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Is The Que Water Bottle Right For You?

Que water bottle

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Whether you’re heading to the gym, hiking, or doing pretty much any form of exercise, a water bottle is one of your best friends. However, finding a bottle that you will actually use and not mind carrying around is somewhat of a hassle for most of us.

No one likes to enlarge their carbon footprint by using a dozen plastic bottles in a week, and refilling those can be kind of gross after a few times. You could opt for a snazzy looking hard-plastic alternative but carrying around a bulky tube once your water is gone isn’t much fun either.

Well, the Que water bottle is on a mission to make hydration fit into your life as easy as possible, literally. It’s eye-catching, nifty, and as fun to use as it is practical. Is the Que bottle right for you, though?

What Is This Thing?

That’s a valid question when first laying eyes on the Que. It doesn’t really look like anything else on the market, and it looks just as alien-like scrunched as it does extended. The obvious answer is that this product is a water bottle, while the more complicated answer explains its design.

The Que water bottle is designed to expand up to 8.4 inches, holding up to twenty ounces of water. When you’re done drinking, it compacts down to 4.8 inches for easy storage. There’s also a smaller, 12-ounce model available that shrinks to an even smaller size.

Adding to the practicality this bottle offers, you can stick it right inside of the dishwasher for simple cleaning. The silicone leaves no taste and creates no odor, which is good news. Best of all, you never have to worry about breaking or denting the bottle if you drop it.

How Is It Made?

Que was created by two concert-goers named Jean and Kevin Wu who, like many, saw the environmental impact of water bottle usage during shows and festivals. Their goal was to create an alternative that hydrated the masses without flooding landfills. Thanks to their Kickstarter funding, this idea quickly became a reality.

The Que is a collapsible water bottle crafted from FDA approved food-grade silicone. The bottle is 100% plastic, and therefore BPA, free. The cap is crafted from premium kitchen-grade stainless steel, adding to the sanitary goals of this bottle while helping to keep things durable and leak-proof.

The opening itself is wide enough to place ice cubes into, which comes in handy during a workout or long hike. Its ability to collapse is supported by an ergonomic, spiral design that takes advantage of recessed rings in-between protruding ones.

What Makes This Bottle Unique?

The uniqueness of the Que water bottle is found in both its environmentally friendly attitude and accordion-like collapsible build. Plastic and aluminum bottles are bulky to carry around, especially once you’ve finished the water held inside. There are also odors and often a bad taste associated with these traditional bottles after using them for a while.

With the Que, you can just collapse it and go. There’s no funky taste after months of use, and the materials are entirely recyclable. Whenever the bottle has reached the end of its functionality, you can choose to recycle or rest easy knowing that it will quickly decompose.

Is There A Warranty?

What happens if you receive the product and it has a defect? Who can you call, and what options are available to you?

Luckily, the Que water bottle comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. If there are any issues, you can request a replacement via email within thirty days. The warranty doesn’t end there, though.

If you damage your Que bottle within the first 60 days of owning it, you can request a new one! Just send in a picture of the damage and explain how it was broken. This helps the manufacturers better understand what issues the design might have, allowing them to further perfect the bottle in the future.

During the thirty-day return period, you can also choose to receive a full refund. The bottle must be unused and in new condition, but that’s an excellent option for gift returns as well as a safeguard in case you find another product you would rather have.

Purchases and Shipping

You can choose to buy directly from the Que factory if you wish, which ships to both the United States and Canada. Expected delivery is one to four days, but customers often say the product takes over a month to ship. Given that the bottle is relatively new to the market, this might be due to an influx of orders.

With a quick search for Amazon water bottle, you can easily find the Que in its many colors available for sale. Alternatively, you might see these bottles at travel stores as well the Que factory pop-up shops appearing around the country.

Given its durability and high level of reusability, that might not be a bad investment.

The Pros and Cons

Researching the Que water bottle, there are hundreds of customer reviews highlighting the pros and cons of the product. Some are obvious; others were slightly worrisome. Here’s what we found.

The Pros

The first and most obvious benefit of owning this bottle is its ability to shrink in size. Staying as lightweight as a regular water bottle, you can easily take this to the gym or anywhere else you might need to keep hydrated. Shrinking down to a mere 4.8 inches tall, this product is much easier to store than any other reusable water bottle on the market.

The second is that is incredibly eco-friendly. You can quickly reduce your carbon footprint simply by purchasing and using the Que. Imagine all of the plastic water bottles you’ve thrown away in your lifetime, then compare the cost of those bottles to the price of the Que. Earth and wallet-friendly? It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Que can also hold hot liquids up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, though the manufacturers recommend nothing above 140 degrees for your safety. This makes the product useful any time of the year whether you’d like a little hot chocolate on a cold winter night or decide to make this your go-to coffee mug for work.

You can purchase the Que in a variety of colors, which allows you to express your style. That might be a benefit to those who love color-matching workout gear, but it also ensures that you and your friends won’t confuse each other’s bottles if you all own a Que. Colors include:

  • Iceberg Blue
  • Metallic Charcoal
  • Sunbeam Orange
  • Violet Purple
  • Glacier White
  • Key Lime Green
  • Bonfire Red
  • Coral Pink
  • Cloudy Grey
  • And Misty Mint

The Cons

Several customers mentioned that they received a defective bottle. Either the design leaked or a simple pull to expand the bottle caused a tear at one of its seams. Others noted that their bottle broke after only a few uses. It would be one thing if these reviews were few and far in-between, but they appear at an alarming rate.

While you can easily take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty, this is a significant issue. If your Que broke after the sixty-day period, then you would be entirely out of luck. This, unfortunately, isn’t the only red flag that popped up.

Other reviews mentioned that the product was leaking from the lid, and even more were highly disappointed by the company’s customer service. The company can be reached via email, which is a frustrating process when things go awry. Having the ability to talk to a customer service rep would be far more beneficial.

Finally, several customers mentioned that the initial smell of their silicone bottle lingered on well after the first few washes. Some did say the “factory fresh smell” disappeared after just one wash, but no one wants to smell something gross each time they take a drink.

Is the Que Bottle Worth It?

The environmentally friendly design of this bottle, combined with its compactable design, is appealing. Provided the product works exactly as the manufacturer describes, it is worth it. However, the number of complaints are more than a little unnerving.

The company is new to the market, which means they are more than likely taking complaints into account and working to fix any design flaws in their first attempt. You might be better off waiting off until then to give the Que a try, but the warranty protecting your purchase means that you can test this new water bottle out without having to worry about a thing.

All in all, the Que is well worth the investment. Its revolutionary design is as fun to use as it is practical, and anyone looking to reduce the amount of plastic they place in a landfill will love owning one. Our final verdict is: Yes! Give this product a try and simply return it if you run into the cons other customers experienced.

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