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Giant Glory Advanced 2018 Mountain Bike: Is This an Elite Bike?

The Giant Glory Advanced 2018 Mountain Bike is crafted from exceptionally strong, lightweight materials for optimum performance no matter where it’s ridden. From the moment it’s taken out of the box, it is a bike that’s meant to be raced at a first-class level. This pure-bred, elite racing bike has brought bikers to World Cup podiums for over a decade. The 2017 version continues this storied tradition.

Special Features of the Giant Glory Advanced 2018 Mountain Bike

With a frame crafted from high-tech composite materials, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Zee drive-train, Sapim racing spokes, a Fox DHX2 rear shock and giant P-AM2 rims, this bike not only looks the part of a true champion, it’s also crafted for exceptional performance. This mountain bike’s bold geometry combines with cutting edge performance, blended with creature comforts for the rider to create a bike that can easily take on the toughest courses in the world.

This high performance gravity bike features amenities like a 12- by 150-millimeter spacing of the rear axle, a Maestro suspension helpful for taking on challenging terrain, a technologically advanced carbon front triangle, and a seven-speed drive-train to deliver exactly what this bike needs to perform its best. Riders experience impressive levels of control whether the bike is in the air or on the ground.

A Bike that is Gleaming Excellent Reviews

This bike has gleamed excellent reviews from riders who have used phrases to describe it like “this bike is an absolute gem” to saying that the bike has winning features and is very precisely built. For people who are looking for a nice ride through a park, or for those who look forward to cruising over challenging terrain, this bike has been described as an “absolute joy to ride”.


  • Technologically advanced composite frame with ALUXX SL aluminum features like the rear-end and aluminum links for exceptional strength and durability
  • Schwalbe Magic Mary tires
  • MRP G3 Mini Carbon Chainguide to ensure riders they will not experience a dropped chain no matter what conditions the bike is ridden under
  • The bike’s high-speed control and stability are first-rate
  • Drivers experience an outstanding level of control even when going high speeds or over exceptionally rough surfaces
  • Performs amazingly well even on technical trails and when pointed downward
  • Comes in sizes small, medium and large to be comfortable for drivers of all sizes


  • Tires may not be able to last through an entire season of heavy use, since the soft rubber can begin to show signs of wear if the bike is ridden extensively
  • When you’re setting up the suspension, it might take some experimenting until you get the shock spring and shock fork exactly the way you want them, but this is easy to do since there is a large adjustment range
  • There is a higher price tag with this bike than with other high-performance bikes that can be dismaying for some riders. However, most reviewers claim this particular bike is worth the higher price tag

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this bike:

Q: Is the bike noisy to ride?

A: When the bike is used the way it was originally packaged, meaning without modifications, the bike is exceptionally quiet. The design of the chainstay protector especially was thoughtfully made to perform quietly

Q: How well does this bike take corners?

A: There is a good balance between front and back which causes this bike to perform exceedingly well when it takes corners. The feel of this bike when it is maneuvered around corners is most often described as fluid and “effortless.”

Final Verdict

Our final takeaway for this bike is that it is an exceptionally well performing bike for those who take the craft of mountain biking seriously. It takes the experience to a level experienced by few other bikes. Giant bicycles are only sold through authorized independent retailers, and those retailers can be found by clicking on this page and entering a zip code, city name or the name of a retailer if you already know the name.

The Giant Glory Advanced 2018 Mountain Bike is a high-end luxury version of bike created for serious riders, and for anyone who truly appreciates fine craftsmanship and exceptional performance, expertly blended with comfort and versatility. This bike and its riders will be happiest when the nose of the bike is pointed downwards, and the rider is about to embark on a thrill ride of a lifetime. It is a bike that does not make any apologies for being a racing bike rider’s dream come true.

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