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Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Reviews

There are many mountain bikes on the market with their own advantages. And of course choosing the right mountain bike can be very challenging. Theres a lot to consider such as, the brakes, suspension, gears and even style.

The Merax Finiss 26″ is a popular mountain bike on the market. Due to the affordable price. The bike contain an aluminum frame, with a 21 speed mg alloy wheel. 

In this review of the Merax Finiss 26“, I’ll discuss the great features this bike offers.

Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Review

The aluminum frame is very common among bikes and makes it relatively affordable. The bike is built strong but is lightweight when it comes to size. Great for transporting it from place to place.

The Design Speaks for Itself

Merax Finiss 26″mountain bike has an amazing design, unlike any other mountain bike on the market. The design has three different colors; gray and green, white and blue, and lastly black and red. The color is even shown in the wheels, in a very attractive design. Not only does it have a great style, the design is great in terms of frame, the saddle and brake discs.


Brakes of Merax Finiss

The brake disc are so important when it comes to dealing with speed. The Merax Finiss bike uses a front and rear disc break, thus insuring 71MFs0BMA7L._SL1000_the safety of the rider. The disc break system is the latest technology which is considered to be one of the more expensive than the regular rim brakes. Despite how fast you are going the disc brake system will give you the strongest stopping power.

The Suspension Mechanism

Merax Finiss has an 80mm suspension fork, which means a much smoother ride on any hard and bumpy terrain. Ultimately, minimizing the shocks due to the road condition.

Another, great aspect is that the suspension gives you increased control over the bike. The front suspension supports the upper arm while the back suspension supports the lower body part.


  • Customers are satisfy with how affordable the price is for such a good quality bike.
  • The style is great, the paint and stickers are both nicely coasted and will not peel off.
  • The gear system is impressive
  • Lightweight so you can carry the bike easily around the track.


  • The disc brake needs adjusting for more effective usage.
  • The water bottle holder looks cheap because it is made of plastic.

Final Verdict

Merax Finiss is a perfect entry level mountain bike and is considered one of the best and affordable mountain bikes. The design of the bike will leave you pleased with how your bike looks on the track. The gear system, suspension and brakes are great quality, despite having to adjust them.

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