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Electric Mountain Bike: The Top 3 Best E- Mountain bike Revealed

Electric mountain bikes. These machines are certainly not what the purists had in mind for either recreation or transportation. But for many, the ability to power up hills, increase maximum range, decrease fatigue, increase speed, and reduce one’s carbon footprint during commuting has distinct advantages.

Product FAQ

1. What Are Electric Mountain Bikes?

In this review, we will highlight some of those advantages while presenting products that meet different needs or wants to help you understand the product and make a selection that suits your goals and lifestyle. For some, it will be all about the recreational aspects. For others, there may be more utilitarian concerns, involving point A to point B transportation.

An electric mountain bike is simply a conventional mountain bike combined with an electric motor and battery. This union allows the rider the best of both worlds—they can pedal on their own or the use of the motor for propulsion. Additionally, these bikes can use both forms of energy at once to increase range, power, and speed.

2. What Do Electric Mountain Bikes Do?

Just like any gear-driven bicycle, the electric mountain bike feeds power to the drive train for propulsion. That power can be your own legs, electricity supplied from the battery to the electric motor, or a combination of the two.

3. What Advantages Do Electric Mountain Bikes Have?

Electric mountain bikes are faster than pedaling, especially in hill climbing. Even if drained of electricity, these bikes can still be powered by your own pedaling ability. Use of the electric motor can extend your range, decrease your travel time, reduce traveling fatigue, and provide a very green mode of general transportation or recreation.

4. Where Can You Buy Electric Mountain Bikes?

Electric mountain bikes can be purchased from Amazon or from other online or retail outlets.

5. What Should One Look for in an Electric Mountain Bike?

Range, ease of use, maximum speed, hill climbing ability, type of use, and your specific needs should be taken into account. Generally, motors that use higher wattages and batteries with higher voltages tend to produce more speed and more range. If commuting is one of your primary goals, you may want to check the recharge times so your turnaround time from your job or other destination will be low or non-existent.

Mountain bike

How We Reviewed

We reviewed these products based on range, speed, handling, recharge times, and weight, as well as ease of use and other features specific to the model being reviewed.

The 250W motor can propel you at speeds of up to 18 mph. The bike is outfitted with mechanical front and rear disc brakes for its 26-inch bead-spoke wheels made from double-layer aluminum alloy. The 21-speed Shimano gear gives it added climbing capabilities so it can handle rugged trails as easily as it handles more city-like settings, such as roads and streets. Exploring or commuting are easily accomplished with this bike.However, for more recreational pursuits, a higher degree of performance is necessary. The climbing ability of the Trek Powerfly, coupled with its superior handling characteristics imparted by its excellent suspension and handlebar controls, makes this the best electric mountain bike in this review.

What We Reviewed

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike


This electric mountain bike has a collapsible metal frame that uses very lightweight aluminum for strength. The suspension is fashioned from high carbon steel, and the bike can be folded to reduce storage space and to make transporting it easier and more convenient.

The high capacity lithium battery is 36V/8AH and powers a 250W motor. There are front and rear disc brakes and a 21-speed Shimano professional transmission system. There are two working modes which are E-Bike (full electric power only) and Assisted (your pedaling increases range). There is an LED front light and horn for safety and illumination.

The bike comes in Black/Blue and White/Blue coloring schemes with 26-inch wheels, dual suspension, and a load capacity of 330 pounds, with the net weight of the bike coming in at 60 pounds. The front fork is comprised of high-strength carbon steel with aluminum alloy handlebars. Double layer bead spoke aluminum alloy wheels, a max speed of 15.5 miles per hour with a range of 15 to 30 miles, and a charge time of 4 to 6 hours should give you a good idea of what the capabilities of this electric mountain bike are.


  • Folding for superior storage and transport
  • Good suspension
  • 21 gears


  • Battery must be in the bike to charge
  • Heavy
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No products found.


This cousin of the foldable model has a removable 36V 12Ah large-capacity lithium battery. This feature allows you to swap batteries quickly. It also has a range of up to 24 miles on electric only or 34 miles with pedaling assist being used.

Such an excellent range is a testament to the overall design of this bike. A top speed of 18 miles per hour means it is no slouch in getting around either. The motor is exceptionally quiet as well.

The front fork is carbon steel, and there is also an LED headlamp and horn. This bike weighs in at around 62 pounds with a maxed-out capacity of 330 pounds. Aluminum alloy handlebars, Wellgo pedals, a toolkit, and a battery charger add extra quality touches to this bike.


  • Good speed
  • Excellent range
  • 21 gears


  • The suspension is overly stiff
E-Go Electric Bicycle


The 1000w motor and removable 48V lithium cell give this bike a max speed of 28 MPH. The Shimano 7 speed gearing gives you a maximum range of 25 miles on flat ground. It has a cruise control function along with a strong aluminum frame and adjustable front suspension forks. The lightweight frame is aluminum, AL6061, and the lithium Samsung Battery is 48V, rated at 13Ah.

The range is approximately 25 miles with a charge time of 6 to 8 hours. The drivetrain is Shimano 7 speed gearing. The maximum load is 260 pounds, and the weight of the bike is 58 pounds.

Hydraulic brakes activated by the Tektro aluminum alloy brake levers and the twist throttle make for good feeling controls as mounted on the aluminum alloy handlebars.

This bike is significantly faster than the other bikes in this review, but what it makes up for in speed it lacks in its suspension and handling characteristics. It feels less like a mountain bike and more like a moped. Still, if your goal is more commute and less steep rocky terrain, this particular model just may be the right choice under those circumstances.


  • 48V battery
  • The highest speed of reviewed bikes
  • The 1000W motor is highest of reviewed bikes


  • Long charging time
  • Stiff suspension

The Verdict

Electric mountain bikes provide both transportation and recreation in a flexible and fun manner for everyone from kids to seniors. If you love biking the mountains and trails of the outdoors or just need the convenience of commuting over a hill or rough terrain, one of these electric mountain bikes might just be the solution or a new toy you need.

Perhaps you want to decrease your carbon footprint and fuel costs. If so, a cheap electrical source and a bit of exercise make sense for you.

The final arbiter of what is important is you. Taking your personal specifications and needs into consideration your idea of the best may be different, and we hope this review will enlighten and inform your decision.

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