails. All mountain “hardcore hardtail” bikes are pretty rare at this price, but there are a couple of really exciting options. What ... Read More »

Mountain Bikes for Kids: Top 6 Bikes for Junior MTB Riders

Photo by Darcy Lawrey from Pexels As a mountain biking parent, you’re probably thinking of introducing the sport to your kids. If you want them to take to those trails with you someday, the key is to make sure that they’re at least mildly successful when they first try it. To do that, you need to equip them with the best mountain bikes ... Read More »

Buyer’s Guide: 3 of the Best Fat Bikes Under $600

Fat bikes were originally designed to allow cyclists to ride across snow and sand. They will float over snow, ice, sticky mud or deep sand. They will eat up terrain you wouldn’t even attempt on another rig. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t ride normal trails. With their impressive traction and oversized tires, these monsters can ride anywhere. ... Read More »

7 Best Mountain Bike Mini Pumps of 2022

Flat tires are an inevitable consequence of mountain biking. Mountain bike mini pumps are the unsung hero of cyclists. You may not need them very often, but they can get you out of jam and back in action until you’re home again. They are small and light, making it easier to carry along on a ride. We’ve done a roundup ... Read More »

Best Bike Locks: Top 5 Locks to Keep Your Mountain Bikes Secure

best bike locks

Mountain bikes aren’t cheap. Nothing is worst than the gut wrenching feeling when you discover that your bike has been stolen. To make sure that your bike stays out of the hands of thieves, we highly recommend that you invest on the best bike locks. While no single lock is unbreakable, the best bike locks can give determined thieves a ... Read More »