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Cycling Apparel to Make Biking More Enjoyable This Summer


Summer is a great time to go out on your bike and explore the great outdoors. The warmer temperatures and longer days mean you have more time to enjoy the best that nature has to offer. It allows you to grab some respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, cycling gets your heart pumping without pumping your joints. But riding a bike with the sun blaring down on you does more than fry your skin; it also puts you at risk of heat exhaustion.  You’ll need to take a few precautions in order to enjoy it. Staying hydrated and wearing the right cycling apparel is a must to prevent heat exhaustion.

For a lot of bikers, the heat can be a deterrent for getting on a bike. With the summer heat throwing temperatures up to 100 degrees across the country, we can’t blame them. Before you set out for a long ride this summer, make sure that you dress for the weather and keep hydrated. This way, you can survive and thrive through the hottest days of summer by bike.

Listed below are some cycling apparel that can help you stay cool while riding in hot weather. By choosing the right mountain bike clothing, you can make the most of your ride without suffering from dramatic consequences.

Base layer


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Wearing less clothing in summer helps keep you cool. Many of you are probably wondering why we added a base layer to our list of summer cycling apparel.

A base layer plays a huge role in keeping you dry and wicking away sweat during hot summer conditions. It will also prevent your jersey from sticking to your skin. The key is to choose a base layer with the right design and material. This summer, a sleeveless or a short-sleeved base layer that is made from mesh layer or synthetic material is ideal. These materials facilitate wicking; thus, keeping you comfortable, even on hot days. During the cold, winter months, Merino would be a great option since it has insulating properties.

Cycling jersey

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Yes, you have the option to wear a t-shirt during your bike rides. But if you do so, you may find yourself drowning in sweat. Considering how many liters of sweat you’ll be shedding on long rides on a hot day, you want something that will help you stay dry, cool and comfortable as the temperature rises. In this case, a cycling jersey is just what you need.

A good snug, unrestrictive cycling jersey is an essential part of your cycling wardrobe. It helps keep you dry, cool and wick away sweat from the body, especially when the temperatures begin to climb. This cycling apparel is something you should really invest in.

Cycling jerseys are available in different styles and materials. Some are made from lightweight wool blends, woven synthetics or stretchy Lycra. But don’t worry; they are all intended for the same purpose. When shopping for cycling jersey, we recommend choosing a product that is made from lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics such as mesh panels.

What’s great about jerseys is that they can be worn throughout the year. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. You can layer them with gilets and winter jackets when the cold weather really bites.

Bib shorts

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If you want to ride far and fast, we highly recommend that you invest in a couple or three good pairs of bib shorts. These cycling shorts are the cornerstone of a cyclist’s wardrobe. They provide plenty of comfort while wicking away sweat.

Bib shorts are hard to beat for comfort. They are padded, so you can ride longer and sit in the saddle for hours at a time. It also prevents you from getting saddle sores. These shorts also come with shoulder straps to keep your shorts securely in place. They keep the pad and chamois in place, as well as prevent the shorts from slipping down over time. This summer, choose cycling bib shorts with low front and loose mesh strap to prevent overheating.

Just like the cycling jersey, you can wear your cycling shorts all throughout the year. That means you’re not just spending money on a season-specific item. You can wear them on their own in summer, and under tights in winter.



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We all know how important cycling gloves are during the winter. They keep your hands warm when the temperature drops and prevent frost bites. Unfortunately, most bikers fail to realize how important the gloves are when preparing their summer cycling apparel.

Gloves prevent your hand from getting sore and give you much better grip during long rides. In addition, they also protect your hands in warm weather riding. Nothing is more frustrating than a pair of sweat-soaked gloves during a long, hot day in the saddle. When shopping for summer cycling gloves, look for one with exposed fingers and vented mesh or Lycra back.

Fit is also of great importance when buying cycling gloves. If they are too tight, they may impeded circulation, and may eventually cause pins and needles. Plus, they can become uncomfortable. Look for a close fit that is comfortable.



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Whether you prefer city, mountain or road biking, helmets are an essential part of every cycling kit. They are designed to protect cyclists from head injuries. In fact, it reduces risk of serious head and brain injury by as much as 85%. Aside from ensuring cyclists’ safety, wearing a helmet can protect you from weather hazards like rain and sun. It helps keep your head warm and dry, especially if you’re riding a lengthy distance. A helmet with a visor is ideal during the summer months as it helps improve your ability to see.

Be sure to grab your helmet before going out the door. Some of you may find wearing a helmet uncomfortable, but if you consider all the benefits it provide, there’s no excuse not to wear one.

Cycling glasses

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There are 2 main reasons why people wear sunglasses – to look cool and to protect their eyes. Cyclists don’t just wear glasses to lookcool, that’s for sure.

According to studies, long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays triples your risk of developing cataracts. Eventually, this may lead to total blindness. To prevent that from happening, you may want to invest in specialty glasses that will block out 75-90% of visible light in bright sun. Plus, cycling glasses protect your eyes from dust, dirt and other debris.


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