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How To Buy A Mountain Bike? [Step by Step Guideline]

Mountain bikes are a joy to own, yet for many of you they seem like a luxury which is out of your reach. Thankfully I am here to tell you that there are many budget mountain bikes that you can take home with you, which will perform wonderfully on the toughest of trails and terrains.

how to buy a mountain bike

How To Buy A Mountain Bike?

It is not wise for you to solely select a bike based on its price, and that is why I am going to provide you with a guide on how to buy a mountain bike for the money. This comprehensive guide will contain everything you need to know.

Style of Riding

Before you select a mountain bike, you need to figure out what your style of riding is. You may love cruising down steep inclines at unimaginable speeds, or you may favor the challenge that presents itself when you go uphill. Alternatively you may be an aggressive rider, or a casual rider who loves to tow your child behind you as you explore nature.

Figuring out your riding style will make your biking selection all the more easier. Full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes are suited to the active, aggressive and fitness minded rider, while basic mountain bikes are great for family outings, casual trails and grocery shopping.

What Terrain Will You Be On

You will also need to determine beforehand what type of trails you are planning to ride on; flat, steep, wide, narrow, smooth or bumpy. Smoother trails with occasional bumps and rocks can be tackled with a hardtail bike, while rougher terrain will require a hardtail 29er or a full-suspension bike that has an efficient suspension fork.

The Importance of Brand

When you are investing in a mountain bike, it will be prudent to go with a biking brand that is popular for its quality. There are numerous brand to choose from, including Mongoose, Schwinn, REI, Diamondback, GT, Novara, Marin, Scott, Raleigh, Huffy,  Gravity, Roadmaster, and Genesis to name a few.

Read up on the reviews of each brand to get a sense of what each one provides to the consumer, so that you can decide which one is best for your biking needs.

Hardtail Vs Full-Suspension

When it comes to suspension options for your bike, you can choose between no suspension, full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. To start off, I would not recommend a bike with no suspension unless you want to experience the most uncomfortable ride of your life.

Hardtail bikes are made up of a front suspension fork, which is great for reducing arm and hand fatigue, as well as enhancing your control as you steer through rough terrain. This affordable bike

should be your choice if you are looking for an all-purpose bike which can occasionally tackle rough trails.

On the other hand, we have full-suspension bikes, which are comprised of suspension on both wheels. This more expensive option provides added comfort and control on difficult terrain, and is a perfect mountain bike for taking on quick and rough dirt trail riding.

Wheel Size

When you are looking for a mountain bike, you will encounter two adult wheel sizes; 26 inches and 29 inches. 26” bikes were once the norm with mountain bikes, and provide adequate traction and grip when you are on uneven trails.

29ers on the other hand are slightly heavier and slower to accelerate, however they allow for swift momentum, excellent traction, and ease of overcoming obstacles.

Frame Materials

The frame of a bike affects its weight, price, longevity, strength, and ride quality. Aluminum is lightweight and affordable; steel is cheap, smooth, strong and heavy; titanium is strong, light and expensive; and carbon fiber is tough, light and expensive.


Disc brakes are the more common type of brakes as they offer consistent braking in all conditions, however their pads may prove difficult to replace and expensive to maintain. We also have rim brakes which are found on entry-level bikes, which are economical and cheap to replace. However they wear out the wheel rim, and are less efficient and powerful than disc brakes.

Top Mountain Bikes Which You Should Take A Look At

As you can see, there are many factors to consider before making your final mountain bike choice. Checkout what are the available mountain bike accessories for your bike. However, now that you are armed with all of this information your decision should be much easier. Best of luck on choosing the best mountain bike! 🙂

If you have any question on how to buy a mountain bike, please let me leaving comment, I would love to get back to you with an answer.

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