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Scott Mountain Bikes: An In-depth Buying Guide


Scott Mountain Bikes offer a wide selection of styles from trail to downhill for the dirt bike enthusiast. They also have a powerful dirt jump bike that will get you in the air. One of the most interesting aspects that Scott Bikes offers is that riders can choose from several types of frame styles to suit their riding style. The company offers several versions in both a racing profile on a bike with a sturdy mountain bike frame and rugged tires to the more traditional sloped seating. One thing is certain, when you look at the choices you get with Scott, you’re sure to find one that delivers everything you want, and a quality that will last through even the toughest of courses.

Classic Mountain Bike Design or Speedy Race Style: You Choose

“Odd power” is the thought that comes to mind with the Scott Bike styles. At first you may feel a little strange on some of the styles the company offers. Trail bikers aren’t used to sitting in a racing position like a street biker. Rest assured not all of the Scott Bikes are built like that, many have the traditional style mountain bike frame, but you’d sell yourself short if you didn’t at least experiment with the racing profile. It will definitely take a few rides to get used to it, and give it a fair shot, but you might find it exhilarating. The racing profile gives you a lot more speed, and if competition is an aspect of your riding life, you’ll likely learn to love it.

No matter which frame style you decide on with a Scott trail bike, it will be rugged, and up to anything you put in its path. From the high-performance tires to the Shimano Deore shifters, crank and derailers, everything about these bikes screams power and class. 

Brake It In

You can rest assured as you’re zipping down a steep path or barreling down a hillside, you will have total control. The braking system on the company’s bikes is a combination of Shimano levers and Tektro Novela disc brakes.

Lightweight Lightening

A strong, but very light frame is the backbone of all Scott Mountain Bikes. Scott bike choices offer both aluminum frames for the lightest, fastest dirt bike experience, and carbon fiber frames to add incredible strength without adding excess weight to your ride. The aluminum frame is found most in their dirt jump bikes. The trail bikes have the more powerful carbon fiber frame that will withstand all of the impacts that a mountain trail can dish out.

On an average, bikes like the Scott Genius 700 trail bike weighs in at 27.1 pounds. That’s over a half pound lighter than most full-on suspension bikes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a serious mountain bike.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You know that no matter what a bike offers, if it doesn’t fit your body it isn’t going to be a good ride. Scott knows that too. Their mountain bikes come in the full range of sizes from the small 15-17 inch bike to the extra-large 21-23 inch bike. Scott also has a category called the Genius range that includes bikes with the extra-extra-large 27.5” wheel.

Shock and Awe

Any mountain bike enthusiast will instantly feel the relief of the great shock system that is available on these bikes. Scott went to great lengths to improve on the original shocks they used. The older style horizontal shock had a tendency to get mucked up with debris and mud. The new bikes have an up-side down shock that runs parallel to the seat tube. This offers a much greater gain in the rear axle shock absorption.

Bigger, Better Tires

The tires on the Scott Trail bike choices are wider than a traditional mountain bike tire. This offers a great deal of stability, but can end up struggling a bit in thick, heavy muck.

Pros :

• Extremely durable
• Lightweight 

Cons :

• Expensive
• Some of the thicker wheel sizes get bogged down easier in thick muck


Q: Does Scott offer a warranty?

A: Yes, the company gives a full comprehensive warranty on the bike frame and parts. They are easy to get ahold of and quick to resolve any issues a rider may have.

Q: What age rider are Scott bikes made for?

A: Scott makes great bikes for riders of all ages. Each version comes in the full range of sizes, including some types in wheel sizes as big as 27”.

Final Verdict

Scott bikes are not for the timid and they are an expensive choice. However, you get all the bang for the buck you would expect from an industry leader. The power and performance will not disappoint even the most dedicated mountain bike enthusiast. So, if you are in the market for a high-performance mountain bike, check out Scott and get your bike dirty!

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