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MTB Holiday Gift Guide For Women

It can be difficult to buy gifts for some women. If a woman on your list is into mountain biking though, shopping for the perfect gift is easy when you use our holiday gift guide. Here are 12 great gift ideas from mountain bike accessories to mountain bike clothing and more that will make the lady mountain biker in your life happy.

1. A new bike

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If the woman you’re shopping for doesn’t have a bike that she loves, you’ll definitely win some major brownie points by buying her an awesome bike. Check out our mountain bikes for women list to see our recommendations for the best bikes designed for women. The top-rated Women MTB on our list is the Granite Peak women’s mountain bike, but there are lots of great options to choose from. This is a pretty big buying decision, so it’s probably a good idea to let her help pick out the bike. It might spoil the surprise, but it will ensure that she really loves the gift.

2. A mountain bike GPS system

A GPS on the bike is both helpful and fun. Not only can they guide you around and keep you from getting lost, but they can also keep track of your rides and give you helpful data. The mountain biking woman on your list is sure to love it. Check out our recommendations for the best GPS bike tools to pick the right one.

3. Mountain bike gloves

Long rides take a toll on the hands, and most women care about the feel and appearance of their hands. Mountain bike gloves will keep her hands protected.

4. Mountain bike shoes

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A lot of women love shoes, but the best women find mountain biking shoes just as exciting as high heels. Great shoes provide better efficiency and control. Here are some good options for women’s shoes.

5. Mountain bike lights

Staying safe on the trail is always important. When biking in low light, having a good bike light is absolutely vital. Keep her safe with one of these bike lights.

6. A hydration pack


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Staying hydrated on long rides is important. Get her a hydration pack and it will be easy for her to take a drink in the middle of a ride, hands-free.

7. Mountain bike tools

It’s not the sexiest of gifts, but a set of mountain bike tools will make sure she’s prepared for any accidents or breakdowns on the trail. A small multi-tool makes a great stocking stuffer.

8. Mountain bike shorts

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Women appreciate a great bike short that is both comfortable and attractive. A good bike short feels good, looks good, and holds up well.

9. A good bike lock
A bike is a big investment and probably one of her most beloved possessions, so it’s important to make sure it’s protected. If she doesn’t already have a good bike lock, choose one of these bike locks for a perfect gift.

10. Some biking snacks

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Portable nutrition is vital for long rides. Give her some Gu , Clif Shot Bloks, Clif Bars or any other tasty treats that are easily portable so she won’t get hungry on the trail. For a really great gift, get her a bulk supply and she’ll be set for months of riding.

11. An action camera
Great rides make great memories, but chances are she would love to be able to capture those memories to look back on later. Get her some kind of action camera like a GoPro and she’ll be able to record the experience hands-free.

12. The ultimate gift: an unforgettable MTB experience

Perhaps the best gift of all is an experience. Give her a weekend MTB adventure in an amazing new location. Plan a trip to California, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Vermont, or anywhere she’s always wanted to mountain bike. This gift is even better if it comes with some of the other gifts on this list, like clothing, accessories, snacks, a GPS, and an action camera.With this Women MTB Holiday Gift Guide, the lady mountain biker in your life is sure to have a wonderful holiday.

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