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Editor’s Choice Winner for 2018: Giant Mountain Bike

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Giant mountain bikes are popular with mountain bikers , both men and women. Each bike has its own personality, which makes a generic description of all of Giant’s bikes impossible. But there are similarities. Consider the Anthem 27.5 and the Anthem 27.5 SX.

The Anthem 27.5 has a light, full suspension ALUXX SL frame, in addition to Maestro Suspension which is carefully engineered for 27.5 wheels and 100 millimeters of suspension travel. The frame is designed for precise handling and has a PowerCore bottom bracket for maximum power transfer. The legendary Anthem platform that provides cross country speed it shares with the Anthem 27.5 SX. For further details on this bike, see the following link: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-ie/bikes/model/anthem.27.5.1/25049/90717/

Image Source:www.giant-bicycles.com

The Anthem 27.5 SX has a ALUXX SL full suspension alloy frame. Up front is 120 millimeters of travel and 100 millimeters of Maestro Suspension in the back. The frame is built with Giant’s 27.5 geometry — designed for sharp handling — and like the Anthem 27.5, has a PowerCore bottom bracket. It also has longer travel front suspension. Further details may be found at https://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-ie/bikes/model/anthem.27.5.sx.1/25050/90720/. Maybe this description of two Giant mountain bikes will give you an image of what the generic Giant mountain bike is like.

Image Source:www.giant-bicycles.com


A giant mountain bike has several useful features — the same across bikes. The first is called ALUXX SL, which refers to extraordinarily lightweight, stiff, and strong framesets. Next comes Maestro Suspension, which never compromises pedaling efficiency and absorbs trail impacts. It works independently of brakes, even under full braking power. Fourth and last is OverDrive2 / OverDrive. OverDrive 2 gives the bike as much as 30 percent more torsional steering precision, allowing passengers to ride more powerfully and confidently. OverDrive stiffens the torsional steering up to 15 percent more than straight steerer-tube designs, permitting riders to steer more accurately — uphill, downhill, around corners, everywhere.


  • Bikers love the balance and weight of Giant mountain bikes.
  • These bikes generally weigh remarkably little.
  • The Anthem Advanced Series has great suspension, geometry, and componentry.
  • Giant bicycles handle smoothly on all terrains.
  • For experienced cross country bicyclists, Giant’s mountain bikes are idyllic.



  • Some models may weigh a little more than one might expect.
  • The bikes are not as agile and aggressive as some riders prefer.
  • The suspension range may not be enough for big drops or descents.
  • Giant works so hard on the front wheel and steering gear that it may neglect the rear wheel. One byciclist bent his rear while after only four months of hard rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you get touch up paint for Giants?

A: The law disallows Giant selling paint. If you are dissatisfied with the paint job on your bike, you may return it for a new one if yours is still new. Otherwise, contact your local Authorised Giant Retailer. He will advise you and, if you wish, tell you how to renovate old paintwork.

Q: How do you get new decals for a Giant bike?

A: Our decals are applied at the factory when the bike is first painted and sealed under a clear-coat layer. We do not, therefore, have decals available to the consumer, and neither does the factory provide us with them. No one produces these decals for us.

Final Verdict

Giant’s mountain bikes are carefully and uniquely built. Every bike Giant makes is designed to be lightweight, stiff, and strong. Each feature — ALUXX SL, Maestro Suspension, OverDrive 2 / OverDrive — adds something great to the bike. There are more pros than cons about the bikes, and the frequently asked questions reveal that the most common imperfections in them are superficial.

If you enjoy cross country biking, a Giant may be just what you need. They are expensive, but sometimes, what’s worth having is expensive.

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