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Why You Should Buy A Specialized Mountain Bike


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Specialized Mountain Bikes – Perfect Fit Like A Glove

When it comes to purchasing a specialized mountain bike, this is most certainly a decision that you should take very seriously; otherwise, you will end up buying a bike that does not fit all of your mountain-climbing requirements and as such, you will have wasted your money. There are hundreds of mountain bikes sold in the market. With that said, it is very crucial for you to know the specific mountain bike you are looking for to make the best investment.

The design of mountain bikes makes them suitable for riding on the roads, on single-track trails as well as dynamic terrain. Compared to other mountain bikes, they are tougher and have wider wheels whose tires tread over big rocks and muddy water. In addition to that, their handlebars are completely straight and closer to the rider. The head tube is also nearer to the rider to facilitate a sitting position which is more aggressive and upright. They can have both front and back suspension, only front suspension, only back suspension or no suspension at all which is not a recommendation specifically for beginners.

Specialized bikes for mountain climbing usually fit the bike to its rider by taking into account all riding aspects. The categorization of specialized bikes is mostly according to their purpose. The best specialized mountain bike prices in the market for an excellent bike cost between $1500 to as high as $6000.

1. Cross country Mountain Bike


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If you are going for cross-country, then these are the best types of bikes to invest your money. These bikes are one of the most well-known types of mountain bikes that you will ever come across in many shops. Specialized mountain bike reviews reveal that they are very light in weight and very popular because of their speed which is their major advantage. There are two main types of cross country mountain bikes.

2. Cross country race bikes

They are efficient, have instant acceleration, nimble and very light weight. They easily speed through pot holes as well as relatively rough terrain and are mainly built for taking tight corners and not jumping and landing with a high impact.

3. Cross country trail bikes

They are slightly heavier than cross country race bikes but still considered as a light weight which is what majorly differentiates them from the race bikes. They have equally brisk acceleration and move very smoothly through rough terrain. However, unlike the race bikes, these mountain bikes have the ability of jumping and landing at a relatively high impact.

4.  All-Mountain-Bikes

If you are completely unable to make a decision regarding the mountain bike you require, then purchasing an all-mountain bike is probably the best choice for you. They have a close similarity to trail bikes. The only difference is that they are much heavier and harder to pedal up, have more travel in suspension and stronger frames. Additionally, they are a good fit for steep and complicated trails. Specialized mountain bike reviews have shown that a significant number of customers prefer all-mountain bikes because of their high versatility in comparison to other types of bikes.

5. Downhill Mountain Bikes

If you are looking only to ride downhill at a very high speed without any fear, then this kind of specialized full suspension bike is the best fit for you. Their very wide tires and rims, gears with high durability give them the ability to efficiently speeding down steep descents. You should note that these bikes are only meant to be ridden downhill and not uphill.

6. Street Mountain Bikes


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If you are a rider who is not only fearless but also enjoys doing aerial stunts, then this type of bike is meant just for you. They have only front suspension for better balance, one brake, relatively low-level seats for improved performance of aerial stunts, small frames and handlebars which are larger in size in comparison to other mountain bikes. This specialized mountain bike prices range from $3000 and above and is among the most costly in the market.

7. Full suspension mountain bikes

If your preference is a bike that is excellent for riding dirt trails, then this is the bike you most certainly need. A specialized full suspension mountain bike may be more costly because it offers both front and rear suspension but is guaranteed to reduce fatigue substantially, thereby making riding more comfortable for an extended period of time. In addition to that, it facilitates more control especially on rough terrain where it is very easy to lose monitoring of the bike.

If you would like mountain biking to become a significant part of your life, you should invest in a specialized mountain bike that is completely up to par with your goals. It may seem like a costly investment at first but will be worth it in the long run. Should you decide to sell your mountain bike and try a different brand, then worry not, because mountain bikes have a high resale value.

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