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Types of Mountain Bikes

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It can seem a little overwhelming to know what to look for in your bike. But once you figure out what terrain or style you are going to be riding, then you can start to decide what bike suites your need the best. 

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XC Cross Country

Cross country is one of the most common type of mountain biking. It is the only type of mountain biking practiced at the Olympics. The bike is build for speed, they are light, fast and normally only has front suspension.

Check out the Victory Cross Country 726M Comfort Bike:

Victory Cross Country 726M Comfort Bike, 26 inch Wheels, 18 inch...
  • Frame/Fork: Comfort style aluminum frame and suspension fork in a 18 inch men's or 17 inch women's...
  • Wheels/Tires: Aluminum wheels with a 26 inch smooth tread tires
  • Drivetrain: Shimano freewheel with Shimano 21 speed RS-35 Twist Shifter, Shimano front derailleur...

Trail Mountain Bike

The trail mountain bike has both front and rear suspension, allowing you to ride much more challenging terrain. Riders can ride on more serious and technical trails with ease. These bikes are a slight heavier, but has great stiffness when turning.

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 Fat Bike

A fat bike has over-sized tires that allows mountain biker to ride in any kind of condition such as; snow, mud and even sand. Unlike, other mountain bikes that may get stuck in different terrain, the fat boy has wide tires to easily go through any terrain. If you love mountain biking and wish it would last longer a lot longer, start much sooner or even just never end. Buying a fat bike is key. You’ll ride on rock much easier on the fat bike then any other mountain bike.

Check out the Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Cruiser Bike:

Downhill Mountain Bike

Downhill bikes are designed for descending with no uphill involved.  The bike has front wheel suspension designed to go really fast on steep and technical jumps. Components are designed for easy grip and control.

Check out the Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike:

Hardtail Mountain Bike

Hard tail is great for all types of mountain biking. Your more likely to feel bumps and hits with this bike due to no rear suspension. However, you will have have great grip and control when the terrain gets tougher. The bike has a good rolling efficient and agile handling. 

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