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Products to Include in Your Bike Cleaning Kit

Bicycle maintenance may not be the most exciting part of mountain biking, but it goes a long way towards making your bike last longer. Not only will your bike look nicer, it will also ensure all the systems last longer.  This is critical to a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride. In order to keep your mountain bike clean, well-oiled, and in perfect condition, make sure that you have some amazing products in your bike cleaning kit.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is important, especially if you ride hard most of the time. If you spend a lot of time riding in wet, muddy conditions, experts recommend washing your bike after each ride. Cross bikes and road bikes, on the other hand, should be washed less frequently. Ideally, you should wash your bike once a month or more frequently depending on your riding style.

While some riders clean their bikes meticulously, many of us consider bike washing and cleaning as a quick chore. If this is you, your bike cleaning kit may be comprised of simple products like a few rugs, bike cleaning spray, and a bucket of warm water. But if you are more meticulous with bike cleaning, adding a few products to your kit will make the job quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Here are some of the best cleaning products you should include in your bike cleaning kit.

Cleaning brush

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A cleaning brush is an important tool to include in your bike cleaning kit. This tool can be used in a lot of ways. One of which is to get dirt and grime build up off of your cassette, cogs, and other moving parts.

A good cleaning works really well at getting into trickier parts of the bike’s anatomy like the cassette sprockets, spokes, and hubs. This will make the cleaning process easier and more efficient. Brushes with sturdy, durable bristles are ideal for this task. You can use the brushes with softer bristles for removing dirt and mud from your frame without scratching it. These brushes are also recommended for cleaning less murky parts of your bike.

Cleaning brushes are also available in a variety of sizes. Broader brushes can clean larger areas at a time; thus, reducing cleaning time in half. The smaller ones make it easier to get in the gaps and hard to reach areas.

Simple cleaners

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You don’t need a special product to clean your bike frame. In fact, a bucket of warm, soapy water is enough to get the job done. The solution will help soften the dirt and mud, and even tackle the oily, greasy parts of your bike. Also, make sure that you use a clean cloth to wipe down all the areas of the frame. Don’t forget to wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands. Your bike will feel brand new after you’re done.

Disc brake cleaner

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Disc brakes need regular cleaning and maintenance in order to remain in good working order. Dirty brakes that are full of dust, grease, and residue are likely to squeak. The brakes may not also work as well as it used to.

A disc brake cleaner is designed to blast away the grit and grime that builds up on the pads and the calliper. It’s a great way to ensure that your brake pads are hydrated, which can significantly improve braking performance. It will also silence that squeaky disc brake and extend the life of the disc pad.

Brake cleaners are pretty vicious. Make sure that you wear gloves when using this type of cleaner to keep your hands protected. Also, avoid getting the disc brake cleaner on paint.



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A degreaser is used to clean your bike’s chain, as well as the other moving parts. This is ideal for getting rid of crud build up off of your cassette and drivetrain. This product is designed to break down grime and grease without brute force. It makes the job of cleaning the chain rings, cassette, and bicycle chains quicker and easier.

Degreasers are stronger as compared to the general bike cleaning products. As such, we highly recommend that you wear gloves when handling such product. Also, avoid putting degreaser directly into the cables and bearings.

Citrus degreasers are recommended for environmental friendly riders. These products are better for the environment, less harsh, and easier on the hands as compared to their petroleum-based counterparts.

Bike chain cleaner


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Chain cleaning is an essential part of bike maintenance. If you neglect to clean your bike chain, you may end up coming across a broken or stuck chain while riding. Not only is it a safety hazard, it is also a big hassle. As such, you need to make sure that you have a bike chain cleaner in your bike cleaning kit and clean the chain after riding.

A chain cleaner is a chain cleaning device that makes the job of getting the rest of the grime out of your chain. Start by putting your bicycle in a bike stand. Fill the device with degreaser and then attach it to the lower section of the chain. Finally, turn the pedals to get the solution around the brushes and clean the chain.

Bike cleaning spray

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Let’s face it. Washing a mountain bike can feel like a chore. If your bike is extremely dirty to the point that mud and crud has already dried on the bike, we highly recommend that you use a bike cleaning spray. Not only will it help you get rid of any dirt that refuses to let go, it will also save you a lot of time cleaning your bike.

Simply spray the product on your bike and leave it on for a few minutes. Most grime and mud should lift off after a few minutes. You may also use a cleaning brush to tackle stubborn dirt and grime. Finally, rinse and wipe it off.

Bike polish

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Most riders would get their bikes as filthy as possible when riding on off-road trails. On the contrary, cycling enthusiasts want to make sure that their bikes look amazing. While regular washing and cleaning goes a long way towards keeping your bike looking new, others would go the extra mile to keep their bikes looking shiny, sparkly, and new. If this is you, then we highly recommend purchasing a bike polish for your bike cleaning kit.


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